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This OS-tan represents the early versions of Mac OS X Server and mainly the prototype version codenamed Rhapsody. She is represented as a blonde-haired woman with hair in a flip-do with a red Apple logo hairclip (which looks like the red Apple used in the Rhapsody splash screen. A white X is added as a reference to OS X) on the right side of her hair and wears a black-and-white minidress with a blue-and-yellow skirt layer fastened to her dress with a Mac OS logo brooch (reference to the Rhapsody logo). She is one of the taller Mac-tans, at a height of 5'10 [178 cm].

OSX Server-tan
Character information
Common name OSX Server-tan
Also known as Rhapsody
First appearance Sep 2006
Technical information
System personified Early versions of OS X Server
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 1997
Latest release Unknown

She carries a basket of apple cider bottles which she serves to people as she is a server OS and also drives a yellow boxcar as reference to Yellow Box, the very versatile foundation of her OS also able to run on different processors and OSes (including NT and 95 on Intel, Solaris on SPARC and HP-UX on PA-RISC). And also because of this, Rhapsody-tan considers herself the Mac House diplomat. While she isn't able work with 95-tan for obvious reasons, she is able and willing to work with 95 OSR 2.5-tan. And being 100% Java compatible, Rhapsody-tan is also one of Solaris-tan's closest friends and a regular customer at her java shop.

Rhapsody was never released to the public and was experimental so Rhapsody-tan (although friendly and mostly stable) exhibits some very bizarre behavior from time to time and because of that, she is usually unwilling to be around Toshiaki or the general public out of the fear of her bizarre behavior getting the better of her, right in front of them.

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