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Character information
Common name:
Also known as:
Proposed human name(s):
First appearance:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Weapon of choice:
OS-tan Annex Project Faction:
Technical information
System Personified:
Latest Stable Release:

Based on Template:OSinfobox, this is an test infobox that uses a smaller avatar size. The reason being that there are many good 100px avatars already uploaded to the wiki, particularly for obscure characters who have no other color artwork drawn of them. To avoid the painstaking task of resizing and re-uploading all these avatars, we can simply use this template.

Of course, we should strive to use the standard 200px avatar whenever possible - in-article, the infobox can be easily changed, allowing for a larger avatar to be used when one becomes available.


This template is to be used ONLY on articles for characters who do not have a 200px avatar. It's not a great solution, but considering how many perfectly good 100px avatars are floating around on the wiki (and how many articles are still without profile images), it's the best I can come up with right now.

To change an article with a 200px avatar to a 100px one (or vice-versa), simply change the first line - "OSinfobox" - to "OSinfobox100px". This will change the template and resize the avatar.

|image = Image, just put in file name

|cname = common or complete name of character
|alias = other names or nicknames for this character
|hname = any human names for this character
|debut = when did this character debut
|height = list in both cm and inches
|weapon = 
|apfaction = faction in OS-tan Annex Project
|lineage= lineage/bloodline/clan

|osper = Name of OS this character personifies
|osdev = Developers of this OS
|reldate = First released
|lastrel = last updated release