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Character information
Common name:
Also known as:
First appearance:
Hair color:
Eye color:
OS-tan Annex Project Faction:
Technical information
System Personified:
Latest Release:

This template was created for the sole purpose of creating a more basic version of InfoBox. The infobox you now see is meant to be used for characters that are personifications of operating systems (a.k.a. OSes), but do not require (or that do not apply:) "Proposed Human Names", "Rivals" "Height", or "Weapon(s) of Choice".

Properly built character articles (that fit the specific needs above) should make use of this template as it is easy to use and there is not much code used in the user side. This would prevent any inconsistencies between infoboxes, even more it would have a set standard of required info to be given in order to maintain an acceptable degree of quality.

The current version of the basic infobox is modified and ported from Template:OSinfobox, which is modified and ported from Template:OStaninfo, which was in turn modified from the original infobox still seen below. Updating this infobox would be much less tedious than replacing all 100+ pages still using this one.


This template is meant to reduce effort in the construction of tables and give all people the ability to fill out the infobox quite easily and without hassle. all you need to do is copy the following code and paste it at the beginning of the article you want to create/modify/whatever.

|tanname = Put the OS-tans name here
|image = Image, just put in file name

|cname = common or complete name of character
|alias = other names or nicknames for this character
|debut = when did this character debut
|apfaction = faction in OS-tan Annex Project
|lineage= lineage/bloodline/clan

|osper = Name of OS this character personifies
|osdev = Developers of this OS
|reldate = Date released
|lastrel = Latest build number

All you need to do is erase all quoted text and include the information necessary.

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