BSOD-tan and friends

Started by Kuzlalala, October 04, 2009, 12:06:16 AM

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Why aren't they any BSOD-tan, Sad Mac-tan or Kernel Panic-tan


Sad Mac-tan: Pictured as an Emotionless Girl.

Kernel Panic-tan: I don't know what should be her design, but I would like to picture her as a typical farmer girl who's hobby is panicking. Probably the most zestful one.

The three's boss is Meditation Guru-sensei, or just Guru-sensei. Guru-sensei is pictured as an Indian man with a turban and a white beard. He has a crazy personality and he always move with his flying carpet. They're in charge of reaping the computers' soul when they were "killed" by the Malware-tan.

Could you help improvise this a bit? And what should they be categorized as?


Yeah, everybody always shoots the messenger.  The bringer of bad news is always hated.

Pretty good designs, Kuzlalala! :)
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The BSOD-tan and Sad Mac-tan are cute! It's sad they're so misunderstood and hated by the OS-tans since the BSOD, Sad Mac, etc. only alert the user that something is wrong, so it's the OS's fault!

For Kernel Panic-tan, I think she would have an elegant design, referencing the Mac OSX Kernel Panic screen, which is unusually stylish for an error screen! But underneath that elegant appearance and seemingly refined demeanor, she is prone to panicking wildly and incoherently!

They'd be classified as error-tans.


Then how about the Error-400-408-tans? They're errors, but they're sites, too!


Not exactly. The 404 error "site", for example, is just a generic (or customized) page that every unavailable page on a site. Speaking technically the "site" is just a form of message, instead of for example a pop-up or something, giving your browser the Error:404 message. Although the metaphor might not work with the others, that is the case with them as well.

On that note, all I've seen is 403 and some other. Have you got others in store, plz deliver!


Well, all of the error-tans are on the wiki...
Here: (That is Error 404 not found)
E 123 \'Omega\': Eggman detected. Begin annihilation sequence.
Miles \'Tails\' Prowler: No, Omega, Eggman is our friend!
E 123 \'Omega\': Small forest creature has gone mad. Suggest immediate termination.



I had in mind the classic ones with just gray, which are just 403 and 404, but that's right, there were those as well, huh. -w-;

I've been here too long if I start forgetting things I introduced myself -w-;


wow. they're so cute! ^^ good job. i'd help, but sadly, i have no idea what they are. ^^ but it's ok, it looks like you got it covered! ^^
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Can we have kernel panic-tan? It's basically a BSOD but for Linux and it shows up in text.
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