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The OS-tan Annex Project was started on September 16, 2006 by former OS-tan Collections member C-Chan to create a OS-tan 'universe' to include new OS-tan characters and backstories. The Annex Project is by no means official but is an expanded universe that strives to integrate the new OS-tan characters and backstories with those of other OS-tan artists while still staying faithful to the original OS-tan canon and the work of other artists.

In the Annex Project, OS-tans are grouped into factions not to force political separations on them but rather to better organize them and the storytelling elements and that it would be much easier to remember an obscure OS-tan if she has a group representing her.

As of Jan 10 2011, the Annex Project in its entirety will be ported here. The original forum posts can't be updated anymore because of size constraints the new forum migration imposed, at 20,000 characters, which each of the original posts had already exceeded. The bios in this project are separate from the main articles, and are written in a condensed form and follow the continuity and 'canon' of this particular OS-tanverse.

There are 9 current factions plus a category for deceased OS-tans, and Wanderer Class for unaligned OS-tans making for a total of 11 categories, not counting former factions.

Current Factions

WindowsFamilyLogo.png Windows Family

The richest and most influential OS-tan faction of all, The Windows Family has all but monopolized the consumer market, their company having secured a Pax Micrsoftica for nearly 30 years. However, their influence wanes with recent failures to enter the smartphone and tablet market, only recently having something stick with the Surface. At the same time, the older Microsoft-tans were driven out by Windows 10 due to her aggressive ways, having matched the ways of her most ancient predecessors in the process of trying to purge the faction of her predecessors. However, the newer ones were allowed to stay. Windows 7 and Windows 10 have many power struggles, and the latter seems to be winning as of late, with 7's loss of suport on the horizon.

MacHouseLogo.png House of Mac

The second most influential OS-tan faction -- and perhaps the most glamorous in the eyes of the average consumer -- the Mac-tans have long since realized that taking on an economic juggernaut like the Windows Family would be financial suicide. Therefore, following their defeat in the Consumer War of the mid-90's, they stepped up efforts to reorganize around their niche markets and rebuild their two decade-old brand name one loyal customer at a time. Their strategy has so far been success as the Apple brand has had a strong resurgence in the consumer lexicon in recent years. However, this comeback is still primarily white-collar, the Macs not yet ready (or willing) to seek the exposure of the wider masses. The newer Mac-tans, in fact, are so far removed from their down-to-earth roots, that while they remain friendly, intelligent and sophisticated for the most part, they're not adverse to let slip a posh or elitist remark (carelessly, of course!) during idle conversation. That, or engage in the secret, playful activities of the rich and famous.

BintejiLogo.png Binteeji Renmei (Vintage Federation)

The Binteeji Renmei is itself inspired by the remarkable Anime/Manga Haibane Renmei created by Yoshitoshi Abe. It is a non-profit organization dedicated primarily to assisting vintage and abandoned OS-tans, and providing a voice for them in a world that barely remembers them. It was originally conceived by Amiga-tan, having spent several years as a wanderer and witnessing the plight of countless vintage OS-tans (once the marvel of their day) whittling the remainder of their lives in obscurity. However, in a rare bout of compassion by Unix, she provided the funding to help Amiga-tan make the Binteji Renmei a reality, and to this date continues to offer the fledgling faction a token annual stipend.

The Binteji Renmei is not rich by any stretch of the imagination and many of its members are either too outdated to work a decent-paying job or require special assistance. Nevertheless they remain very talented and resourceful individuals, and by binding together as a community they're able to pool their resources far more effectively, as well as discover newfound strengths and motivations. Self-esteem, self-education and self-sufficiency are among the many values that they help each other learn and practice to a fault. Whereas once the organization subsisted entirely on charity, now it's grown and sustained itself to the point where it can offer charity of its own. If not in the form of money, certainly in the form of hope. Hope for any OS-tan resigned to the belief that happiness and belonging are reserved only for the state-of-the-art.

File:SLUlogo.png Second Linux Union

The Second Linux Union is most powerful and successful, at least for now, LUC splinter group to form, even surpassing its parent group in terms of influence and numbers, founded by Red Hat and Fedora due to the systemd controversy, and how antithetical it was to Unix culture. However, due to the infighting among Linux-tans, this faction has also inherited the LUC's lack of political stability, although to a much lesser degree than previously.

However, Ubuntu is a major influence, and a controversial member. Her alliance with the Windows Family is a source of controversy among many in the SLU, and even within other factions. Although the more powerful Linux-tans have agreed to Ubuntu's alliance, many of their followers decry this. There are even rumours that Ubuntu might defect to the Windows Family when the time comes, even within the SLU's OS-tans.

LUClogo.png Linux/Unix Consortium

Once the largest and strongest faction of all, created from the merger between the ineffectual First Linux Union and the tattered remnants of the once-dominant Unix Family. It was cofounded by Unix and Linux-tan, once sworn enemies, now friendly and productive partners working toward a viable future for their kind. The Unix-types bring to the table the experience of a three decade-old dynasty (the long-lasting of all), plus a respectable amount of wealth and a loyal corporate and industrial base. The Linux-types offer a long sought-after infusion of new talent, being spreaders of an admirable ideological doctrine that have garnered them support from a far more diverse consumer, academic and technocratic base across the world.

The political instability of the LUC has caught up to them. Systemd caused a major rift in the LUC's members, with the Unix-types and the Linux-types finally hitting their breaking point. With this, most Linux-types, though not Linux-tan herself, left to recreate the Linux Union in mid-2015, leaving behind only the Unix-tans and the Linux-tans who were more akin to Unix-tans anyways. With the lowered numbers, while their strength has been lost, and much of their influence having waned, the political cohesion has gotten stronger, and there are many enough loyal to their idea of the Unix Philosophy that they are far from the brink of destruction.

UserSpacelogo.pngUser Space Gang

The longest-standing and second-most powerful, successful LUC splinter group ever formed. Originally founded by Plan 9-tan (one of Unix's direct descendants), it began in protest because she did not want to be the heir to the Unix throne during the Unix Wars. While access to the throne and the consequent family fortunes are still of interest to her, the birth of her own daughter ( Inferno-tan) has expanded her ambitions exponentially. Putting it simply, she wishes to convert the tiny gang into the beginnings of a new dynasty -- and the trickling in of other disgruntled Unix-types into her faction have only helped fuel her visions of grandeur.

At least on paper, the User Space Gang shares a few similarities with the Anti$oft Coaltion. But unlike the latter, the User Space Gang has the power, resources and intelligence to be a forced to be reckoned with. They're able to launch rebel attacks against the LUC without fear of (total) annihilation and can certainly reign down destruction against any of the lesser factions foolish enough to stand in their way. Clearly there are no impediments to the formation of a User Space Dynasty why that hasn't happened yet has much to do with the state of the leader's sanity (to say nothing of her daughter's).

File:314logo.png3.14 Society

A faction dedicated to single board computers, and the wonders of the low power processor (such as the Atom and the various ARM processors). The people of this faction support computers and the education of such for everyone. While in some ways, the bring back the wonders of the micros of the 80s, they seek to be versatile, being able to perform any task for a relatively low price. They were allies with the LUC before the split, but have remained neutral in the matter, keeping friendly ties to all the Unix factions, although the higher-ups have sympathies with the SLU.

They absolutely are not desktop OS-tans, but are a group of inventors and server OS-tans that are valuable in their own right.

File:FSFlogo.png Federation for Software Freedom

The Federation for Software Freedom was founded by HURD-tan to inspire freedom in other OSes, but failed to become a faction of more than one OS until 1994, when Debian-tan joined. However, she left due to fears of extremism that sadly became true in the years to come. In the mid 2000s, Ututo-tan took charge of the faction, the trend towards extremism skyrocketed, and not helped by later leaders of the faction.

Like the User Space Gang, the FSF only accepts Open Source (or, in their words, Liberated) OS-tans, but their standards are stricter, requiring a lack of any sort of proprietary "blob" or means to interact with certain hardware-tans. They have been known to attack Open Source OS-tans who don't meet this criteria. They aren't strong enough to truly take on the big factions, but they have a track record of attacking Wanderers and weaker factions in the name of their goal.


More of a club than a faction, all its members reside with other factions and simply convene as the DOSSE when scheduling permits (or the occasion calls for it). Automatic membership is given to all x86 DOS-tans, though other non-GUI OS-tans can join if they're willing to pass through The Trial. The DOSSE's mission is to speak up for the rights and recognition of command line OS-tans everywhere, who are often derided by the consumer class for being not user-friendly enough. They offer free assistance and technical support to fellow sisters in need, maintain their own free BBS and even release a crude (but charmingly-detailed) monthly newsletter. However, since all current DOSSE members are child-types, they don't shy from spending some or all of their meeting time having a little fun. And on occasion, too much fun, and on rare instances, even a little neighborhood mischief.

The DOSSE was first founded by x86 DOS-tans residing at the Binteji Renmei. However, it was not their original idea. The concept was first drafted by an as-yet undisclosed OS-tan over a decade ago, and she clearly supported the idea once it was that someone would make it a reality. Even to this day, she remains the anonymous benefactor to the DOSSE, and it is the hope of all its members that they will meet her one day.

Mainframelogo.png Mainframe Guild

The word "faction" is probably ill-suited since the group is exclusive only to Mainframe OS-tans, the goddesses of the OS-tan Annex Universe. They overlook the workings of the world from behind the scenes. Contact with mortal OS-tans is considered taboo and forbidden (with the exception of former Mainframe-tans who have simply undergone microsizing), and, conversely, many obstacles have been emplaced to prevent mortal OS-tans from accessing the "Mainframe". Therefore, little is generally known about these mysterious OS-tans, other than they are insanely powerful and many are impossibly arrogant. Even less is known about the occasional secret "meddling" in the affairs of mortal OS-tans, which again is forbidden (but perhaps not as well-enforced as it should).

CIOSTlogo.png Confederation of Independent OS-tans (CIOST)

Not a true faction in the literal sense, since members don't regularly convene, live together (or even close by) or have any defined territory borders or markets. The Confederation of Independent OS-tans is essentially a mutual defense pact for non-aligned OS-tans, who fiercely defend their own independence and (unlike Wanderers) have agreed to defend the independence of their fellow sisters. A number of its members have had run-ins with Windows, Macs, Unix and Linux-types in the past, so almost no CIOST members are related to any of these factions. Therefore, the CIOST membership boasts an enormous and colorful diversity of OS-tans of all types, trades and personalities. The majority of its members, however, are generally considered (in varying degrees) to be quite powerful, resourceful to an art, and a touch antisocial.

The CIOST was first established by VMS-tan, after witnessing the travesty that became of her involvement with Windows NT. Recognizing the threat posed by well-marketed inferior programming in an ignorant world, the pact was set up as quickly as possible to admit and protect as many of her kind as possible from the ravages of the 90's wars. Sadly, her own hermit-like lifestyle and laissez-faire approach to everything but defense did much to influence the CIOST in becoming the decentralized organization that it remains today. United, the CIOST is powerful enough to shatter the Windows hegemony and even take on the LUC!

But divided, they are neither a threat nor much of an inspiration.

Other Classes

Wandererlogo.png Wanderer Class

Deceasedlogo.png Deceased OS-tans

Former factions

But since the world of the OS-tans is constantly changing in the Annex Project storylines, there have also been some former factions including:

Apple Family

Name changed to House of Mac when Apple II retired in 1993.

CDC Faction

Officially disbanded around 1989, its members are still together in the Mainframe Guild.

Commodore Family

Disbanded in 1994 when Commodore went bankrupt.

DEC Military

Disbanded in 1998 when DEC was bought out.

Microsoft-IBM Family

Broke up in 1990. The Windows-tans and MS-DOS became the Windows Family, PC-DOS and OS/2 were left in IBM's custody.

ASClogo.png Anti$oft Coalition

A tiny political faction founded by OS/2-tan in the mid 90's and originally meant to challenge the legality of several of the Microsoft Family's business practices. But after further funding cuts, scorn and ridicule by her parent company destroyed any chance of her faction gaining mainstream credibility, she was forced to take it underground and fund it entirely out-of-pocket. As her desperation and anger for the continuous injustice grew, so did the faction's slide towards the use of guerrilla tactics.

Due in part to its low recognition and her notoriously bitter temperament, she's only succeeded in hiring four other members (plus a die-hard fan that she can't seem to shake off). Since these loyal followers possess a string of quirks of their own, and have very questionable combat experience, the once proud A$C is now often derided as a ragtag group of bitter old women (or hags, in less courteous circles). They may get away with petty sabotage or a 1-on-5 ambush, but have a humiliating track record of regularly botching ambitious and often not-so-ambitious attacks.

Even as financial woes grow more and more merciless, OS/2 stubbornly refuses to give up on the A$C and sees no end in sight (short of her own demise).

Disbanded sometime in 2015 with the announcement of Arca Noae.