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An apology

Started by yukio95, April 22, 2010, 10:17:27 PM

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I would just like to apologies to the OS-tan Forum commutity. I came here at first to learn about the origins of OS-tan but then was that you had a H download and wanted it. Now I have been lokkign through all the posts about spamming in the Problems section and see that this is a major problem here. I would like to become a part of your community but if you would like to get rid of me, I understand. I also apologies to Choco from PMing her about downloads and not posting something on the actual forum.


Calm down. Breath in, breath out.
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eh? i don't get what you did wrong *_*
My my, aren't you lovely~


You missed out on ya morphine shots, is what you did!


sorry for blowin' up! but seriously, it's common sense to post a question, that way you get multiple people helping you out on the problem!

and check your spelling a little more often. ^^ that can help.

and we don't want to give you the boot just like that. you gotta piss us off first. ^^
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Ok well thnx guys I just want to "repent for my sins", if you will, since I know it is a major problem


It's really not such a big deal that you have to make a public apology - not that such an action isn't appreciated ;).

Truly we've been frustrated by the amount of users trying to spam their way into the H-section, but that's usually more the case when they're necroposting left and right.  It wasn't but a few weeks ago the requirements for accessing the adult content were changed so any member could gain access, so it is a little frustrating to still have people just clutter the forum with meaningless posts (we have enough of us around that do that anyhow), but if all you want is to get hentai, that's just fine.  After all, our forum is mostly meant to be about the art anyway - I think we forget this sometimes.  Stick around or don't, it's up to you... just don't break any rules (like spam or necro), we'll get along fine.

EDIT:  If you're still interested in learning about OS-tan history, might I suggest giving the wiki a gander?

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Let's close this thread for now. I think the matter is solved (if it needed one). ^.^