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Started by Pitkin, December 27, 2005, 03:13:00 PM

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Alright, so after changing the title of this forum section a bit to liven it up a bit, I stole this game idea from somewhere else...  Let's see if this takes off at all... ^^;

Instead of role-playing, we're simply going to play a bit simpler game. The idea is this: the first poster posts a phrase containing a situation, beginning it with "What would you do if", after which the next poster gives his/her answer and posts another situation. The third poster answers the second poster's question and posts his/her own again, etc.


Poster 1:

What would you do if your house caught fire?

Poster 2:

I'd make sure my manga collection's safe before anything else.

What'd you do if you got rich?

Poster 3:

I'd buy all the ice cream in the world.

What would you do if... etc. etc.

Alrightie, so I'll begin. ^_^

What would you do if you found out a major conspiracy against the government?


join in and see if i could become world leader ..... like tht i think

err do i have to ask a question now ....


Aye, Q4-san, your turn to ask a question. ^_^


Does it have to be the person that awnsered that askes the next question?

If not:

What would you do If zombies invaded your country?

I feel this is a very important question that everyone should know the awnser to.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


Well, basically it's always so that the one answering the earlier question also posts the next one, but we can make an exception in the beginning. ^^;

I'd trust an international operation to salvage the situation. :D

What would you do if you were offered the chance to change something in your life?


ask them to change the one thing, then come back in a disguise and ask to change another and keep on doing tht.

if the world was abt to end, what would do in the last hour?


y do this happen to me .... the topic goes end

change my answer

i would change so tht i don't exist and then ask to see how life would be will out me

change question

if u where goin to kill some1 who would it be?


I wouldn't kill anyone, really. No matter how often I get carried out giving out threats, I'd never kill a person. :|

What'd you do if you were appointed to a responsible position, which you'd know you weren't really qualified for?


As always, Pitkin helpin' makin' the site alive. Keep it. I would, but i must wait until i have Internet on home, or at least close to it. Oh well.


for the question of pitkin:
I'd reject it. Its pointless trying to do something you REALLY know you cant do. I'd try to help chosing someone who would be cualified to for that position.

ok, here goes my propose:
"What'd you do if your country was under an unexpected invasion from another country? (dont bother thinking what country...i dont want to offend anyone)" <---that'sa question that always have been in my mind... ;026


first, I'd buy some remmmington 270 rounds for my remmington700, and I'd organize a milica and fortify a strategic building, see if I could brake a deal with the invaders.

panda added the following  1 minute after last message :

what would you do if you were a clirk at a store, and its held up at gun point?


Well if I still have my current training, Id perform a text book disarm, grabing his pistol and twisting it against his hand, breaking his finger stuck in the trigger well, yank back and point his own gun at him.

If you could live in any time and place and be what ever you want there what would it be and why?
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


it would have to be japan the age of the Samurai 1333 - 1573 ....... i want to be a samurai ......

If you could be in any anime or manga show which would it be and y?


I'd like to be a character in Magic Knight Rayearth, for the simple reason that I'd most probably be either a cool magician or swordsman then. Most characters in the series are really neat. ^_^

What'd you do if OS-tan became a real anime series in telly and got more popular worldwide than any other before it? :p


i would buy the all the merchandise, even the apple mac glow in the dark socks lol ..  and i think it only a matter of time till they get there own tv show.

now hey my question .. if ur had i wish and u had to wish for something evil or bad to happen wht would it be?

i going to start this up again