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Commodore Family
Founder: Commodore Minuteman and KIM-1
Leader: Commodore 64, 128 (co-leaders)
Matriarch: KIM-1
Type of faction: Military family
Main social roles: Strict and formal navy officers, with a love for gaming.
Territory: Military bases with a large navy
Established: 1972
Dissolution: 1994
Predecessor: none
Successor: none

Former members



The Commodore Family originated as a faction of calculator-tans, first founded by Minuteman-tan, who also set the military traditions for all later members of the faction. Some of their original competitors were HP, TI, Sinclair, and National Semiconductor. Around 1974, corresponding to when calculators dropped in price, the Commodore faction gained a lot of territory from launching, and winning a price war against the other factions, but would begin to decline in 1975.

Taking advantage of the personal computer revolution, it was decided that a computer-tan would be their successor. In 1976-77, a deal was made with KIM-1, a computer-tan that would allow her to join the faction. Minuteman was reluctant at first, correctly fearing that she may lose much of her influence to 'those dreaded computers', but also saw the potential for a Commodore empire to be created by expanding their scope beyond being a calculator-tan faction.

KIM-1 became a part-time Commodore Family member, and agreed to give her recently-born daughter PET-tan to them. PET-tan was raised by Minuteman and KIM-1 to be a powerful and clever naval captain, and competitor against the fledgeling Apple, Tandy (and later, Atari) factions.

The calculator-tans lost most of their influence when the Commodore computer-tans rose to power, but for years, Minuteman-tan remained an influential figurehead.

Rise to power as a computer faction (Late 70's and early 80's)

PET-tan was successful enough to lead the Commodore Family as a computer faction, and seized a large part of the education market. Her technical limitations prevented them from being very successful in the home user territory, where their main competitors were the game console-tans.

Her more advanced successor, VIC-20-tan was created to compete in the home user territory. VIC-20-tan's aggressive campaigns against the game console-tans was highly successful, and was continued by C64-tan. Together, they expanded the Commodore Family's territory, winning several battles against other home computer factions, and even contributed to the near-downfall of the game console-tans.

Decline and fall

Relations with other factions


The Commodores and Ataris were arch-nemeses, locked in a cycle of revenge starting with PET-tan losing battles to Atari DOS-tan and 2600-tan; VIC-20-tan and C64-tan retaliated with their campaigns which nearly led to the Ataris collapse. Resentment between the factions reached a peak with the creation of Amiga-tan, who was created by former Atari employees, but adopted into the Commodore Family. In response, Atari ST-tan was created for the Atari faction by former Commodore employees. Both of them were seen as a sign of betrayal to the other faction. It wasn't until years after both factions' collapse that their blood feud ended. Now several Commodore-tans and Atari-tans are members of the Binteeji Renmei.


Apple II-tan was a rival primarily to PET-tan and C64-tan, but was only seen as a major rival in the education market. The Apple II, and the Mac even more so, was in a higher price range and unaffected by the price wars the Commodores launched against other competitors.

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