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Food, Food, Food...

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, September 12, 2010, 07:06:13 AM

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I has a cinnamon roll :3


Grilled Cheese with Bacon Bits. :0


So, mom brought me some leftovers from the church's Thanksgiving dinner they did last night, which I had tonight...and bleh; maybe it would have been better when it was still hot vs. being reheated, but the only good part was the turkey; granted, I've never been a fan of dressing \ stuffing \ that weird brown stuff that seems to be called something different in practically every state, but as for the mac & cheese, why did they feel the need to add onions to it? I don't mind adding some peppers to it on occasions if the peppers are cut small enough, but onions do not belong in mac & cheese >>;

I probably should have ate the leftover pizza instead :\

EDIT: Seems it wasn't mac & cheese, but some sort of potato salad. It honestly looked like mac & cheese to me, so maybe it had cheese in it :\


potato salad sometimes uses macaroni, i think...? (garlic powder in mac and cheese sounds lovely, and certain veggies mesh well, but not onions, or at least not in large amounts. >>;; )

recently i've been writing down a shitload of recipes, and trying to cook new things. turns out i can make Hassleback Potatoes in the toaster oven. :0

also thinking of making curry tonight. i have to pack lunches for wednesdays now, since after the schedule change i have lunch breaks. :0


Sounds nice :3
(Also, I had a mac & cheese that had some garlic in it one time, and used mozzerella as the main cheese. It was good :3)


wrote down a recipe the other day for a stovetop mac and cheese variety that also mixed in broccoli. optional subs for the broccoli included cauliflower, roasted tomatoes, or ham and peas. :0


So, I tried Taco Bell's new menu item: The Naked Chicken Chalupa. This is probably the most cartoonish thing I've seen out of them in a while

For those whom are wondering what it is, it's a spicy chicken patty, curved into the shape of a taco shell, and filled with all the usual stuff you'd put in a taco besides the meat (Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream). It kinda reminds me of KFC's Double Down in concept, and much like that, it does actually taste pretty good; it just looks way worse for you than it actually is xD


Just finished eating a cake poptart and drinking a cup of coffee...

As for food I've been eating in general, I've been making a lot of things from Budget Bytes theses days. Great site, a lot of the recipes are quick/easy and cheap so of course I'd like it.