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Character information
Common name Zenwalk-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance Mar 2007
Technical information
System personified Zenwalk Linux (formerly Minislack)
Developer(s) Jean-Philippe Guillemin
Debut May 21 2004
Latest release v4.8 (Oct 6 2007)

Technical Details

Zenwalk is a lightweight Linux distribution. It aims to be small, yet full-feature, elegant and easy to use, both for the novice and advanced user. Although based on Slackware, it has become quite different, while still maintaining compatibility with slackware binary packages.

Character Details

Zenwalk-tan is pictured as a young woman with long light hair and blue-gray eyes, sometimes wearing modernistic, eastern Asian-style dress, a somewhat shallow reference to it's name. Her attitude is somewhat more relaxed than most of her Slackware siblings; she's not as short in temper when it comes to the novice user. Zenwalk-tan may easier to get along with, but she lacks no professionalism or experience.

She enjoys oceanic activities, and her favorite animal is the dolphin. She also enjoys hot air ballooning in her spare time. Both are references to the dolphins and hot air balloons found throughout Zenwalk's boot and login screen, as well as default wallpapers.

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