List of Canon OS-tans

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Featured below is a list of OS-tans, which are named after the operating system they personify combined with the Japanese suffix -tan (たん), an overly cute mispronunciation of -chan (ちゃん) (specifically a child's slurring of it). All were created by various amateur artists; and although the OS-tan phenomenon originated in the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel and the overwhelming majority of the artwork is still produced in Japan, a growing number of international artists are contributing both fan-based and original artwork of their own.

However, the majority of these efforts are still one-shot single depictions of obscure systems, or alternative renditions of an emerging Operating System (such as Windows Vista). Because of this, the list below is limited only to canon OS-tans, or official designs that are universally accepted by all fans of the OS-tan phenomenon. Even designs from Japanese artists are not listed here if the design is not propagated sufficiently by other artists.

In addition to depictions of Operating Systems, other popular personifications for web browsers and software applications are also shown given their frequent pairing with the OS-tans.





Non OS-tans



Male Characters


Non OS-Kuns