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I've come to realize a more or less universal principle I use rather frequently in my own works.
"We don't have X. It's better to have it lying around, in case we ever need it. Let's make X."

26 thousand years is a fucking stupid amount of time to fill with events, but damn me if my brain isn't trying its bloody hardest to anyway...

Likewise, it's fucking dumb to think you can have an entire planet mapped out, covered and controlled. Yet that's exactly what I'm trying to do. A planet and a half, and then some, even.

My literary ambitions don't fucking listen to bounds, do they.


It's been a while since I posted in here, but for courtesy for those who don't want to sift through several new chapters of my main story, here's a direct link to a short story I wrote last night, involving 2k-tan and PDP-11-tan at a sauna. This involves an idea for a drawing I came up with and suggested to Bella :3




I already commented on dA but I really enjoyed reading your paper, K. ^^


I'm quite glad I found it. I'm still miffed I don't have a copy of my psych term paper, but that's neither here nor there and I should be thankful I found this one. I hope you guys like it, I'm proud of them both. ^^


I'd post my own paper here, but it's in swedish.



Christian influences in Snorri's Edda and the Völuspá :^)


Reviving this, to promote Dogwood Chronicles; my MapleStory story that has just started. There's the prologue, with Chapter 1 due out this weekend :3

I also did finish EOTM; I can't remember the last chapter I linked to here, so the folder with all chapters, for anyone interested. IMO the ending is kinda rushed, but TBH I felt like if I didn't finish it now, I'd never finish it at all :\

Dr. Kraus


Here are the first four "chapters" to a little novel thing I've been working on for a while.
I started writing this story of Robotic_Tears way back almost two years ago as a VN script that I quickly couldn't get off the ground because VN engines are finicky things.
Only in the last month or so have I gotten back to it with entirely new ideas and direction.

I've redone my website for the sole purpose of posting this story continuously also taking advantage of putting music up at points of the story I think will help create a feeling.
Music ranges from well known pieces in video games and anime to open source music.
anyway, please check it out if you could and let me know what you think of the story so far!

Aurora Borealis

This is a revival of a very old story idea that I got help with from C-Chan years ago, but I hadn't been able to complete. I started writing it about a week ago, feeling very inspired to complete it. It's the story of how Altair-tan joined the Vintage Federation, which started through an investigation that found that Xenix-tan was friends with Altair-tan, which was unknown even to Windows 1.0-tan, 2.0-tan, and PC-DOS-tan.

I have 5 parts mostly finished, and two more outlined. There may be 9 or 10 parts in total.

Part 1:

Quote from: undefinedThe year was 1981. Two young girls were playing in a hallway in their family home. They were taking turns bouncing a ball and quietly giggling to each other, their movements highly in sync with each bounce. They wore matching dresses and both had their hair tied in pigtails that were about shoulder-length. They were twin sisters MS-DOS and PC-DOS. MS-DOS had black hair, and a black dress with white accents, and PC-DOS had blue hair and a blue dress with black accents.

PC-DOS picked up the ball, and had a look of mischief on her face. "I'm going to try this!" she said. She put the ball down immediately in front of her, and kicked the ball across the hallway. They both ran towards the ball, but quieted their footsteps as they got closer to a room at the end of the hallway. The door to one of the rooms at the end of the hallway was open.

"I got it" PC-DOS whispered to MS-DOS. Then, both of them peeked into the room with the open door. "I hope she doesn't mind" MS-DOS whispered back. The room was lit by a oil lamp sitting on top of a mahogany Victorian-style desk. The lamp was at the back of the desk, and a blue-haired woman in a long dress sat at the front. Her outfit had a short-sleeved black and white blouse over a dark green dress with long sleeves. Her back was turned to MS-DOS and PC-DOS, but they recognized her. She was Xenix, their caregiver. They recognized her hairstyle, which was shoulder-length at the sides, and slightly shorter in the back, and the distinctive white X-shaped bow on the upper back of her blouse.

Xenix turned her head towards them, seeing them out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes were green with orange rims and often gave a piercing glare. She stood up and walked towards them, and into the hallway. While she wasn't particularly tall, she towered over them in comparison.

"Oh no! Are you mad at us?" MS-DOS worried. "Yeah! We tried not to be too loud!" PC-DOS added.
"No, but I think you both should be going to bed now", she said with a slightly exasperated tone in her voice.
"Aww. We still want to play." MS-DOS said. "I can barely sleep" PC-DOS said.
Xenix responded more cheerfully. "There'll be plenty of time to play tomorrow! Besides, don't you want to get up on time for breakfast? I'll be cooking it tomorrow."
MS-DOS and PC-DOS danced joyfully, circling Xenix while they sung, alternating verses.

"Breakfast by Xenix-sama!"
"Breakfast by Xenix-sama!"
"We can't wait!"
"It'll be great"

Xenix froze for a moment, with regret over accidentally making her wards not want to sleep. She then put her hands up in a reprimanding gesture. "Now now, time for bed you two. The later you stay up, the more you might oversleep, and miss breakfast."

"We don't want to miss that!" MS-DOS said.
"The staff will be turning off the lights in the hallway. I'll brew some chamomile tea for you to help you fall asleep." Xenix said.

After MS-DOS and PC-DOS returned to their rooms for the night, Xenix brought them some chamomile tea, and then walked back to her room to continue the book she was writing.

She had just started it to write down what she wished she could've told MS-DOS and PC-DOS and any future members of the Microsoft-IBM Family. She started an introduction, which read "I am Xenix, but this book is not about me. At the time I started writing this, MS-DOS and PC-DOS have made their public debuts, launching the Microsoft-IBM Family to power and influence. I have been hired as a caregiver and bodyguard to them, and any future members for as long as I am needed. It is a shame that I am not allowed to speak of Altair to them. Her kindness and contributions have helped make this family possible. I am very grateful to her. And although she is from another company, I consider her family..."


What an awesome surprise this is! The DOS twins happily circling Xenix-tan made me smile, but I can't help but feel dread about Xenix's writings for future MS-IBM family members. Did she already anticipate her death at this time?

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! I'm not sure if Xenix anticipated her death, but she may have known that eventually she wouldn't be needed. She was hired to help the Microsoft-IBM Family, and no longer being needed because its members became powerful enough on their own would mean that she succeeded at her job.

If she had been willing to give up her loyalty to Microsoft after she was ousted from them and then had to fight in the Unix Wars, she might not have made so many enemies with other Unixes, and could've had a chance at still being alive. Her loyalty is inspiring but tragic.