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Sorcerer Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Sorcerer-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance Mar 2008
Technical information
System personified Sorcerer Linux
Developer(s) Kyle Sallee
Debut circa 2001
Latest release ? (Jun 20 2007)


Sorcerer Linux is an advanced Linux distribution based entirely on source code packages and also uses magic terminology- i.e: a package is a spell, to install/download a package is to cast a spell and to uninstall it is to dispel the spell.

Sorcerer-tan appears as a very tall sorceress with long, dark grey hair; bright green eyes, a witch's hat, a gnu horn necklace and a long black robe over a dark blue shirt, grey skirt, green leggings and silver boots. The gnu horn necklace is a reference to Sorcerer also being known as Sorcerer GNU/Linux.

She is highly skilled in sorcery and carries around a psychedelic crystal ball which she uses to focus her powers and also carries around spell books to help teach her students. She is easy-going, fast, efficient and devoted to sorcery, but is strict and demanding towards her students as Sorcerer is an advanced distribution with high hardware requirements.

She has two daughters- Lunar Linux-tan and Source Mage-tan. But she is not happy about being a mother (which she was unprepared for) and had some conflicts with them which is a parallel to initial conflicts Sorcerer's developer had with Lunar Linux's and Source Mage's development teams. Despite appearing uncaring towards her daughters at a first glance, she really does care for them although at a distance.

OSC Notes

Sorcerer-tan works with the Linuces and Unices on a regular basis (many of which are also know sorcery to some extent) but it is difficult for her because of all of the in-fighting and that was why she left Lunar Linux-tan and Source Mage-tan behind: She does not want them to put up with what she has to and believes they would be much better off on their own.