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Started by Aurora Borealis, June 22, 2010, 10:53:08 AM

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Wow.  That's a lot of Macs.  Good work Aurora!

*sets about hopeless task of spotting background references*


I see... a bug.... and some sort of dog-like creature....

Aurora Borealis

@stew: Thanks! Good luck with the challenge!

@Bella: You got one of them.

-Bugs: Darwin OS-tan likes to eat bugs, but accidentally dropped one of them, and Mac System 3-tan has a huge fear of bugs!

-Dog-like creature: Not a dog, but one of the OSX-kuns in kitten form! ^^;


Like the old "Welcome to Macintosh" symbol between System 3 and 2.

Part of a major old Apple logo above System 1.

The blues/greens/purples/oranges above OS 7, 8 and 9 strongly remind me of the boxart on those OS tan's distributions.

Also like the evolution of the menu bar over the course of the picture.

System 6 has a paper, because it's one of vintage collector's favorite OS's for writing. (and omg her outfit is awesome, she's so pretty /thwacks SE with customer service screw driver/ I NEED HER)

System 9 and default OSX have apple cider, which is a reference inside a reference.

Aurora Borealis

"Welcome to Macintosh" symbol: Yup, there's that, and that Systems 1-7 are the Mac OSes that run on Compact Macs!

Old Apple logo: Wow! Good find! I didn't entirely intend for the throwback to the first Apple logo, but drew an Apple tree in the Picasso-esque art style used in early Mac advertisements and packaging, with the roots of the Mac Family tree, biologically or culturally going back to System 1. If I get to drawing a chibi portraiture with the other Apple-tans (to keep this one a fairly manageable size), I'll include a similar throwback to the original logo behind Apple 1-tan.

Colored circles: No, I didn't consider that, since I had forgotten what the box arts looked like for the pre-8 Mac OSes, but good guess!

Menu bar evolution: Spot-on! :D

System 6: Right-o!

My condolences for your SE's hard drive dying. :(

Apple cider: Almost, but that's Rhapsody/OSX Server with apple cider! ^^;


Because Rhapsody is a server... and 'serves' cider.. /ba dum pssssh
and oh, I thought it was in Default OSX's hand, that's just me making a mistake Xd
Just in the Mac Manga, Mac OS 9 and default OSX get drunk on apple cider together (at least that's how I interpreted it, I can't read it, it's in japanese).

Old Apple logo; I knew it looked familiar to that too, but went with an 'either or'.

Colored Circles; hm, if that wasn't it then I'm probably just having a brain jam... I KNOW i've seen it somewhere. I'll have to think about it more, it's late and I've been kinda bothered by my SE lately, I loved it so much.

I'll get my SE working, she's too young to die and much to stubborn! Hour 13(?) or work, begins in 10 minutes!

for lulz; Mac OS 7 is holding a paper too because it's the first Mac OS that can, without modification, do complex, modern spreadsheets.

Aurora Borealis

*hint hint*: The Mac OS 8+ 9 eras were very colorful!

I hope you can get your SE working again! :(

Didn't know that System 7 was the first Mac OS that can do modern spreadsheets, but I guess that works too! (incidentally, many of her predecessors are scatterbrained!) :)


The iMacs with colors shipped with OS 8 and 9!

I believe I have :)

Aurora Borealis


I drew my own version of vista-tan at school today.

the writing says: Armor is a reference to how vista can be slow at times.

some new arts!
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
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it needs to be cracked armour. she's slow and glitchy. >__<;
click to make it bigger


I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
My profile pic is from deviant art. It's not mine.



Quote from: Krizonar on February 11, 2011, 11:36:02 PM
Oh wow, that's really good.

omg, you serious? xD I just create the lineart on the computer and print it and color it and scan it.

thanks :3


Crap i just realized i didn't color a sleeve.
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
My profile pic is from deviant art. It's not mine.