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Quote from: NejinOniwa on August 14, 2011, 04:05:52 PM
Coming very very soon to /OSC/ and dA...but beware - the main character isn't the nicest of people.
Beyond Ultra Secret

Rated C for Classified.

The Colossus-tan Life Story?

Anyway.... I couldn't get to sleep so I worked on Chapter 8@Leopard-tan, working title "Ma Bell"... here's what I've come up with so far...

QuoteLeopard never realized it could get so warm here; when she thought of coastal New England she imagined a dreary land locked in near-perpetual winter – occupied with snow for more months than not, cool and damp for the rest. If there was any truth to this assumption she wouldn't know it; they were presently being treated to a glorious, cloudless day,  the mercury already pushing seventy degrees Fahrenheit with some time left until the sun reached the pinnacle in its trip across the sky.

She was having difficulty enjoying this lovely morning, however; she had a tough task ahead of her, and not a lot of time. Checking her watch – her <i>real</i> one, since the pocketwatch Time Machine, for all its technological capacity, failed to keep track of the current hour – she saw it was eleven a.m. <i>I have an hour to explain my background to Selectric... an hour to convince him I'm not an agent of Unix –</i> Leopard stopped herself mid-thought; she was indeed one of Unix's employees – <i>inter-temporal gofer, more like it</i>, she mused with a bit of shame – but she wasn't here on orders so <i>that</i> had little bearing on the current situation.

It had been difficult to properly gauge Selectric's reaction to her revelation that she was a Unix-tan, a distant granddaughter of the quite-loathed-in-Bostonian-computer-culture Bell Labs Unix. He seemed to have taken it quite well – better than Leopard had reacted to finding out that Unix had injured that apparently benevolent bird-woman, Multics – a slight glimmer of unpleasant surprised had crossed his typically placid, inquisitive face, but he had recovered quickly enough and made no mention of Leopard's possible connection to the malevolent <i>Ms. Bell</i>. Only a request to hear the entire tale when they arrived back at the Lab.

They were on the doorstep. It was story-time.


Leopard wasn't sure how a hypothetical meeting between herself and Unix would go; frankly, she didn't <i>want</i> to know, the very thought of being near Unix bothered her. She wasn't particularly fearful of Unix, though that probably would have been a justified, even rational, phobia; no, she was suspicious, plain and simple, of Unix's motives, the strange, if not subtle, interest that she seemed to have in her since childhood. Before Leopard was born into the Macintosh family, Unix had never made direct contact with them, instead choosing to use her affable daughter BSD as intermediary. Yet upon Leopard's debut, a congratulatory statement sent by Unix was received; even if the letter was businesslike, void of any sentimentality, it was an oddly kind gesture coming from a woman whose family tree seemed to bud new branches by the day, who could certainly not keep up with – <i>or be bothered to keep up with</i> –  the onslaught of new additions to her disparate brood.

Most people dismissed this nicety as a sign of Unix turning over a new leaf or "mellowing with age", a phenomena that friends and relatives had been joyfully – if not cautiously, almost disbelievingly – observing since the end of the Unix Wars, the years-long fight that had destroyed so much of Unix culture and so many Unixen themselves. Leopard took a more cynical stance; the family had been touting up her "genius" almost since birth, surely Unix wanted to build lines of communication with Leopard just in case she turned out to be everything they claimed she was, just in case she possessed any havestable talent which could be put to good use. This theory was bolstered in 2006, when Unix granted her a hefty sum of money, which was explained in an accompanying note – in typically laconic Unix form – as being <i>For studies and research in the field of physics</i>.

Leopard was both soothed and troubled by this gift. She would never again have to ask her Father or company, artistically oriented as they were, for help in funding what they thought of as a patently baffling career choice. But she couldn't shake the feeling that this money would come with a caveat, one she wouldn't fully realize for many years.

Aurora Borealis

It's looking really good! A curious question, is Unix not directly contacting the Mac Family until Leopard's birth because she only directly talks to descendants that meet the Single Unix Specification? Or does she have too many descendants to care about, so she only talks to the most 'important' ones?


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on August 16, 2011, 11:36:12 PM
It's looking really good! A curious question, is Unix not directly contacting the Mac Family until Leopard's birth because she only directly talks to descendants that meet the Single Unix Specification? Or does she have too many descendants to care about, so she only talks to the most 'important' ones?

Because, m'dear, Leopard-tan is the first member of the Mac family who Unix finds relevant to her sinister morally ambiguous machinations.

Aurora Borealis

What about A/UX-tan back in the 80's? She meets the Single Unix Specification too!

But then again, A/UX was so obscure that UNIX probably forgot about her in the first place! ^^;


Unix of course remains silent until leopard because
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Down-time UNIX has met/will meet Up-time Leopard and shake every single bit of secrets out of her, and thus Knew About Everything All Along.

Aurora Borealis

Another OS-tan story I've been working on, that will feature various wacky wanderer OS-tans, centering around the strange friendship of Windows 3.2-tan, System 3.4-tan and C65-tan (the odd ones out of their respective families), and possibly also DEC Rainbow 100-tan if I can add her in. For some reason, I think she'd fit in with them! XD.

The first two parts start off with 3.2's backstory.

Part 1:

"Thanks for letting us use your camera!" Windows 3.2-tan cheered as she and her friends left OSR 2.1-tan's house. "You're welcome! Come back tomorrow and I'll have the pictures all done for you!" OSR 2.1-tan said while waving goodbye to them.

She went back into her house into a dark room to process the film taken with her homemade camera, which she didn't expect to work at first. Her last homemade camera went up in smoke when she removed the film, but this time it worked. A personal triumph for her, but that's not the only one she was thinking of at the moment. She was also thinking of how much happier 3.2-tan has become over the years.

As she began developing the film, she was reminiscing. "When I first met 3.2-chan, she was all alone and scared. She rarely had any contact with the family, and she lived far away, as the first and last Windows-tan of an overseas branch. I feel bad that 95-chan and I rendered her division obsolete so quickly..."

"Hello, people! I'm Windows 3.2-tan, and I'm ready to make this newly-made branch of the Windows Family a success!" 3.2-tan said in her 1994 debut; smiling,  wearing a fine lilac qipao with gold trim and ribbons, and her silver hair styled into twin buns with silk bows. She moved into the capital of her territory, which in the real world is headquartered in China, and has a considerable amount of territory in the cyberspace world mainly only accessible to various computer-tans.

She had many dedicated workers, an eye for business, and ambition, but there was something nagging at her. She was reluctant to ask her staff about it, out of the fear of threatening highly-valued group cohesion. One work day when supervising some program-tans, she left somewhat early and retreated to her study. She plopped down onto a large recliner, pouted for a moment and sighed before contemplating something in silence.

Her familiar; representing MS DOS 6.22, and usually taking the form of a black rabbit, jumped a step back onto the floor, and shapeshifted into her human form. She transformed into a pale-skinned girl with short black hair, bunny ears and a maid outfit.  Being linked to her emotions, she felt 3.2-tan's troubles and worries she asked 3.2-tan what was worrying her.

"Something I've wanted to ask. Why am I the only Windows-tan here? Are there also a Windows 1, 2, and 3.1? If there are, why haven't I met them?"
"I'm sure there are, master." DOS-tan said, somewhat assuring. She wasn't entirely sure, since she was the same age and had the same isolated upbringing from the rest of the DOS and Windows-tans. "It wouldn't be a bad question to ask the staff, they shouldn't turn you down for that."

"I fear not being taken seriously, but..."
"What is it?"

3.2-tan thought it over for a minute, the suspense making her familiar nervous.

"Okay, I'll do it! Thanks, DOS!" 3.2-tan cheered, and she ran out of her study and into the hallway.
"Where are we going, master?" DOS-tan asked, trying to keep up.
"I want to ask the staff! Even if it's a stupid question, I'll make up for it with my work!"

When she asked the staff, she didn't get the answer she expected. To some extent, she was expecting them to scoff at her question, but they didn't. Instead they reluctantly answered.

Aurora Borealis

I'd like to know, has my writing style improved, and are there more details I could add in my story so far? I'm reluctant to post any of my stories on DA, so I'm keeping them here.

@Bella: Ah, should have guessed, though I wasn't too far off. Leopard-tan is very important to Unix, after all!

@Nej: So it's
Spoiler: ShowHide
Unix goes to interrogate current!Leopard ----> using that knowledge of her, contact young!Leopard to get her to build her Time Machine in '07 ----> ensure that Leopard-tan is the time traveling genius spy she is today?


Well, basically something in that direction. I suspect, at least. It's UNIX, after all. -w-


After some time to prepare it, here is the premiere of the first of the trilogy of short stories: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode Infinity: Diet Cherry Vanilla Jinjo in a Can, presented in the original script format (My signature style since '03)

QuoteOnly a few weeks have passed since Rodney, with the help of his friends, saved the multiverse from Luke, and things had finally returned to normal for him...well, as close to normal as possible, considering that most of his friends had moved away not long after that last adventure; leaving just his trusted assistant, 2k-tan, and his alternate universe distaff counterpart, Yendor, to keep him company.

Since he had nowhere important to be, Rodney was dressed casually in a plain blue t-shirt and black shorts in addition to his trademark glasses, while he spent most of the day checking the inventory of the storage building in his backyard, which he had named Storage Building 12.

After he finished checking the inventory in the large storage building in his backyard, which he named Storage Building 12, he decided to finally sit down and catch up on episodes of Doctor Who he had missed. Once ready, he went to the theater room of his mansion, where 2k-tan and Yendor where already waiting for him, both dressed as they usually are; 2k wearing her usual glasses, blue coat, colorful leotard, and thigh-high boots, while Yendor wore a yellow sundress with her hair in a bun.

Rodney: Is everybody ready?

2k-tan: Of course; especially after the cliffhanger of the previous episode, with the Doctor trapped in a room surrounded by thousands of Weeping Angels

Yendor: I think we're all ready to go. Push the button, Frank

Rodney: You've been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, haven't you?

Yendor: Of course

Rodney then sat down, retrieved the remote from the arm of the chair and pressed Play; as the lights in the room dimmed and the recording picked up from the very start of Part 2 of the episode they where watching. However, they noticed the picture began to flicker badly; as eventually, they found that they weren't watching the episode "Flesh and Stone" anymore, but instead where watching Part 2 of the episode "Delta and the Bannermen".

All 3: What!?

Rodney: Of all the episodes of Doctor Who it could have messed up and gone to, why did it have to be an episode featuring Melanie Bush?

Yendor: What's wrong with Mel? She's the best companion that the 7th Doctor ever had

Rodney: No; Ace was the best companion. If you have doubt, than ask yourself "which one of the two beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat?"

Yendor: You have a point. However, Mel is easily better than Adric

Rodney: As annoying as he was at times, at least Adric tried to be useful; Mel never did anything noteworthy aside from getting captured several times

Yendor: Yeah she did; she met the Doctor out-of-order, which makes her more interesting

Rodney: Sure, she did that in the expanded universe novels, but River Song she isn't

2k-tan: Are you going to keep arguing, or are we going to try and figure out what's going on?

Rodney: She has a point; we'll continue our debate later

Yendor: Ok...

Turning the lights back on, the three began to inspect their setup closely; noticing a strange brown cable of unknown origin that went from the back of the PC controlling the entertainment center to the door and out the room; partially camouflaged with the hardwood floors.

Yendor: Do you think this leads to whomever, or whatever, is doing this?

2k-tan: It might...or it could lead us into a trap

Rodney: It's best we stay on-guard; there's no telling what's waiting for us

The group then began to follow the wire out of the room and into the hallway; sticking closely together. Going up the stairs, around the corner, and into one of the storage rooms, they found the wire ended at a black box, no bigger than a paperback novel, with a single green light glowing on the side.

Yendor: What is it?

2k-tan: It looks like a portable hard drive. Should we try unplugging it?

Rodney: Yeah

2k than comes closer to the box and tries to unplug it; but, before she could get the plug out, the box began to sound a loud alarm. Quickly setting the box back down, they soon found that they where not alone anymore; as a strange girl with short blue hair with a giant red ribbon sticking out of it, wearing a white mini-dress with red trim, appeared before them.

Yendor: Who is she?

Unknown girl: ...

Rodney: How, exactly, did Pleinair get here?

2k-tan: Who?

Rodney: She's a character from Disgaea; one known for rarely, if ever, speaking

Yendor: Do you think she ended up here because of what Luke did, like how I got here?

Rodney: It's possible. Anyway, keep your guard up; there's no telling what she might pull

Pleinair: ...

Quickly, she proceeded to pull out a fairly large gun and took aim at 2k-tan and got ready to fire. Reacting quickly, Rodney jumped in the line of fire to protect his assistant as Pleinair squeezed the he soon learned that the gun that he was now staring down the barrel of wasn't a real one, but a toy; as a bright green Nerf ball flew out of the barrel and bounced off his forehead.

Rodney: ...Ok; now things are getting silly

Pleinair: ...

2k-tan: What should we do now?

Yendor: Shouldn't we try to fight back?

Rodney: It's best we try not to anger me on this

Yendor then proceeded to turn toward Rodney; seemingly a little annoyed by what he said.

Yendor: Then how do we get rid of her?

Rodney: I haven't though that far ahead...

Yendor: Aren't you supposed to plan ahead?

Rodney: When I have an idea of what's going on, yes. However, that's not the case right now

Yendor: Sometimes I wonder why you're the leader of this group...

Rodney: Well, why don't you figure something out?

2k-tan: Are you going to help or not? I'm a little tied up

As the two turned back around to see what was going on, they found that, during the few minutes of their conversation, Pleinair had somehow had enough time to put 2k-tan into a fancy green dress with long white gloves; leaving her normal clothes neatly folded and sat in the corner of the room next to her boots.

Pleinair: ...

In an instant, Pleinair disappeared; taking her portable hard drive with her, while everybody else was too busy trying to figure out what, exactly, just happened.

Yendor: Well, that was random...

Rodney: No kidding...

2k-tan: Now that she's gone, can someone help me get changed?

Rodney: Why would you want to take it off? You look good

2k-tan: If you tried wearing a dress like this, your opinion would change quickly; I can barely move my arms in this damn thing

Rodney: I'll take your word for it. Yendor, you can help her get changed

Yendor: We can let you find out first hand which is more comfortable

Rodney: I'd rather not...

2k-tan: Come on; it'd be fun. Do you have a camera with you, Yendor?

Yendor: Of course; you don't think I'd come up with something like this and not be prepared, do you?

Rodney: I think I'm going to leave now...

Quickly he ran toward the door in an effort to escape, only to be stopped by Yendor; who blocked the door and locked it. With 2k-tan's normal clothes in hand, she began to move ever so closer to her target, with a smirk on her face that was mildly creepy.

Yendor: There's no escape, Director...or, should I say "Directress"?

2k-tan: This is going to be quite amusing...I look forward to posting the pictures online for Pentium and the other to see

Rodney: This is going to suck...

-The End?-

As always, any thoughts, questions, or suggestions are welcome.


lulz. that is all. -w-
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Once I have some other things out of the way, I'll get the next short story ready to be posted.

Which, as a teaser, here's the title: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 1337: Frosted Cheerios


yay! the (second) best kind of cheerios! ^^
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After some time to make some adjustments, it's finally ready. Sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 1337: Frosted Cheerios

QuoteA few days after the incident with Pleinair, Rodney decided that it was time to actually go on some kind of adventure; as he got dressed in his usual clothing for an adventure (Green polo shirt with black denim jeans and a pair of running shoes) before he and 2k-tan decided to set out to the abandoned Chuck E. Cheeses they last visited during their struggle against Luke. For reasons unknown, Yendor decided to stay behind at the mansion; knowing fully that she'd miss out on the fun with her decision.

Arriving quickly via Rodney's magic bus (Which is more TARDIS than bus, to be honest), the two ventured inside and began to look around; 2k-tan noticing just how little has changed since last time.

2k-tan: Why, exactly, did you choose to come back here?

Rodney: I never got to explore it last time we where here; I was still pretending to work for Luke when you came here

2k-tan: I'm surprised how well that worked

Rodney: To be honest, I am too; if it wasn't for Lanett blowing my cover, then Luke would have never known until I was ready to reveal my true reason for joining him. For someone who hailed himself as an evil mastermind, he was quite gullible

2k-tan: That he was...

The two walked around the place casually; looking through the arcade to find several games where still setup and running, even under a thick layer of dust and shrouded in cobwebs. As they looked around, Rodney broke the silence to ask a question.

Rodney: Hey 2k

2k-tan: Yes?

Rodney: Is "2k-tan" your real name?

2k-tan: It's just a nickname I frequently go by, because I only like the people who are closest to me to call me by my real name

Rodney: All right, so what's your name?

2k-tan: Nichi

Rodney: ...I like it; it has a nice ring to it

2k-tan: Thanks

As they continued exploring, they eventually go into the private dining area; finding the remains of broken robotic mice, who once formed the animatronics show, scattered everywhere.

Rodney: I wonder what happened here...

2k-tan: Um...I happened

Rodney: You did this?

2k-tan: I was locked in this room while a mob of robotic mice where trying to kill me. What choice did I have?

Rodney: Ah. It's amazing what you miss out on by pretending to be evil...

2k-tan: That was a fun battle, especially when several of the mice merged together to form a colossal mouse with enhanced strength

Rodney: You're making me wish I had been here for that ...anyway, let's see what else there is.

The two then continued exploring, cutting through the kitchen and ending up inside the gigantic freezer, which, unlike last time, was now running.

2k-tan: This wasn't working when I was last here...

Rodney: I was here too. I rejoined the group by the time you got here

2k-tan: Oh yeah...

As they looked around the room at water-damaged cardboard boxes that where literally frozen solid, they heard something move outside as the heavy door slammed shut. Rushing over, they tried to push it open; only to find that it has been locked from the outside.

Rodney: All who would want to lock us in a freezer?

2k-tan: Someone who wants both of us to freeze to death?

Rodney: More than likely...

The two then proceeded to sit down on the cold floor; continuing their conversation.

Rodney: You know, its times like this that makes me wish I had a sonic screwdriver

2k-tan: Yeah; one of those would be quite useful right now

Rodney: Or really anything to help keep warm. I wish I hadn't left my jacket at the mansion...

2k-tan: Now you see why I'm almost always wearing my jacket

Rodney: Of course, I wasn't expecting to get locked in a freezer

2k-tan: How long do you think we'll be in here before somebody lets us out?

Rodney: I'd rather not think about that; the odds are stacked against us right now...

The two of them tried to stay warm to the best of their ability; something which proved difficult given the low temperatures. After a few minutes of silence, 2k spoke up.

2k-tan: It has to be close to sub-zero in here; I'm not sure if we'll last any longer like this...

Rodney: There's one thing we can do to try and last longer...

2k-tan: You mean we should huddle together?

Rodney: That's exactly what I was thinking

The two then proceeded to move closer together; as they began to snuggle. After a few more minutes, 2k spoke up again.

2k-tan: You didn't plan this on purpose so you could get this close to me, right?

Rodney: Of course not. If I had planned to get locked in a freezer, I would have been wearing a jacket

2k-tan: Ok. I just wanted to be sure...

Rodney: You know, if we're going to die here, there's something I want to say just for the record

2k-tan: All right...what would that be?

Rodney: I did, in fact, enjoy being forced to dress like you; the only thing I didn't like was that Yendor was there

2k-tan: If we make it out of here, I'll have to keep that in mind

Rodney: In fact, I'd probably be a lot warmer if I was dressed like you right now; that awesome jacket and such...

Suddenly, the door of the freezer swung open; as they saw none other than Yendor standing in the doorway with a mischievous grin on her face.

Yendor: That can be arranged. It'd make for my greatest movie ever!

Rodney: You staged this?

Yendor: Of course; when you weren't looking, I snuck aboard the magic bus and came along. Once here, I setup the entire freezer area just for this idea I had for a movie...but, then you unknowingly gave me an idea. Now, what do you say we have a quick change of costume and start over from the top?

Rodney & 2k-tan: How about no, Yendor

-The End-

The next one up is the one I've most looked forward to posting; the one where the gang reads an OS-tan hentai. Also, the fact I was able to use the title of a Led Zeppelin album as an innuendo only makes it better.

Next time: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 69: In Through the Out Door


Guess what, guys? The 3rd of those short stories is now ready to be posted, so sit down and get ready for The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 69: In Through the Out Door

QuoteA few weeks had passed since the incident with the freezer, and not much has really happened; aside from the three reorganizing Rodney's library, while also playing a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. on the side. Being that they had nothing of importance to do outside the mansion, all three where dressed in their usual around-the-house clothes; Rodney was wearing his trademark blue t-shirt and black shorts, Yendor was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a black miniskirt, and 2k-tan was wearing a light green tanktop and blue denim shorts.

While Yendor alphabetized the DVD collection and Rodney reorganized the computer reference books, 2k-tan had the task of sorting the manga by series; with several volumes of series such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Pokémon Adventures. However, while she was moving stuff around on the shelf, she saw one that stuck out for how out of place it was, due to its unusual size, which she took off the shelf to take a closer look at. The cover said in a large black box "For Adults Only", and depicted a girl about her age, dressed in what resembled a schoolgirl's uniform, with a clip with the letters "XP" in her long black hair in addition to some decorative ribbons under it. Upon realizing who this was, she proceeded to go ask Rodney about it.

2k-tan: Hey; how did you get this?

Rodney: I don't remember buying there something significant about it?

2k-tan: My twin sister is on the cover

Rodney: You have a sister?

2k-tan: Yeah; she's my twin, Saseko; also known by her nickname, XP-tan. I did have a little sister, too, but...I'd rather not talk about what happened to her right now

Rodney: You can tell me whenever you feel like it; I'll listen. Anyway, what do you say I go find Yendor and we read this? If it says "adults only" on the cover, it's bound to be good stuff

2k-tan: Sounds like a plan to me

Rodney then walked across the room to where Yendor was, and signaled her to come over to the couch for a quick reading break. Once all three where sitting down, with Yendor in the middle, 2k held up the book for all to see; showing off the very simple cover, which doesn't reveal a thing about it's contents.

2k-tan: This is what we'll be reading today

Yendor: "For Adults Only", eh? If a manga says that on the cover, it has to be good.

Rodney: I agree; this is bound to be good stuff

Yendor: All right, hand that book here. It's time to get this show on the road...

After 2k handed her the book, she then opened up to the first page; seeing the opening page depicting XP-tan and 2k-tan staying behind at the house, while their master (A guy with a light beard, horn-rimmed glasses, and thick messy hair) left to run some errands.

2k-tan: Wait a second; I'm in this too? Where did this book originate from?

Rodney: It may have come in that lot of assorted manga I bought a while back; mainly because it included the entire run of Cardcaptor Sakura

2k-tan: Still, it's a little weird that somebody from this universe would write a story featuring my sister and me...

They then continued reading through; as they quickly discovered why the cover said "For Adults Only". As the narrator, I'd love to tell you exactly what's happening, but for the sake of keeping this from getting an NC-17 rating, we'll just focus on the reactions of Rodney, 2k, and Yendor.

2k-tan: Wait...why would I be doing that to my sister?

Rodney: If you disregard the fact you two are related, it is kind of hot

Yendor: If you disregard what he just said, it's still hot

2k-tan: You're into incest?

Yendor: Yeah. I think it's hot

Rodney: That's definitely not something she picked up from me...

They read further; reaching another point that made all three stop for a brief discussion.

2k-tan: That panel proves it; the author of this should have read a book before attempting to write something like this

Rodney: I agree

Yendor: Can't you put aside the medical inaccuracies and enjoy this for what it is? If all else fails, repeat to yourself "It's just a hentai; I should really just relax"

The group then continued reading through; reaching a moment in the story that seems to excite Yendor, while leaving Rodney in a shocked state and sending 2k-tan into a rage.

Rodney: ...Why did they feel the need to do that?

2k-tan (angered): What kind of sick person wrote this!? I do not have a penis! Where the hell would they even get that idea from?

Yendor: 2k is a hermaphrodite? How strangely erotic

Rodney: I think I'm going to be sick...

He then took off running toward the bathroom at top speed, while the other two got ready to finish reading the book.

2k-tan: I'm not sure if I want to know how this ends...

Yendor: Oh come on; it's not that bad. Besides, there's just one page left

She then turned the page; which, upon seeing the ending, 2k took off toward the other bathroom at top speed, while Yendor seemed to enjoy the ending.

Yendor: Ah, what a good story...there's nothing like sisterly love

After a few minutes, Rodney and 2k came back into the room, as Yendor sat there with a cheerful look on her face over the ending.

Yendor: So, what do you want to do with this book?

Rodney & 2k-tan (Almost at the same time): Destroy it with fire!

Yendor: Oh come on; it wasn't that bad...

2k-tan: What the hell are you talking about? That has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever read; which was made even worse because I was one of the characters in it!

Yendor: If you don't want to see it again, I'll gladly take it

Rodney: As long as it doesn't leave your room, go ahead. Otherwise, its fair game to be burned

Yendor: Deal

She then left the room; book in hand, to put it away, as Rodney and 2k stayed behind in the library; both trying to get over what they had just finished reading.

2k-tan: Let us never speak of this again

-The End-

Well, that was the last of the short stories. The next story in the timeline is Tales of Insanity; which, although primarily focusing on a different group of characters, Rodney and 2k do play a role in the story...but before we get to the first chapter of it, I have some other, unrelated short stories to share.


I am getting winter withdrawal symptoms. So poems were written for my annual reading.

Bad part is of course that poems are fuckassedly hard to translate. But I'll probably write a few english ones this year too, so look forward to that.