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Also Known As: Abaxas5
Original Creator: Gussy Keniji
OS Infected: Windows
Type: ONA - Overwriting Non-Resident .COM .EXE Infector
Discovered: April, 1993

Abraxas-tan is a cryptic, and puzzle loving Virus-tan. her appearance is based off her common name, which is (coincidentally) identical to that of the mythological monster 'Abraxas' whom is commonly depicted as half rooster and half man (in her case, she retains the bird like wings and tail feathers). The '5' on her ascot, is a reference to her Alias Name:Abaxas5. Unlike her sister Virus-tans, she is the more lenient and kind viruses and dislikes confrontation or violence for that matter, however this is due to a personality defect, so it is not her TRUE nature. (this defect is a reference to the virus for Abraxas has a bug in it's programming which only allows her it infect the 1st EXE file in an entire directory, when it could have infected them all) Abraxas-tan is often thought of as 'cryptic' or 'hard to follow' for she has a habit of speaking in riddles, this habit based on the text strings which can be found in 'Abraxas' viral code:

  • .exe c:\dos\dosshell.com .. MS-DOS (c)1992

-ABRAXAS-5-- ...For he is not of this day ...Nor he of this mind

Despite her kind nature however, she was still Exiled/Isolated in 1993 (being she's still a virus no matter what bug induced personality she bears) and now resides where her fellow (Isolated) Virus-tans live. Abraxas-tan plays little role in Viru-sama's plot of causing trouble for OS-tans, she's usually happier staying behind and toying with her puzzles, but she is still valued, for despite lacking any sinister qualities, she is quite intelligent. She is also able to sustain flight and is the 3rd child out of 20 who were born from PS-MPC-tan.