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Started by Pitkin, December 11, 2005, 04:12:02 PM

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Pleas just use Mith, or Mith-san (appointed by pitkin) Q4 :P
And it seems like im getting a bum deal in the fake club i made up myself so i could be leader....i should revolt.....


Quote from: "tanuki"Yosh~~~...

I'm Tanuki, nice to meet you all... ;hi
I live in Indonesia, a little archpelago country between asia and austraila.

Hope we'll get along nicely. (sarry for the bad grammar)

yoroshiku onegaisimasu, arigatou gazaimasu

Hello and welcome^_^


Quote from: "Q4(V)"oh Pitkin ur not british, so stop with the bleeding and crikey. don't tell me that u play cricket and drink tea etc ...

Shucks, Q4(V)-san, I speak English like that, even though I've never been to the UK. ^^; And aye, I do drink tea and follow the English and Scottish football leagues very closely, but cricket I've never been too keen on. :p


If he wants to pretend to be british let him have his fantesy Q4 :P And they dont play football half bad either.


QuoteQuote from : Mith~Of~Rose

If he wants to pretend to be british let him have his fantesy Q4 :P And they dont play football half bad either.

Fantasy? What fantasy? *ice-cold glare* I ain't no pretending to be no one, no sirree. ;051 (<- one of the coolest smilies ever)


Pitkin don't lie ... we all know that even man wants to be british ... it be ur life-long dream, has it lol ... just picture it now, Pitkin drinkin tea, playing pole, living in a big house in the country side, owning a few horse, fox hunting, wearing fun clothes  .... lol

oh and wht football team do u like ...


Hereford United FC, playing just below the former Third Division (League Two). Go ahead, make fun of them... but this season the Bulls'll return to the football league! *stands on the table*

It looks like it'll be the third season in a row finishing second in the Conference National (even though Accrington Stanley succumbed to a shock defeat against the relegation-battlers Southport, they still lead by 11 points with HUFC having one match in hand), and the former two seasons the Bulls've screwed up their chances in the playoffs. Sigh... maybe this season.

In the Scottish league I've been supporting Aberdeen for long and lately been interestedly following the events at Hearts and Hibs. In England, apart from the Bulls, I also like Luton Town (Hatters've been doing well this season in the Championship) and follow Cardiff City's (not really favourites, but anyway) performances. Congratulations go to Reading for their magnificent form this season, and even though I don't like the two Sheffield clubs in general, the Blades' manager Neil Warnock's a colourful personality. :D

If I need to name one club from the Premiership, it'd be the Glazer Un-- erm, Manchester United. My father and elder brother've been supporting them for their whole lives and so have I, even though the last, say, five-six years the club's gone into totally wrong direction with all kinds of diva players coming in and out.

Ahem, sort of got out of hand... :D Briefly put, Hereford United, Manchester United (if I forget some of their players) and Aberdeen.

edit: Crikey, this is the Member Introduction Thread... O_O I thought I was typing in the Topicless thread, and now my football rant's completely off topic here. Ah hahaha... this is the last time this happens, I swear. Sorry. >_>


Welcome to the forums Mith and Tanuki!!  ;hi
Hope that both of you enjoy your stance on this forums (wait...that sounds like if I were in a Hotel...).
Yah, yah, I know, I'm a bit late...and haven't appeared here in a while...


Its ok, you had to defend your british-ness by naming football teams, its natural. Btw Q4, that is going to become my official picture of pitkin, even if he attempts to show us another thats what he looks like in my mind now :P


I wear glasses. That picture's a fake. ;051


Ah, but if you notice, he is squinting in that picture! Fake, or a clever ploy to throw us off track i say?


yo Darknight_88, welcome to where ever u went, now go post in Topicless thread to tell us where u went.
Pitkin i know u take off ur glasses, went some1 paint u .. glasses get annoying if u kept then on for to long.

.. ok we got to stop this, this place is for new members, we only post here to welcome new members not to talk abt Pinkin and how he wiches he was british, if u wat to continue this go to Topicless thread, well if this could continue if a new member want it to ... Mith u don't count, u have posted more then 2 times


Hello! I'm Pikawil!

Well, nice to meet ya. I live in Canada and I enjoy games, computers, anime and the like. And before I go on...



Hiya Pikawil-san, and welcome to OS-tan Collections!

Hope you like it here and decide to stay. ^_^


welcome Pikawil

as the new member u now become the leader on teh new member club ... all  you have to do is get more ppl to join this site so u can past on the title. Hard work lol