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Also known as: Other names for this character
First appearance: When did this character first debut?
System Personified: What systems are personified?
Developer: Developer of system
Debut: When did this OS/system debut?
Latest Stable Release: Last update released?
OS-tan Annex Project Faction: Role in OS-tan Annex Project?
Other roles: Roles in other OS-tan works in general?


This template is based off the OSinfobox template by Kiso, modified to include more character details and hold an image up to 300 pixels in width. However this isn't a finalized template and is still being experimented with.

To use: Just remove the stuff after the = sign for each entry and fill in the blanks.

3/27/11- decided to discontinue this infobox and go back to using an updated version of OSinfobox, which is much less tedious than replacing it with this one for every page.

This page is nominated for deletion.

|name = common or complete name of character
|image = Image, just put in file name

|aka = other names or nicknames for this character
|chardebut = when did this character debut

|osper = Name of OS this character personifies
|osdev = Developers of this OS
|firstrel = First released
|lastrel = last updated release

|apfaction = faction in Annex Project
|roles = misc. roles in storylines