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This is a list of OS-tans, which are named after the operating system and the Japanese suffix -tan (たん) which is an overly cute mispronunciation of, specifically a child's slurring of, -chan (ちゃん), a diminutive honorific for a person. They may be simply called OS Girls, and are the personification of several operating systems, most famously Microsoft Windows, by various (amateur) artists, the overwhelming majority of them being users of the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel. A pure fan creation, the appearance of each character is mostly consistent across artists. OSes are almost always portrayed as women, the Windows girls usually as sisters, despite sometimes seeming the same age.

This data file was taken largely from Wikipedia ( Due to its pending deletion, it has been archived on OS-Tan Collections for review and improvement. Once order has been restored, it will be revised into a database at OS-Tan Collections.




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Other OS-tans

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Game Console-tans

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Male Characters


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