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Started by Pitkin, December 11, 2005, 04:12:02 PM

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Sure! I'll be posting here later...

I keep my word on that...hate me if i dont..


Welcome Alfamille n_n. I hope to see you posting here.

btw, nice signature. But I'm not sure 95 nee-san aproves it...xD



QuoteQuote from : Darknight_88

btw, nice signature. But I'm not sure 95 nee-san aproves it...xD

QuoteQuote from : Alfamille

lol why is that?....


*smiles through his teeth*

W-well... *twitch* some of our Windows fa-family members have, I'd say, slightly strong opinions about the *twitch* Mac clan... ^^; *twitch*

*inhales, exhales*

Must stay calm... be polite... Macs aren't that bad... be polite... tolerance is a virtue... *twitch twitch*

[In other words, Win95-tan used to fight bloody battles against the Mac clan back in time, and even though she's described to be a kind motherly figure for other Windows systems, she still goes totally postal every time a Mac family member passes by. Bloody Apples. :D]


Nah. Kyuru-koun meant no harm


Hey there everyone.Im a little kid of only 14 years, I go by Mith, its a name that stuck back in the good ole days of D2. Ive been lurken round here and moochin pics for a while, but im really into these OS-tans, a weird obsession, so i decided i should set out to find a couple more bro's to share the obsession with. The rose part of my name is just there because i have a thing for roses just so we can clear that up right now :P
-- Known hobbies--Case modding, Building Comps, Testing linux distros :P, Playing MMORPG's (Currently into Dungeons and Dragons Online). Dont let my age fool you, im a veteran gamer ^^;; Retired from Maple Story a little bit ago with a lvl 64 archer for any o you around that play. And from D2 with 5 80+ chars.
Basicly the only things i really hate in the world are conservatives/republicans and the military.
Hope to get to know you all soon.



Hiya and welcome, Mith-san! ^_^

Seems you've already got around posting. Good to see another new face here, I hope you stick around and have fun. :)

*glances at his watch*

Crikey! I'm bleeding late!!

*storms out and into the lecture hall*


Thank you all for the warm welcome. Expecially pitkin for an email, which is an amount of courtesy i didnt know existed for someone new to a forum 0.o


Hi Mith! Welcome to the boards, I hope you enjoy it! <3
So cute it\'s deadly!



I'm Tanuki, nice to meet you all... ;hi
I live in Indonesia, a little archpelago country between asia and austraila.

Hope we'll get along nicely. (sarry for the bad grammar)

yoroshiku onegaisimasu, arigatou gazaimasu


hello and welcome tanuki, hope u like it here

oh and plz post a lot.


Aye, as Q4(V)-san already said, welcome here, tanuki-san. ^_^

Kochira koso, doozo yoroshiku.

Oh, and I hope I speak for nearly everyone here, if I say we don't mind the grammar too much; as long as the typos aren't deliberate and we can understand it, they're alright. :D


Welcome welcome to the new members club, im the self proclaimed leader of it!


oh Pitkin ur not british, so stop with the bleeding and crikey. don't tell me that u play cricket and drink tea etc ...

again welcome new memeber
and Mith~Of~Rose (long name, can i call u MOR or just Mith) u only stay leader till another new memeber come and he/she has to post, so ur crown not goin to last long if this site grows lol