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Windows 2000-tan
Also Known As: Windows 2000 Professional, Win2K, Windows NT 5
Original Creator: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
OS Personified: Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and Advanced Server
OS Developer: Microsoft
First Released: 17 February 2000
Latest Stable Release: 5.0 SP4 Rollup 1: 13 September 2005

The personification for Windows 2000 was one of the first characters created. A few variants exist, but the most common is 2k-tan, the personification for Windows 2000 Professional. She is typically drawn as an intelligent, professional, reserved looking woman with short blue hair, glasses, and hairclips that resemble cat ears flanking a small white bonnet or ruffle, similar to maid's hairclip that shows the windows logo. Her outfit resembles a swimsuit suggesting the Windows logo colors, and she wears a blue long coat. This is thought to reflect the opinion that Windows 2000 is the most stable, dependable, and balanced system. She is characterized as the dependable woman among the OS-tans and one of the domain controllers. Because of the greater stability of Win2K compared with WinME, which was released near 2K, 2K-tan is often described as a guardian of ME-tan. The blue in the picture is close to the default Windows 2000 desktop colour.

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