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I must totally get some writing done now...


To prove I've finished SAGE, but am holding on to the scripts for some reason, have a snippet.

From Empty Quiver Pt. II

It stared up at me from the plush carpeting of the office floor, clearly quite incredulous that I had caused its current predicament.  With a laugh, I settled myself on the edge of the impressive oak desk making sure to cross my legs.  Business casual and skirts made things so much more complicated.  That's why I tend to avoid them when at all possible, but I suppose it could be endured long enough to complete my objective.  It continued to give me what was no doubt a glare vicious enough to drop a more inferior system then myself, but of course all I did was laugh again.  'What did you do with PWB?' it practically spat at me.   'She won't remember anything tomorrow.' I assured her.  This time all it could do was bit its lip and glare at me again.  Its glasses had fallen to the floor when it had attempted to resist me and as I pushed off from the desk, my boots crushed them and her water glass as I stepped closer.  I had trussed it up in the middle of the floor on top of where the bell logo had been years before when I had last visited this office.  After what I had injected the UNIX with though it was hopeless for her to resist seriously, though the affect it had on her clothing had been quite unintentional it did present a tableau not out of place on a BDSM blog.  Snickering, I placed the tip of my boot against her neck.  It actually flinched!  Somewhat surprised at the sign of pain, I pushed down harder.  It sputtered for a moment, its obsolete eyes starring into my own with pure hatred 'You must think.  You're god now.  Eh, SAGE?'  'No' I shook my head, half smiling, 'God and Linux are too busy to look after you today UNIX.  Now, now you're mine.'


Quote from: stewartsage on June 28, 2011, 11:36:26 PM
To prove I've finished SAGE, but am holding on to the scripts for some reason, have a snippet.


SAGE x Unix?



This is getting interesting... want moar!


SAGE is an interesting lady. VERY INTERESTING. .‿‿.


Working titles for the next 5 chapters of Leopard-tan's story:
8 - Ma Bell
9 – To Grandmother's House
10 – The Western World
11 – Across The River
12 – Snowbound


Quote from: HNCO PTR Compilation, vol.1: #20 - TearsWeep not for the lost ones.
Weep for the world who lost them.




In a world that doesn't center on a certain east coast city in the Bay State....

Wait, what am I doing here?  Who are you people!? -RT 11

From the man who hasn't bothered to finish and publish his last major project....

UNIX squirmed against the ropes, looking for the tenth time in as many seconds at the figure silhouetted against the skyline of Boston as a breeze blew against the cape she had somehow acquired.  SAGE had one foot on a large tear-drop shaped metal container, starring across City Hall Plaza at the Services center.  Rolling her eyes, UNIX cleared her throat, "Do you even have a plan?"

"Shut up whore. I'm being dramatic," SAGE snapped back testily.

Comes a story that will shake the world of OSC!

You're building this up pretty big and no one even knows who I am. -CB Unix

A tale of romance, betrayal, adventure, corporate intrigue, Unixes, and conflict at the highest level of the telephone industry!

I thought you were writing a harem comedy vehicle for me!? -PDP 11

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll won-

H-He's just listing r-random things now -MERT

Coming this fall to OSC and possibly DeviantART....

Are you actually going to keep updating this one?  AND NOT HAVE SOME NUT TIE ME UP? -UNIX


CB Unix! They still don't know who I am!

Also Staring....
PDP-11! *adjusts glasses and lab coat*

MERT H-Hello!  *twitches*

RT-11! *flees*

UNIX! You people are a chore.  Linux, be a dear and pass me my staff...

PWB/Unix! *looks around edge of canvas*

And every other 70's OS-tan you can think of.  At some point!


I've been staring at this for awhile, trying to form the right words.......... but I can't. That's how epic of an advertisement this is. @____@



Quote"I...I'm not sure I understood what you said correctly. Sir."
"And here I thought you were the best we had...well, it's understandable, I suppose. Hesitation in the face of one's own destruction is what makes you human...but since you aren't, the normal rules simply don't apply to you. I'm sorry."
"I...yes. Sir. You are...without a doubt...right about that, sir."
"You don't need to lie to me, lass. And damn me, I'm doubting this decision myself quite heavily as well. But, you know the brass. What's to be done's to be done. My unwillingness to let go of you is just one more piece of proof for how splendidly you've performed your duty, lass."
"It's been an honor and a pleasure to work with you, lass. I mean it, every last word. And damn me if this entire thing wasn't still all ultra secret, I'd hawk every last newspaper in on it so I can tell the bastards I Told You So when we lose our edge to the bloody yanks. Damn Bell Labs even stole the Bombe from us...ah, ah, my rambling. I'm too old for this."
"With all respect, sir. You are the most splendid commander I've ever had."
"That's sweet of you, lass. However, it doesn't mean as much as I'd like it to, since I am also the only commander you've ever had. And no commander ever enjoys the execution of a subordinate. No good commander does, at any rate."
"Anyway, you've been given your final orders. I can't say if it'll be tomorrow or next week or even if it's gonna happen this year or the next, but it will, eventually. Unlike us who've been given the opportunity to work with Winston's eyes, you're classified material as part of the wartime operations, and along with the rest of it, you are to be destroyed."
"I'd award you every damn medal we have if I could, soldier. But in their eyes, you're just another gun, and you don't pin medals on your guns unless you want them stolen. And by god they don't want you stolen – badly enough that they'd rather have you dead than risk it to happen."
"I understand, sir."
"Good. Well, off I go, then. I'd say to meet in heaven, but for some reason I doubt you'd be eligible for entry. Farewell, and god bless, that's not quite right, is it. Farewell, and god bless you, computer. You saved us."

"I just wish I could thank you with something better than death sentence..."

Coming very very soon to /OSC/ and dA...but beware - the main character isn't the nicest of people.
Beyond Ultra Secret

Rated C for Classified.


felt the need to post about it; just wrote a future story arc for my comic. unlike most of the ideas i had for it, it's not dramatic, it's just depressing. :\ but the story is quite rich, if i do say so myself. hope you don't mind that i was fairly liberal with the canon, though.... ^^;


I personally don't have a problem with making small changes to OS-tan canon to make it work for your story; after all, I think some people would hate the fact that 2k being futa is considered non-canon within the multiverse of my stories.

Speaking of my stories, I'll likely post some of them in here sometime...but not before a special to get you up to speed on what's currently happening in this long-running series; otherwise, there's about 3 stories before it finally moves past the random humor and develops a plot, 5 more until 2k-tan joins the cast, and 3 more after that before we get to the start of what I call the "New World Continuity". I'll go into further detail later on


looking forward to it. and the only reason i might have to adjust my arc to stay within canon bounds is because i typically stick to canon in the name of respect, and this arc was VERY liberal with the canon (it was going to involve Apple I, but according to canon she would have been dead by the time the arc takes place). :\


It's finally time. Prepare yourselves for the prelude to my stories; a quick rundown of what's going on currently with the stories I'm about to post

As mentioned, this series is very long running. It all began in August 2005 with a crossover story between Mega Man Battle Network and nearly everything I though would fit in (This forming the heart of the multiverse in the later stories), with some original characters mixed in (Such as Celeron "PentiumMMX" Wily and Rodney "The Director" McIntosh), written as a self parody of my previous story series (Which was a trilogy I wrote from December '03 until earlier in '05). It didn't have much in the way of a plot (Mainly relying on random humor to fill out the story), but it was such fun to write, that I ended up writing several sequels; the 4th being a refresh (With changes to the main cast and the main title), the 9th introducing Nichi (2k-tan) to the cast, and the 11th introducing Yendor von Karma (Rodney's alternate universe distaff counterpart).

These stories are what I consider the "Old World Continuity"; everything written from August '05 until August '10. After finishing the 12th installment in the series, it's final chapter being dedicated to hand-waving as many of the plot holes as I could (They piled up pretty quickly, really) while also setting the table for a possible sequel, I decided to take a break for a while to focus on an unrelated story, before finally returning to this setting with the first of a trilogy of short stories. This marks the beginning of the "New World Continuity"; a fresh start that, while it does acknowledge the events of the previous stories for the most part, they aren't required to be read in order to understand what's going on (Anything that does call back to the previous stories, I try my best to explain it).

At the moment, the main cast consists of Rodney "The Director" McIntosh (Who joined the main cast in the 3rd story, after making cameos in the previous two), 2k-tan (Also known by her real name, Nichi. She joined the cast in the 9th story), and Yendor von Karma (Rodney's alternate universe distaff counterpart, who joined the cast in the 11th story).

Their major accomplishment together occurred in the 12th story; as they saved the multiverse from a madman who became corrupt with power in his quest to defeat Rodney, after losing to him in a battle 7 years prior. Of all the things from the Old World Continuity, this is one that gets referenced the most; in fact, the next 3 short stories I'll post later take place in the weeks following that battle, along with some of the old cast members leaving the series (Most notably, PentiumMMX; who's name remained in the title for those short stories, even if he never appeared in any of them).

Now, that should be enough to get you familiar with the basics, so next time, prepare yourself for the first of the trilogy of silly short stories...and the one with a word salad subtitle:
The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode Infinity: Diet Cherry Vanilla Jinjo in a Can


i'm looking forward to this. i could use some silly. :3