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|tanname= Visi On-tan
|tanname= Visi On-tan
|image= Visi-on.gif
|image= Visi-on.gif
|imgsize= 100x100px
|cname= Visi On-tan
|cname= Visi On-tan

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Visi On-tan
Character information
Common name Visi On-tan
Also known as Quasar (former name)
First appearance Jul 2008
Hair color White with black streaks
Eye color Blue
Technical information
System personified Visi On
Developer(s) Visi Corp
Debut Dec 1983
Latest release circa 1984

Technical details

Visi On is an early and influential but short-lived GUI OS developed by Visi Corp and was priced and designed for high-end business workstations as well as IBM PC compatibles running MS DOS. Although only ported to MS DOS, Visi On was designed to also be ported to CP/M and Unix and its applications have a Unix-based development environment and applications can also be ran and tested on Unix. Visi On was advanced for its time, with a built-in help system, installer, and many modern GUI features- including some that did not become common until years later. However, it did not use icons.

Character details

Visi On-tan is represented as a pigtailed girl with white hair with black streaks. Her pigtails are tied with black V-shaped hair ties and she has blue eyes, wears glasses, a black+white striped jacket (imitating the striped background), black shirt with white V-shaped buttons (imitating the menu windows), white scarf, shoes, skirt and dark blue leggings.

She is a business woman, diva and former aristocrat turned disgruntled and thinks that everything and almost everyone has conspired against her due to all of the hardships she endured in her childhood. She dislikes the Windows-tans, is childhood friends with Apple Lisa-tan and is also friends with OS/2-tan and her group which she is even a proud member of.

As a pun on vision, Visi On-tan also has the powers of X-ray vision, heat ray vision and laser eyes.

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