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This article is a work in-progress.

Character information
Common name Ultrix
Also known as Ultrix-32, Ultrix-11
Human name(s) Juliet Joy
First appearance 2007
Height 5'5
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Emerald green
Weapon(s) Bladed trident
Faction Formerly from the DEC Military; currently, Wanderer Class
Lineage Unix, BSD branch
Rival(s) VMS, other Unices
Technical information
System personified Ultrix
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Debut 1984
Latest release v4.5, 1995

Technical details

Created by DEC's Unix Engineering Group, Ultrix was the first native BSD release for the VAX line of computers.

Character details


Ultrix-tan is depicted as a young woman with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes and small horns. She wears a typical DEC Military uniform while on duty, but has also been depicted in a slinky, plain black dress. Her weapon is typically depicted as a bladed trident.

Personality-wise, Ultrix-tan displays her mother's tendency toward athletic skill and tendency toward hedonism and grandmother's quick-temper and hard work ethic. She truly wanted to be seen as a part of the DEC Faction (not as a Unix "outsider") and be treated as an equal, however her standoffish nature made the other DEC-tans slow to accept her.

Family and Relationships

Ultrix-tan is the daughter of BSD and granddaughter of Bell Labs Unix-tan.

In spite of the long-standing and often symbiotic relationship between the Unix-tans and certain members of the DEC Faction - in particular, the alliance PDP-11, VAX-tan and the various Unices, and UNIX-sama's short inclusion within the DEC Faction - many within the DEC Faction opposed the creation of Ultrix-tan (particularly VMS-tan, who was afraid that Ultrix would displace her as the dominant native DEC OS-tan).

Although Ultrix and VMS-tan were rivals, they managed to maintain a functioning - if not vitriol-soaked - friendship, marked with good-natured verbal barbs and occasional physical fights. They seem to have bonded under a mutual position as 'social outcasts' within the DEC Faction.

History and background

Early Life

Ultrix-tan was created by the Unix Engineering Group, a division of the DEC Faction located to north of DEC Headquarters. It has been theorized that her creation was spurred on by Unix-tan's short alliance with the DEC Military.

Theories and Notes