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Started by Aurora Borealis, June 22, 2010, 10:53:08 AM

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Aurora Borealis

A work in progress (still need shading and background, but I don't know what to do for the BG), but here they are!


Nice, I love Mark I here! This is fantastic Aurora! :D


Sweet, with faces to go with names maybe I can stop confusing them.

Aurora Borealis

I have Mark II's bio added in the Annex Project, but still need bios and backstory for Mark I (I remember some details about her, but would like to see them again) and Mark IV. I've pieced together something for Mark III:

She was the fastest computer for her time, and lamented her fall from that status (any idea which system it was that outpaced the Mark III?), but learned that's not the end of the world. A naval captain that also had a passion for playing the drums, and would like to remind you that's a Continental Army uniform she's wearing... though she would have liked to lead a marching band!

Wait a minute! She's wearing an army uniform when she was a naval captain?! Well... She is scatterbrained (transferring data from one memory drum to another required relays that slowed down performance). Despite her good information processing abilities, something like turning a page in a book is mentally taxing.

Mark III-tan seems to be the Bunny Ears Lawyer type!


I could prolly supply bios for Mark I and IV.

You seem to have done a good job with giving Mark II and III personalities though. ^^

Aurora Borealis

From your story on Mark I-tan, I've found out quite a bit about her backstory and personality. Good job! :) But it must have been tough for the earliest OS-tans, who if they were much like her, were prone to suffering existential crises. :(

I've been meaning to finish this for some time:


Aurora Borealis

Reading through the backlog of stories in the SAGE fanfics, when I read the chapter "Dirty Water", the biggest tear-jerker in the series, I knew I just had to draw this!


Ah yes, Dirty Water... for being named after such a fun song (that caused a hell of a lot of spontaneous dancing this summer), it sure is a downer. ;__;

Fortunately, the next story - IIRC - is full of lulz and WAITS-tan. ^^'

Whirlwind looks P-E-R-F-E-C-T here, could maybe use a few more bandages but then you'd risk obscuring her face. The hands are a bit funky but I can't really fault you since it's a tough pose you're drawing -- my main critique would be SAGE-tan's face. It's a difficult angle you've drawn it from, but the chin comes to too much of a point and the facial feature alignment isn't quite right... I'll just let this example I drew explain things.

Still a lovely image; I'm sure Stew'll be delighted to see it. ;v;

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! I wasn't very confident about when drawing SAGE's face since it is a tough angle I've never drawn in before, I felt it was bound to look 'off', but thanks for the critique. If I end up drawing in that angle again, I'll be able to learn from this.

BTW, does it seem appropriate that SAGE here is wearing her finest uniform to such a somber event as another way everything that could go badly that day did? I've also wanted to draw Multics and SAGE at CTSS's deathbed too.

Or something happier, like SAGE, Whirlwind and GENIAC at the picnic! :)


Good to hear, every drawing should be a learning experience. :)

I don't know if SAGE would've worn her fancy outfit that day; not so much out of respect or somberness, but sheer practicality (I don't imagine she would have worn it outside of formal settings, and Stewart seems to confirm this). ^^'

I sort of support a Multics+ SAGE at CTSS' deathbed drawing, if only for it having Multics + SAGE + CTSS. Though a picnic drawing would be fun. =v=

Aurora Borealis

I thought she wouldn't wear it, and for those very reasons, but I couldn't resist drawing it- her uniform is awesome!

Between those two ideas which I hope to get to, I'm still deciding which to do first.

Now, for something happy! A Commodore-Amiga Family reunion! :D

In pic from L-R: PET, C65, VIC-20, C128, Amiga, C64, TripOS, AROS, MorphOS, C264(aka Plus/4)


That it is, props to Siya for conceptualizing it. :D

Nice picture, Miggy and C128-tan are looking really lovely here. ^^ Though my beloved PET-chan and VIC-chan are a bit too far in the BG to appreciate fully. ; ;

Aurora Borealis

I'm going to be vectorizing it, and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the comment! :)

Aurora Borealis

I actually started this in Oct '09 but kept forgetting about it, but at last, the chibi Mac family lineup!

(note: Includes A/UX-tan and Darwin OS-tan, who are honorary Mac House members. A/UX is a certified Unix but identifies as an Apple/Mac-tan since they're the ones she grew up with. Darwin OS identifies as both an Apple-tan and a Unix-tan. If I had been willing to spend even more time on this, I could have also added in NeXTSTEP-tan, or go another step further and add in Apple I, II, ///, Lisa and GS/OS, but I feared it would collapse under its own ambition x__x)


Sweet Snow Leopard on a Bicycle! That's one heck of a drawing. @_________@

As a group, the Mac Classics are probably my favourites here.... most of the OSXen look good too (lulz at Cheetah holding a whip and Puma-chan as the maid), but something is srsly un-rightly about Leopard. I think it's the position of her head...