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I've decided to start writing a little autobiography thing for LINC-tan... it's probably gonna be pretty disjointed though, since LINC-tan is grumpy and private and doesn't seem to want to be telling her story at all.

LINC-tan seems to follow Whirlwind's human-names-for-OS-tans custom; thus PDP-8-tan is Kate, Whirlwind-tan is Winifred, PDP-1 is Penelope, etc.

. . . .

For Kate


Just so you know, I'm not comfortable writing any of this. But the guys at the Society keep telling me that I should, that as many experiences as possible have to be preserved. There aren't many of your kind that are your age left, they say, Even fewer in decent-enough mental condition to document their stories. I say it's all a bunch of scare-mongering, plenty of us are still around. And plenty of us are better authors than I am - the least they could have done was hire Emacs or Vi or some other decent writer for me, but they're in as high demand as they were 30 years ago. Talk about job security, I should have been born a text editor.

Kate is hovering over me now, I think her curiosity was piqued by my visible state of agitation. She reminds me that the reason they want me to write this is because they're seeking autobiographies, actual firsthand accounts of life as a computer in the early ages of our industry. Fair enough. She was around for most of it as well, but I still got chosen because of my "unique status as an OS-tan of both MIT and DEC heritage". She laughs, remarking that this is the first time she's felt glad she didn't come from MIT. I tell her that they might get to her yet - just give them time.

I guess I should start this by introducing myself? I'm Linc, and I was born a little over fifty years ago at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. It was a rather cutting-edge research lab, you know ... about a decade and a half previously they'd helped create Whirlwind, then SAGE ... by the time I was born, there was a whole devision of computer-tans working there, but I was one of the few who'd actually been designed on-site. Like most of the computers created at that time, I was designed as a mix of hardware and software and thus possessed a certain amount of control over code. A fairly high amount actually, specializing in control of paper products. It sounds mundane in print, I know, but I assure you it was rather fantastic to behold in-person, if not frightening. (It almost got me run out of Maynard, but I'm getting ahead of myself.)

I feel fortunate to say that I was friends with Whirlwind. Winifred Forester, as she dubbed herself - she was the one who started the whole human-names-for-computers thing, she thought that we all deserved to have real names, not just technical descriptions or acronyms. Winifred was already in bad shape by the time I was there. The creation of her daughters took a huge toll on her physically. The reproductive techniques weren't quite as refined, you know, now they can take a minuscule amount of code to make a child but back then it took a much larger physical investment. It was what Winifred wanted, though - I've been told that SAGE's creation started out as an personal agenda (who wouldn't want a little replica of themselves?) but later on she became sincerely invested in making this being who would protect us. She nearly died after SAGE was completed, 1959 I think, but some of her creators saved her went to work on "improving" her physical condition ... it's hard to say whether it worked or not. I suppose it wasn't very good for her personally, it put a hell of a lot of stress on her system and she was in bad shape for, must've been the next decade and a half. But they learned so much ... minicomputers wouldn't exist without the knowledge they gained through those experimental surgeries. Penelope, her daughter, was a direct result, and to be honest, sometimes I think that Penny was the reason Winifred held on for all those years after SAGE left. It's tragic that somebody as brilliant as her was reduced to such a fragile physical state ... I wish I could have known her during her prime, and maybe been able to steer her in some direction where she wouldn't have ended up in as bad of shape, but she was a stubborn person. I don't think she would have taken my advice.

This is getting too grim - at least Kate says so. She says I shouldn't focus so much on the bad stuff that happened and include some of my good memories of her. Very well then. Nary a trip to Cambridge was complete without visiting Winifred - we ran in different circles, yes, but in spite of our differences we seemed to have a genuine, uh ... I guess "affinity" is the word I'm looking for ... for one another. Maybe looks played a role ... for a pretty long time, we were always getting comments about looking alike - truth be told, we weren't that similar, even in her state of illness she was fairly tall and statuesque and was just this underfed-looking little thing - but we had the same black hair and blue eyes and sun-starved pallor, I guess that was enough for people to assume we were related. I'd say the bigger factor in our friendship was her personality - Winifred just sort of gave off an air of friendliness, always laughing, always telling little anecdotes and stories about her time growing up in Boston. The accent helped too, I think - they say regional speech patterns can inspire trust, and I'm almost certain this was true in her case. Even in my youth I was a pretty reserved person, but it felt like I could talk about anything with her ... I think I was always a bit too over-analytical for her, she never joined in much, but she was always so patient and willing to pay attention to what I had to say. Almost like the old cliche of the therapist who pleasantly listens and nods as her patient goes on about his problems, heh - I only wish I had half of her listening skills, maybe I wouldn't have ended up as hated as I did.

. . . .


Idk why I'm using this thread to post entirely irrelevant writage, though. CROWD: Should we start a new scrap paper in the Generals, so we can keep this one for OS-tan material only (as it was intended, maybe I'm the only one abusing it, huehuehue)?


TBH, I'd just keep all the writage here. It's not like there's a TON of writing going on after all, better to consolidate everything in this thread than split it up.


Roger that. I thought so myself, but I was all "EH, MAYBE?" about it. But good to see you're in on this one.


*sneaks in*

pent suggested i put this here rather than free cookies.
by now, with all my shameless self-promotion, i'm sure you know about my comic, Ace's High. (if not, well, ask me about it. it's cool. -w-) about a month and a half ago i started rewriting the plot into a notebook, like i'm doing with the OS-tan Comiket, just storyboarding it out. and i realized that i had never come up with a name for the city that everything is in.
to be honest, i don't expect it to come up much. in fact, if i never have to bring it up at all, i probably won't; it's not a huge point and could actually turn into a running joke. but i figured i should have one on hand just in case.

so, if it's alright with you, perhaps you could help me come up with something? cause i have no ideas for that whatsoever. >>;
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How about "Vélo"?

Explanation, if you're interested: ShowHide
Vélo is French for "Bicycle"; like the company that produces playing cards :3


brilliant. :0

the current default is Deck City, suggested by Mel, but i really like that one, too....

i'll ask her opinion later. and perhaps research more card making companies. -w-

EDIT: a couple other possible names i've managed to find via wiki:

Copag City
Rue City

(i might look into more later)
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Alright :3

So, sometime soon I'll start uploading my stories to dA again, and posting them here


cool, cool. go for it. ^^

i have to say, i think i'm gonna go with Copag City, since it just sounds the coolest. i like Velo, tbh, but for some reason this comic seems to be yelling at me that the city shall not have a name that starts with V. it doesn't like Rue City as much as i do, either.

this might be my last post here for awhile~
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So, I posted this in the wrong topic last time. Correcting that now

I'm finally starting to work on my stories again; getting things moving again with a short story based loosely on a dream I had the other night (The one in which I teamed up with Linkara and 2k-tan).

Without further delay, Director Who: Episode 2008: Below the Fourth Wall

QuoteIt has been about a month since Rodney and 2k went to visit her sister, Saseko, and since then, things have been fairly relaxed. Yendor was off on a trip to see the world, which resulted in the mansion being rather quiet; as Rodney and 2k spent that afternoon in her room, reading (and making fun of) a terribly written fan fiction about a sorcerer slaying vampire cavemen in space with an electric guitar.

However, it wasn't long before they heard a loud noise of stuff falling over echo through the halls. Quickly, the two rushed out of her room, 2k grabbing her sword on the way out, and followed the noise to the source; which was the kitchen, of all places. Immediately upon arriving, Rodney caught a glimpse of a lion that was wearing a very noticeable blue collar knocking stuff over...however, it seemed 2k was seeing things differently somehow.

Rodney: I don't remember having a lion...

2k-tan: Um...what are you talking about? That's clearly a puma

Rodney: No; that's a lion

2k-tan: Whatever it is, we need to do something about it

Before they could formulate a plan, suddenly a mysterious man in a brown coat and fedora ran past them, entering the kitchen, as he pulled out a flintlock pistol and fired at the lion; the gun shooting out a blue orb of magical energy that seemed to stun the beast. Once finished, he put away his gun and turned around to face Rodney and 2k.

Rodney: Holy crap...Linkara is here

2k-tan: Are you wearing Yendor's glasses without realizing it? That's Jimmy Neutron

Mysterious man: No; I'm Linkara. I guess the device I'm hunting down is messing with all of our senses. After all, I seriously doubt you two are actually the Doctor and a talking gaming computer, respectively

2k-tan: I'm...a computer? What?

Linkara: The black case and glowing blue fans look quite nice

Rodney: That aside, did you see a lion tearing up my kitchen?

Linkara: Actually, it was a puma

2k-tan: See? I told you so

Linkara: That puma is wearing a malfunctioning cloaking device created by Dr. Insano. It's not any more dangerous than a normal puma; just more of an inconvenience that I had to hunt it down

Rodney: Alright. Do you think you'll need assistance?

Linkara: Sure.

Suddenly, the puma began to flash; as it transformed into a cheetah, got back up, and let out a roar like Godzilla before charging toward the 3 of them. Quickly, they ran down the hallway to try and escape from it.

Rodney: Did that puma just transform into a cheetah?

2k-tan: It's a tiger

Linkara: No; it's a panther

Rodney: Whatever it is, it's apparently angry and wants to kill us.

The group continued running, eventually losing each other in the more complicated twists and turns of the mansion's network of hallways. After a few minutes, Rodney found himself in the basement of the mansion; mostly filled with boxes of assorted computer parts he forgot he had. Disregarding this for now, he decided to head back upstairs and regroup with the others, but before he could, the cheetah showed up and jumped toward him; pinning him to the floor. Wishing he had remembered to bring a weapon of some sort, he tried desperately to get this cat off of him, which apparently wanted to use him as a scratching post.

Eventually, the cheetah was shot with a blast of energy coming from the right; the obvious handiwork of the magic gun. With it knocked out, Rodney got out from underneath it and looked over to see not Linkara, but a lady who looked like a brown-haired 2k-tan wearing Linkara's trademark fedora and longcoat

Rodney: Who are you, and why do you have the magic gun?

Linkara (facepalm): That collar is making things really annoying...

He then went over to the cheetah and removed the blue collar from it, flipping a switch hidden on the backside of it, which resulted in the illusions ending; revealing the identity of the shape-shifting cat as being a guy with really long blonde hair and a bushy but well groomed beard.

Linkara: Well, that's different. I wonder how he ended up with Insano's cloaking device

Rodney: No telling

Shortly after, 2k-tan entered the room, trying to figure out what's going on. After filling her in on the details, they notice the guy lying on the floor pressing a button on his watch, which resulted in him teleporting away while leaving behind a business card. Quickly, Rodney picks up the card and reads it.

Rodney: "You have been visited by your friendly neighborhood scientist and treasure hunter, Prof. O. Stan Kokoelma"...? Does anybody know him?

2k-tan: Nope

Linkara: Not a clue

Rodney: No telling why he was here...anyway, I just realized I never had a chance to introduce myself. I'm Rodney

2k-tan: I'm 2k. So, would you like to look through our selection of bad comics, or would you prefer to review the lamps we have?

Linkara: I have some free time, so why not both?

Rodney: Alright. Lead the way

The group proceeded to go upstairs and head toward the library, to sift through various issues of Tandy Computer Whiz Kids to find something worth reviewing aside from the really nice reading lamps sitting beside the chairs.

-The End-

Now, hopefully I can keep things moving smoothly; getting more chapters of EOTM and TUBSMOD posted

This chapter is also a possible starting point if you haven't been keeping up on ReEN. Ofc the meta will be more obvious if you've read the rest of it, but it's fairly easy to figure out without it.



I forgot to post this here after I uploaded it ^^;;

So, here is chapter 3 of EOTM



Read it!  But I've never seen Queen's Blade so I have to admit I can't really say much about the subject matter.