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i should sleep too. one needs rest when one is down and out in 3 different ways! ^^;

Gussy Keniji

This is basically a prolouge to the Moemon fanfiction I wrote, and I thought I'd share since there's like no fan fiction. It's...rather dark and gritty, far more so than the original concept. But I tend to like writing dark pieces for some reason, it's something that I've actually been keeping on the down low when I was making Virus-tans. In anycase, enjoy, I guess...


Centuries ago, human society is on the brink of utter collapse, the world is torn from the devastating efffects of the 5 year long war known as 'The Great War'. People have fought viciously to attain peace, yet in the process they upset the very balance of the aspect they so desperately want to achieve. During these troubled times, several scientists discovered sentinent beings known as Moemon living within the remote regions of the world, far from where humans and their bloody war could touch. These scientists began to research on them and expand their knowledge on these mysterious new lifeforms not only to learn more of them, but to escape the harsh world they had come to know. The Moemon were pure and innocent creatures devoid of the dark hearts that humans possessed despite looking nearly human themselves. The scientists who saw them, had a chane to dream that with these creatures even if humans die out, they will be able to create what the humans could not--a peaceful world.

Unfortunely, information was leaked about the Moemon and what happens next will snuff out what little hope these scientists had...

After information on the Moemon was revealed to several armies, they mobilized their forces heading striaght for the lands in which the exotic creatures called home. The Moemon were captured, experimented on and tortured as the humans warped the pure creautes into their tools of murder and destruction, using them only as weapons of war. Soon, with a common goal of world domination in mind, the opposing armies who discovered the Moemon banded together to form one omniscient force called 'The Archaic Axis'. As the army's knowledge on Moemon increased so did the amount of bloodshed as they used them for conquest placing all and any under their iron fist of tyranny and oppression. The Axis brought forth the new age of living with their 'Paradises' that they forced the Moemon to construct, and even then, if they were to complete them, they could not rest within their walls...For upon each 'Paradises' completion humans were allowed access but Moemon were not, only those who were to spend their life working for Archaic could they enter and live...although it wasn't always a happy existance if a Moemon chose to do the latter...

But this did not mean that the humans themselves didn't suffer injustices either, for inside these synthetic Utopias, Archaic made sure that the people living in their cities obeyed their orders and whims. Those who did not were gravely punished for their insubordination against this warped governmental heiarchy. Opposers were often executed publically for their actions, while some were simply cast out to rot in the carcassed wastes that were a lasting product of the countless wars they caused in the years long past. However, as ironic as it would seem, these few who were cast out from Archaic societies would be the ones who would bring about the change that would shake the world to it's very foundations...

Outsiders from Archaic's 'Paradises' quickly formed a resistance group amongst themselves, congregating in a large crater that concealed their actions from the patrols of various Archaic soldiers and their Moemon. It is here the rebels began to associate themselves with the abused and tortured Moemon who had been tossed aside like toys from a spoiled child. Although, the creatures were apprehensive at first, untrusting to the humans who brought them such suffering, with time the two of them slowly began to come closer to each other now understanding they were both wronged by Archaic and that it was up to them, and them alone, to put an end to this misery. This strong bond would later prove to be a vital factor in the coming events...

Now with full trust in humans, the Moemon revealed to the castaway humans the beings who posed the biggest threat to Archaic; The Legendary Moemon. Their powers far greater than any other Moemon who walked this planet, some of us would call them 'The Gods' among the species. Their powers being one of a kind, and just powerful enough to show Archaic the error of their ways and bring them to their knees. With this vital trump card in their possesion, the human rebels devised a plan to attack the heart of the Archaic Dystopias as well as it's so called Heart of Evil; Seraphim City, it is here they will attack with their new companions and hopefully giving the Legendaries a chance to mobilize and attack the military estabishments of the army. Both sides knew that sacrifices will be great and lives will be lost aplenty, but there was no turning back, right now Archaic was slowly becoming aware of the Legendaries, albeit as mere speculation and if they were not attacked now while their knowledge was still scarce then it was certain that all hope for a peaceful existance would be lost.

On August 12th of the 2,045th year, the rebels charged from the wastes and launched their attack on Seraphim City with a brutal force, swiftly taking out it's frontline defense and advancing forward into the city's limits. Archaic, a little surprised by the attack, quickly countered this bold assualt with a strong offensive, using the full extent of their weaponrary and Moemon to push the rebels out and crush their rebellion while doing so. The rebels, however, remaind rock steady in the onslaught and held their lines as best they could, fully syncronizing what technology they invinted with the powers of the Moemon that fought bravely by their side. For a time this combination actually proved to work against the main force of Archaic's army, but alas it would not last long, for as soon as Archaic realized the rebels had an advantage they quickly gained the upper hand in this battle by unleashing their genetically enhanced Dragon-type Moemon. The sheer strength and savage ferocity of the altered she-beasts was enough to severly cripple the remaining forces of the rebels in only mere minutes of their arrival on the battle field. This manuaver would turn the rebels state from bad to worse as the lot of them were making due with a few defensive Moemon and began hiding away shortly after...hoping, waiting, praying that the Legendaries would appear.

Fortunetly, the gods had been smiling down on the rebels that day, for the Legendaries soon arrived on the scene like that to a hero riding in his chariot of unnearing justice, the rebels were now set on teaching Archaic of the consequences of abusing innocent Moemon. Within a matter of hours the city had been leveled by the immense power of the combined Legendary Moemon, Archaic's forces began to crumble and dispearse allowing the rebels to pick them off while the remaining few stormed the stronghold of Serphim City to face the leader of Archaic (a man by the name of 'Zeus'). It would not be long after, when this leader was swiftly apprehended by the rebels and with his capture ushered in the dawn of peace through out the world...

Sadly, this peace came at a terrible cost, as did everything in these times, the world had all but been devastated by the holocausts of the Great War plus that of the Seraphim City Rebellion. Cities were in ruin, lands were laid waste to, communities were broken, and people were scarred and crippled not just physically but emotionally as well. Forever cursed to remember the bloodshed and misery of nothing but nonstop fighting and chaos. The wastes are riddled with crime and poverty, lawless humans and Moemon following their own set laws of nonexsitant justice as they plunder, pilage and kill to satisfy their neds for survival. The people call them 'Rouges' and for good reason. Many of the humans have now turned their sights on a new type of government that is slowly taking shape, one that promises to grant both Human and Moemon freedom, safety and most of all relief from these horrid times. Others however fear it is another Archaic coming from the ashes to take the world in their death grip once more, these factions have alreay taken up arms and lay ready to strike this mysterious government down if they even think of pulling the same trechory as Archaic. It would seem that even though the wars and such are over, the world is still a turbulent storm of misery and bloodshed...

However, there are a few determined souls who refuse to give in and grow stagnant on this ruined earth. These spirited humans rise up to seek out the one Moemon that maybe able to reverse all that has happened, a Moemon that is said to be beyond Legendary status and in a class all her own. Alas she is as elusive as she is powerful so much so that she wasn't even present during the Seraphim Rebellion.

Even so, many still believe she still exists somewhere with in this world, and if they do happen to find her...the scarred and wounded earth can finally have the healing it yerns for...



oh wowie, it's a gussy keniji! and the thing you posted is sooper cool! :3 are we all gonna die from the moe? :3


did i kill it with fire? :[

hmm, if i'm not feeling lazy later maybe i'll post my story. :\


Hai gais.

So I was at this park, right- *gets shot*

*hem* So I'm starting at this school, right, so I'll be writing pretty much this entire year. Some of that iceberg will be in English (like 30%-ish maybe?) and I'll be publishing that at my newly-revived home page (which in the past was home to my project work in school, btw) for general enjoyment and merriment. Hoo-raah.

So click the little WWW tab in the bottom of this message and you'll pretty much be quite fine, yeah.

Publishing will most likely start around September-ish. Hang in 'til then.

//Demon Overlord


.......maybe i'll get bored and post my stuff from short story class. :\



I wrote some stuff yesterday, I might try translating that.



oh yeah, swedish.....

srry. ^^;



While I'm at it, I might mention that I blatantly and shamelessly stole Smokey and Vdb's characters from RP2 and made (not written yet) a short story about it.

Such a man I am. -w-;


.......don't talk like that. it only makes you hotter. ^_~

meeh, my short story class is no exactly like i pictured....i figured we'd be writing, not just analyzing.

on that note, do one's self a favor and go read terry bison's "they're made out of meat". sure, i didn't write it, but it's good anyway.

Aurora Borealis

I feel your pain, Chocofreak. In my English classes in high school, I was disappointed that I didn't get to do any creative assignments- it was just analyzing stuff and writing essays (the latter of which I'm terrible at).

But in my senior year I took a creative writing class and it was great! :D

Please do share your works when you can, Chocofreak and Nejin!


I'll make sure to update here whenever I get new english works on my website, then. Just clicky on the little buttony.


my teach says we WILL write stuff eventually......
and that fiction writing class i took my freshman year was one of the best classes ever. got a d, but it was AWESOME.



The Prologue to my fantasy epic, Everwinter (upon which world the second and third RP's are based) is now published on my site.

Also ITT criticism, kthx.



ugh, jeebus! kinda strange coming from THE KING OF OT.

fine, next time i'm on i'll post the back story of a couple characters i made. happy? >:\

i was gonna do my creative writing assignment on them, anyway.