ZX Spectrum

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ZX Spectrum
Character information
Common name ZX Spectrum
Also known as ZX82, Speccy
First appearance 2006
Height 155 cm (5'1")
Hair color Sandy blonde
Eye color Teal
Weapon(s) none
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage Sinclair
Rival(s) Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC
Technical information
System personified ZX Spectrum hardware line + Sinclair BASIC
Developer(s) Sinclair Research Ltd.
Debut 23 Apr 1982
Latest release ZX Spectrum +2B and +3B, c.1987 (discontinued 1992)

Technical Details

Character Details


Spectrum-tan is depicted as a young adolescent girl, sweet and mild-mannered, but also radiating a playful and tacit wisdom indicative of her age and former popularity around the world. She wears glasses, has her sandy-blonde hair usually tied forward in long pigtails, and dons a vested brown uniform that alludes to her British origin. Her pleated skirt is also emblazoned with the rainbow parallelogram that used to be the Spectrum logo.

In addition to her base clothing, she also accessorizes with intentionally color-mismatched items, a reference to the Attribute Clashing which severely affected the original system and its software/games. The accessories will often be of divergent cultures as well, owing to the ZX Spectrum's popularity outside of 1980's Western markets, specifically in Brazil and the former Soviet Union.

Family and relationships

Contemporary rivals

Spectrum-tan was rivals with C64-tan, BBC Micro-tan and Amstrad CPC-tan in the 80's, her rivalry with C64-tan was thought to the the most fierce, referencing the competitiveness of their userbases against each other in particular. She has mostly abandoned these rivalries, preferring to be cooperative. Her former rivals are still fairly competitive, and she may get dragged back into rivalries whether she wants to or not.


Sinclair QL-tan

Amstrad CPC-tan

History and Background

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