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...And now, chapter 6 of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 6: Doomsday Weapon P.O.S.

The next morning, the group was sitting in the living room of their base; with Rodney giving them a briefing on their mission.

Rodney: All right; I've determined the location of Adam's Fortress. Would you believe the entrance to it happens to be that shack we saw in the woods earlier?

Sara: If only we knew that, than we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble

Rodney: Oh least we know where to go from here. Make sure you have everything needed before we leave; there's no telling what we might run into once we're inside

James: What could possibly be hiding inside a little shack?

Rodney: I know a lot about the common designs of a villain's stronghold; typically, the main portion of it is underground with something easily overlooked on the surface to serve as an entrance

James: How do you know this?

Rodney: After going on several adventures over the years, you tend to become genre savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. Now, is everybody ready to go?

James: I have both Boomerang Blades by my side and ready to go

Sara: I'm never without my mallet, aren't I?

Rodney: All right; let us march toward out final battle. For 2k-tan!

James: For the world's sanity!

Sara: For an epic final battle!

Rodney then lead the group back outside as they slowly and dramatically made their way back to the woods where they saw the shack; noticing a strange absence of the sanity-sucking robots as they made the long trek. Once they arrived, the proceeded to go inside the shack; finding a staircase leading down into a large room with steel walls, bare concrete floors, and some random machines of unknown purpose. They carefully made their way down the stairs, in case Adam had set a trap for them, but found that they where just being a little paranoid about things; of course, when you're invading the villain's stronghold, it usually pays to be a little paranoid about things like traps. Once they reached the bottom, they walked through a gate and the main room, when they heard the booming voice of Adam overhead.

Adam (On PA system): I see you've managed to find my secret base...a little quicker than I expected, though; I didn't even have a chance to setup any of those challenges I mentioned earlier

Sara: Why don't you come out and fight us?

Adam (On PA system): Don't you know? It's law that the villain has to wait for the heroes to come to him for a battle

Rodney: Why did you call back your army of sanity-sucking robots, anyway?

Adam (On PA system): They needed their batteries recharged. Those rechargeable 9V batteries just aren't cutting it...

Rodney: Why didn't you use a bigger battery?

Adam (On PA system): I didn't have enough money left after everything else I added to them. Do you realize how expensive building your own robots can be?

James: How did you even get the money to build them in the first place?

Adam (On PA system): Let's stop with the Q&A session for now; I'm sure Mary is getting tired of waiting on you in the next room

With that, he turned off the PA system, as the group makes their way across the room and through another doorway; into a room just as plain as the one they left, except Mary was waiting for them in this one.

Mary: So, you've finally arrived. In fact, you're just in time to see the opening of that box I stole from you

Rodney: You're mad; there's no telling what could be inside

Mary: I know exactly what's in here; it's a powerful device known as Doomsday Weapon P.O.S., which I'll use to overthrow any resistance groups against Adam's master plan.

Sara: With that kind of power, why don't you just turn on him and take the world for yourself?

Mary: I never though about it, actually; it seems like it'd be easy to do...but with that point aside, I'll open the box. First, let's bring in 2k so she can witness the fall of her beloved Director...

With a snap of her fingers, a panel on the wall slid open; revealing 2k-tan, who was tied to a chair.

Rodney: Are you ok?

2k-tan (with a laugh): I'm fine; just a little tied up at the moment...

Mary: Now, I will open this box, and using its contents, I shall kill you where you stand, Director

Using her dagger, she carefully broke the seal on the box and lifted up two of the flaps; packing peanuts flying everywhere as an eerie green light emits from inside. As she reached down into the box, she grabbed hold of the doomsday weapon and began to dramatically pull it out.

Mary: Prepare to meet your doom...

As she looked in her hand, she quickly took notice that what was in her hands was something she wouldn't have expected; a copy of Bubsy 3D for the original PlayStation with a glow stick taped to the back of the case. Frantically, she began to dig through the box, finding nothing but packing peanuts.

Mary: ...This has to be a joke; where's the real doomsday weapon?

2k-tan: That is Doomsday Weapon P.O.S.; a game that happens to be a piece of...crap

Mary: So you knew what its contents where this whole time?

2k-tan: Of course; this was actually part of a master plan. What I did was swap the real box with a decoy while you weren't looking; while hiding the real one in a place inside the Magic Bus that I knew you could never access

Mary:'ve been tied up this whole time; how could you have done this.

2k-tan: It's easy; you apparently don't know how to make your knots tight enough, so I was able to easily loosen it, slip free, put my plan into motion, and then tie myself up again. In fact, I'll demonstrate now...

She then loosened up the rope enough to the point it fell to her feet, as she stood up and walked toward the group

2k-tan: Well, it looks like your plans have fallen apart

Mary: I give; you're good at this!

2k-tan: Of course; there where so many gaping flaws in your plans that it made my plans that much easier to complete

Mary: I'm out of here; Adam awaits you in the next room

She then ran out of the door; as the 4 that remained stood there for a moment.

2k-tan: What; no battle or anything?

Rodney: How did you manage to get captured by someone like that, anyway?

2k-tan: She captured me while I was sleeping; using the Magic Bus to bring me to this universe. If I had been awake, she likely would have opened the real box...whatever it contains

Rodney: Well, all that's left to do is fight Adam. You have your sword, right?

2k-tan: Of course

Rodney: All right; care to join us for the final battle?

2k-tan: You don't have to ask me twice

James: The more the merrier, right? Now let's go kick Adam's butt!

The group then walks through yet another doorway, finding themselves in another room just as plain and boring as before; however, this one was completely empty aside from a lone speaker for the PA system...

Next time, the epic final battle with Adam


Here we go, with the 2nd-to-last chapter of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 7: The Epic Final Battle

Sara: Did Adam get scared and hide somewhere?

Adam (On PA system): Give me a few minutes; I'm not ready for the battle yet. I expected Mary to hold you off a lot longer than she did...

James: What should we do in the meantime?

Adam (On PA system): I could force you to watch cheesy movies; the worst I can find...but I don't have a projector in there, so that won't work. I'll be there in about 5 minutes, and then our dramatic pre-battle speech can get underway

With that, the speaker turned off; as the 4 began to talk amongst themselves while waiting for their foe to arrive.

Rodney: This guy didn't think his plan through very well

2k-tan: Obviously; he makes Team Rocket seem like competent foes

James: That's Adam for you; he's not that great when it comes to strategic thinking, although he is pretty good at building things

Sara: Although, he should really use bigger batteries in his robots

Rodney: Yeah; it doesn't make his sanity-sucking robots very threatening when they can't leave town because of their batteries. Anyway, I think I hear him coming; get your weapons ready.

The group then turns around to find Adam walking in through the door; with twin short swords strapped to his back.

Adam: So, you managed to make it this far and catch me off-guard...but, this will be the end of the line. Once you 4 are eliminated, my plan to rid the world of sanity can continue

Sara: How do you plan on doing that when your robots are powered by 9V batteries?

Adam: I'll work those details out later, but for now, I'll focus on defeating you. Any last words before we begin?

2k-tan: Don't expect me to go easy on you

Sara: You're going down, clown

James: Prepare to be defeated!

Rodney: Couldn't you come up with something more creative?

James: What's wrong with "prepare to be defeated"?

Rodney: I've heard it said way too many times during my journeys...

Adam: Anyway, let us begin

He then unsheathes his twin swords and assumed a fighting stance, as everybody else withdrew their weapons and prepared for battle. The group than rushed toward Adam, as he began to rush toward them; the 5 meeting in the middle of the room as they began to exchange blows. While Sara and her group where putting up a good fight, Adam was still effortlessly blocking all their attacks like they where nothing.

Adam: It's going to take more than this to defeat me

James: You're right

He, and the rest of the group, then stepped back as he threw his Boomerang Blade with great force; which cut the arm of the jacket Adam was wearing.

James: Now this is more like it

In rage, Adam rushed toward James to attack him head on, when he felt someone tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Rodney standing behind him.

Rodney: I'm distracting you so she can punch you

After hearing this, Adam turned around; only to be greeted by the fist of 2k-tan delivered straight to his face, which knocked him off his feet and caused him to drop his swords. As he tried to get back up, he was quickly pinned down by Sara; who put her foot on top of his chest in triumph.

Sara: I expected better from you

Adam: If you want better, than I'll show you what I can really do

He then grabbed her leg and proceeded to effortlessly throw her aside; as she slammed into a wall and was knocked out. Picking his swords back up, he then prepared to continue the fight.

Adam: The same tricks won't work a second time; so you better think of a new plan

Rodney: I think we already have one. Let's go

James and 2k-tan proceeded to quickly and effortlessly disarm him with well-placed blows using their weapons, as Rodney casually walked toward his foe.

Rodney: This is where you lose the battle, because you are a madman, whereas I am a man!

He then delivered a swift gut punch to Adam; instantly knocking him out.

Rodney: Well, that was easy

2k-tan: You had to do the "I am a man" punch while you still look like Linkara, didn't you?

Rodney: Of course; I couldn't pass an opportunity like that up. Now, let's deactivate those sanity-sucking robots and finish things up

The group (With James carrying Sara, who was still knocked out) then walks out of the room, back into the main area, and then into a room on the eastern side of the building; where all the sanity-sucking robots where still docked and charging. In a stroke of convenience, all the docking stations where networked to a big red button in front of 2k-tan, with "Deactivate robots and restore order" written in friendly letters.

2k-tan: This is way too easy; how did we go from saving the Multiverse from a complete monster to dealing with someone like this?

Rodney: It's a break from the norm, at least; not many would think of ridding the world of sanity. Speaking of, why did he even want to do that?

James: There's no telling with that guy; trying to figure out his motives is like trying to understand why Red Hat Linux is so popular

Rodney: To be fair, the successor to Red Hat is actually quite nice...but you have a year to go before it's released

2k-tan: I'll push the button

She then pressed the button; which caused the charge lights on top of the robots to turn off, as a sparkly golden wave began to radiate from the center of the room outward, which happened to cause Rodney to turn back into his normal form and restored his control over his transformation powers.

Rodney: Well, that solves the problems with my transformation powers. Now, to find my Magic Bus...

2k-tan: I think I know where it is; Mary didn't have me blindfolded or even take my glasses away, so I was able to get an idea of the layout

Rodney: All right; lead the way

She then led the group to a hallway on the northern end of the building; where, at the end, they saw none other than the Magic Bus waiting for them; it being big, dark blue, and bus-like.

James: So this is the magic bus you've been talking about...

Rodney: Yeah. It's cool, isn't it?

James: I think a zeppelin would be cooler; it's more out-of-the-ordinary than a bus

Rodney: But, a bus can blend in better with its surroundings then a zeppelin; it doesn't attract as much attention to itself

James: That's true, I guess

The group then climbs aboard the bus, as Rodney and 2k-tan begin to set everything up to return to the base, while James sets Sara down on the couch; taking note of how the inside of the bus felt like a house in terms of size.

James: Is it just me, or is this bus bigger on the inside?

Rodney: Yes it is; in a way, it's like the TARDIS

James: Cool. How quick can this thing travel?

Rodney: With as short of a distance as we have to go, almost instantly. Hang on; we're going now

He then pressed a glowing green button on the 50-button console; which activated the bus and transported them back to the base in less than a second.

Rodney: We're here

James: It's that quick?

Rodney: Yes it is. Just look outside...

Doing so, James peaks out the door; finding himself outside of his house, with barely any time having passed since they left Adam's fortress.

James: If you have this advanced of technology in your time, do flying cars exist as well?

2k-tan: They haven't even made a prototype yet; it probably won't happen for several years

James: That sucks...anyway; want to come inside for a while?

Rodney: I don't see why not; we can hang around a little longer

Next time, TOI draws to a close as the cardboard box opens, with a serving of mood whiplash to setup for the sequel


Here we are with the final chapter of Tales of Insanity. It's much shorter than the previous chapter, but it helps to setup for the opening of the sequel.

QuoteFinal Chapter: The Cardboard Box Opens

A few hours later, Sara woke up; finding herself in James' living room, as he was carrying on a conversation with Rodney and 2k-tan.

James: I see you're finally awake; you where out cold

Sara: I assume we beat Adam, right?

James: Yeah; 2k and I disarmed him with ease, while Rodney took him down with a powerful gut punch

Rodney: Not a gut punch, but the "I am a man" Punch; it's completely different

James: Is that kind of like the Falcon Punch?

Rodney: A little bit

James: Cool...

Sara: Anyway, what about the cardboard box you came here to give us?

2k-tan: I have it right here

She then gets up, picks up a cardboard box from beside her seat, and then brings it over to James and Sara.

Sara: What do you think is inside?

James: It's a Gamecube; it has to be

Sara: It can't be that; the box is too small

James: Why don't we open it and see what's really inside?

Sara: All right; I'll open it

In a quick motion, she ripped through the thin Scotch tape holding the flaps down and then began to slowly open them. Inside the box, they found a strange device; about the size of a cell phone, but with no buttons on it. Although they, nor Rodney, knew what it was, 2k-tan instantly recognized it and quickly tried to get it away from the two.

2k-tan: It's a trap! Drop it now!

However, it was too late, as James somehow triggered the device; causing him to be turned to stone instantly, as Sara watched with a look of both shock and confusion on her face.

Sara: What just happened?

2k-tan: He just triggered a specially-crafted device designed to turn one to stone when enough pressure is applied. It's a piece of technology from my world, used only by a certain person, which; it can't be her

She quickly rushed toward the cardboard box the device was inside of; finding a note inside. Upon reading it, her face went deathly pale as she realized what was going on. Being concerned, Rodney tried to consult her.

Rodney: What's going on? What does the note say?

2k-tan (nearly emotionless): ...It's an end-of-life notice; she's out to kill me. That device was intended for me, but it instead fell into innocent hands

Rodney: Who's out to kill you?

2k-tan (nearly crying): I'm sorry, but I can't let you get involved with this; she'll kill you as well. Farewell, Rodney...

With tears in her eyes, she quickly left the room, dropping the note accidentally, as she went out the front door and began to run away into the darkness of night and the heavy rain; trying to get as far away from that house as possible for everyone else's safety.

To be continued...

The next story in the Director Who saga is End of the Millennium, which I'm currently writing. However, before I upload the first chapter, I'll take a break from the saga for a while to focus on some other, unrelated stories.

Cliffhanger ending, yo


Taking a break from the Director Who saga, I've decided to start uploading my trilogy of Disgaea short stories. So kick back, because The Disgaea Logbook: Part 1: Penti-chan vs. the War Pigs starts now

QuoteI am Pentium; a Star Mage, who was a Prinny in a past life, and the fourth member of Mikuru's Magical Trio (Which she refuses to change the name of; even if Magical Quartet would make a lot more sense now). It's taken some getting used to, having turned into a girl thanks to some technical difficulties during the reincarnation process, but I've gotten used to it; thankfully, Crystal and Flonne where there to help me along the way as I got used to no longer exploding when thrown (Which was quite annoying and also very painful), among other things.

It was a fairly normal day around the castle, until we where finally given a new mission; which everybody proceeded to load up on supplies and went out onto the battlefield. It all began as any other mission before it; we where sent in to defeat all the enemies in the area as quickly as possible. However, what waited for us was quite possibly our hardest battle to date; as an army of monsters where camping on spots effected by the Geo Spheres, giving them healing powers and high defense. Mikuru lead us into battle, following closely behind Laharl and his group, as we began to dish out all our best attacks to try and deal with the foes that stood before us. However, they shrugged everything off; even my most powerful spell at the moment, Giga Star, would barely scratch them. We continued to fight anyway; as all of us would direct all our attacks at one single target to take them down, which worked pretty well early on.

Although we had worked out a strategy to take them down, our problems where only just starting to begin. By the time we got to the 9th one, we found it was much stronger than the ones we took out earlier; it seemed like only Crystal could damage it, as any magic we threw at it would bounce off; it wouldn't even so much as scratch it. We did finally defeat it, as Laharl unfortunately was defeated in the process; with command being turned over to Crystal. Her very first order under command was to send Etna to destroy the Geo Spheres; allowing us a better chance. Meanwhile, the rest of us hung back; trying to make the most of what little supplies we had left. We seemed to wait forever; as I was starting to feel weak from having used so much of my power. Because we has run out of items, Mikuru gave the order for us to limit ourselves for the rest of the fight to nothing more than our Mega-level spells; to help conserve our energy, since this fight was far from over.

While a good idea to keep from getting worn out too fast, it wasn't such a good idea on the grounds that our attacks would now rarely, if ever, affect our foes. After what felt like forever, Etna took out the last of the Geo Spheres, as we began to take down the last 3 monsters. Since the attacks from Crystal and Etna where able to hit for their normal damage, things began to turn around...although, our magic was still ineffective. Because they could only attack so many at a time, things where going very slowly; as I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and unleash a Giga Star once more in an effort to deal some decent damage, regardless of disobeying orders. While I did deal a heavy amount of damage to the monster, that last attack took a lot out of me; as I collapsed from exhaustion. As I lay there on the grass, feeling the weakest I've ever felt, barely able to move, I began to think back to when I was still a Prinny; how things seemed simpler back then...which lead me to wondering if I made the right decision to go through reincarnation to become a specialist in Star magic.

As Etna defeated the last of the monsters, our mission was finally over. Because I didn't have the strength to stand on my own, Crystal had to carry me back to the castle; taking me straight to bed once we arrived, so I could get the rest I needed after the crazy stunt I pulled. After a good night's sleep, I was finally back to normal; ready for whatever might come our way next.

Next time, part 2 of the trilogy


I'm beginning to think I've taken over this topic ^_^;;

Anyway, here is The Disgaea Logbook: Part 2: Breaking Into Heaven

QuoteYes, it's Pentium once again. Remember how last time, I mentioned how hard that battle against a group of monsters was? Well, it's a lot rougher now, as our group ventures into Celestia, so that Flonne can speak with the Seraph to figure out what's been going on as of late; with the sight of angels, her own kind, aiding the Earth Defense Force in trying to kill everyone in the Netherworld. However, we weren't going to receive an audience with him so easily; as Volcanus, a high-ranking angel who summoned powerful demons to try and stop us earlier, has brought forth an even more powerful army of angels to take us down, while he wait atop a spiraling staircase.

After we regrouped back at the castle, we ventured back into Celestia for our next battle; which was much, much harder than that battle against those assorted monsters that I talked about last time. Upon arrival, we saw an army of angels waiting for us; as, before we're even ready, they begin to barrage us with powerful magical attacks. In their first wave, Captain Falcon went down; as Laharl, Crystal, Pit (Our gunman), and I began our counterattack, using our heaviest attacks to try and knock down as many of them as possible.

Through a group effort, we managed to take down most of the first wave; as Mikuru and the rest of the Magical Trio came to aid us. Before we had even finished off the first wave, the second one was charging in not far behind; as we continued out strategy. Unfortunately, Peach (Our healer) and the rest of the Magical Trio where defeated, while the rest of us continued to fend off the invasion. From constantly using my powers without rest, I was starting to feel weak; thankfully, Dood (A Prinny, and one of my good friends; whom I've known for years) was there to give me the items needed to keep going. Once we finished off the last wave, all that was left was Volcanus himself; as he slowly began to descend from the top of the staircase to do what his henchmen failed to do.

Before charging toward him, we began to pass around the last of the healing items between each other; our numbers having been cut in half by our foes, with the only ones remaining are myself, Laharl, Crystal, Dood, and Pit. Once ready, we ran up the stairs to engage him in battle; as Crystal and Pit delivered the first blows to him. As he prepared to counterattack, the rest of us where able to get up there and join in with the attacking; as Pit, Dood, and I attacked from long range, while Laharl and Crystal got in close range to unleash their most devastating attacks. Unfortunately, Volcanus was able to get over to Pit and finish him off in one swift blow; as the rest of us began to concentrate all our effort on defeating this powerful foe before he can do the same to us.

We fought hard, but thankfully, we where able to finish him off. We thought that would be it; we've defeated him, so now all that's left is for Flonne to speak with the Seraph...but how wrong we where; as Volcanus was able to get back up after the pounding he received, and then went into the next room to tell the Seraph what happened in an effort to get him to engage us in battle, hoping that both sides will die in the conflict so that he, Volcanus, can succeed in becoming a god.

The battle is far from over, and it's about to get a whole lot worse than it already is...

Next time, the conclusion


Just to prove that I'm still working on Iter Tempus, here's the first part of Chapter 9:


Leopard always felt a twinge of paranoia when dealing with people from the past – the possibility that she stood out in behavior or appearance, or otherwise commanded the wrong sort of attention, was a fear that often lingered in her mind. But there was no second-guessing PDP-chan's intentions – she obviously just wanted Leopard to be her friend.

PDP hadn't released Leopard's hand from her grip since she had towed her from the Lab; likewise, her strong pull hadn't eased a bit. If anything, it had become even more forceful, as if the Barta Building was some great magnet to which PDP was attracted. "Oooh, I just can't wait to show you mommy's house," she even exclaimed at one point, "and I'm sure they'll be happy to meet you!"

"They?" Leopard asked, "Someone other than your mom lives at your place?"

The girl looked back and grinned. "Like I said, mommy's." This statement made little sense to Leopard, so little in fact she'd consider it a non-sequitur, something she perhaps incorrectly attributed to PDP's apparent young age. "I wish you could meet more of my family," she sighed, "You would like them too."

"I would?" Leopard was curious, even if she wasn't sure she'd get any coherent answers. At least it succeeded at slowing PDP to a more matchable pace – she couldn't talk at length and jog at the same time.

"Mhmm," PDP replied,  "There's my younger sister Tessa ... well her human-given name is CTSS, but mom calls her Tessa ... she works for MIT as a teacher. Actually, I first met your friend when he was working for her."

"My friend? You mean Selectric?"

"Yep!" She pressed her finger to her chin and thought, "Tessa's also Multics' mom, but I don't like her very much ... she never wants to play with me, instead she invites me to tea parties and stuff. It's so boring."

Leopard recoiled in surprise – "You're related to Multics?"

"That's what everyone says," She rolled her eyes a bit, "but I wouldn't be surprised if she was adopted."

Before Leopard's mind could digest the thought of the noblewoman and the scrappy little tyke leading her by the arm through Cambridge being related, she launched into another monologue about her family. "Then there's Gina, she's my older sister. She's really cool, I guess, but she doesn't like me," for the first time since Leopard met her, she frowned; that forlorn expression caused pangs of sympathy to prickle at her. "It's not bad," PDP added, picking up on the look of gloom in her friend's face, "She's just jealous because I get to stay here with my family and she can't."

Leopard hesitated to ask for more details, but the girl seemed open about herself and far less likely to be offended than an adult might be. "Why not?"

"She's an officer in the Air Force and travels all around the country for her job ... she's been gone ever since before I was born. We've only ever been together a few times ..." This wasn't making Leopard feel better at all, quite the opposite in fact – maybe PDP's life wasn't as carefree and merry as she had first assumed.

PDP jabbed Leopard in the side with one finger, jarring her from her piteous thoughts. "Stop Looking so sad, Leopard." she scowled.

"Sorry PDP –" Leopard replied with a small blush, her brain frenetically searching for a way to change the subject, "Uh – I mean – wait, you never did tell me what name your mom gave you, did you?" 

"I didn't. My name's Penelope," she grasped Leopard's hand and gestured for her to shake it, "And you are ... ?"

Leopard tilted her head a bit – "I'm Leopard."

"Nuh-uh, I asked for your real name, not your human-given name. Did your mom not give you one?"

She shook her head no; her mother, Rhapsody, had done many things for her children, but the job of assigning names had always been left to corporate management.

"Hmm, Leopard, Leopard, Leopard ..." PDP pondered her moniker, "Leona, maybe? Yes, I think that would work best ... you'll be Miss Leona!"

"Aw, thank you!" Heart warmed by the young girl's caring nature, she smiled and ruffled her whispy blonde hair. "It's a pretty name."

PDP smiled that million-watt grin of hers' and returned the gesture – or at least tried, the farthest she could reach was halfway up Leopard's back – before her attention turned to her surroundings. "Oh, here we are!" she proclaimed, the excitement audible in her voice as she pointed to a humble looking brick structure across the street from them; waiting for the road to clear of cars, she lead Leopard across to the building.

Climbing a few stairs and into a small alcove, she produced a key from her pocket and opened the door to an uninhabited lobby. "Mommy's office is down here, but I don't think anyone's around right now." PDP explained, pulling Leopard forward up a staircase, "Mommy, mommmmmy, I'm home and I've brought a friend!" she called out as she approached a lone entrance at the top of the landing.

A somewhat cross-looking tawny-haired woman in a blue gingham-pattern nurse's dress and white hat opened the door, and and enthusiastic little dog came tumbling out, frolicking and yapping at its young owner and Leopard. "Mommy!" PDP cried, brushing past the puppy and leaping into her barely-prepared mother's arms, "This is my new friend, Miss Leona!"

"Pe-Penny," the woman replied, wobbling a bit before she regained her equilibrium, "Keep it down, okay? Your mother's trying to get some rest."

Leopard's eyes darted, confused, from PDP to the nurse – If her mother's not here, how come she called this woman momm – Ohhhhh, she almost blushed when the realization hit her, it was such a silly and close-minded mistake for her to make. PDP doesn't have one mom – she has two.

"But she was awake when I left," she pouted, "I thought you said you were going to make sure she didn't fall asleep?"

"She was too tired," the woman kissed PDP's cheek and returned her to the ground, "But I'm sure she'll be up again soon. She has to take her medicine in a little bit anyway," she said, peering at her wristwatch.

"Fine," she sulked away from her mom and tugged on the hem of Leopard's dress, her expression dejected, "I guess we'll have to find something else to do until mom's not sleeping anymore."

The nurse patted PDP's head. "How about you show her some of your drawings while you wait? I'll bring you and your friend some cookies in the meantime," she smiled and disappeared behind a door.

"My drawings aren't very good, at least not compared to mommy's," she gestured at a flawlessly rendered sketch of a park landscape hanging framed on the wall, "but that's okay, I have my music."


I... don't really know where I'm going to go from here, probably heartbreaking Whirlwind - PDP-1 - Leopard-tan interactions or something.




Good to see others post in here :3

Anyway, here is The Disgaea Logbook: Part 3: Die Young. For the curious, yes; I did, in fact, have a theme going with Black Sabbath songs \m/

It's Pentium once more; telling the rest of the tale of my final battle.

Following the defeat of Volcanus, we where able to get Flonne to Lamington, the Seraph, so she could finally ask her question. After an explanation as to what's going on, along with the satisfaction of seeing Volcanus being turned into a flower as punishment, we though our journey was over...but then, because of the sins that she committed, Flonne was also punished; being turned into a flower as well. In rage, Laharl brandished his sword and came charging at Lamington; leading the rest of us into our final battle, as the Seraph prepared to strike down any foe who dares to come his way.

He was more powerful than any foe we've ever seen; teleporting across the field and dishing out heavy damage. I wasn't expecting our final battle to be easy, but this was more than I expected. To start things off, Crystal had Laharl throw her into close range so she could start to weaken him, while the rest of us took down the angels that where supporting him...although, the question remained over who some of them where really supporting; as there where a few who seemed to be helping us with their healing powers.

Once the regular angels where taken case of, having lost Laharl and Etna in the process, those of us who remained began to concentrate all our attacks on Lamington; throwing off all our best attacks. As it wore on, we lost Mikuru, Pit, and Dood, while the rest of us where struggling to keep going; I was nearing the point of collapsing from exhaustion from overuse of Omega Star, but I had to keep pushing on, even if it killed me.

After suffering a near-fatal blow, Haruhi managed to keep going, getting in a solid hit with Omega Wind that weakened him greatly. Then, I proceeded to cast Giga Star to finish him off; pouring all my strength, my anger, and my sorrows into one final attack to ensure that he'd regret what he did to Flonne. The attack took him down with ease, but I had pushed myself way too far and suffered the consequences, as I blacked out; barely alive.

I later woke up back in the castle, and for a while, I honestly though I had died when I saw Flonne was sitting in a chair next to my bed; wearing red instead of blue, like usual. However, Crystal filled me in on what happened while I was knocked out; letting me know that Flonne did survive, and had become a Fallen Angel as her punishment. Barely able to contain my excitement, I flew out of the bed and proceeded to hug her; knowing that I didn't lose a friend in that final battle.

After the hell I've been through with these past few fights, I feel that I can finally rest easy...although, Crystal and I have talked about going to this small town called Holt, just to see what's there...

I'll likely post some other short story next time, since I'm not quite ready to start posting the sequel to TOI


For the hell of it, here's one of my most random stories in years; a Doctor Who-related story called Randomness: Ultimate Crossover: Tomb of the Cybermen Naked Ant: Super Special Awesome Better than Torchwood Edition

QuoteI had this weird dream last night. It started like any other episode of Doctor Who...until they saw a pack of Teletubbies being chased by Daleks as Englishmen turn into Scotsmen without any explanation (Which Torchwood started investigating shortly after, but who cares about them anyway?). Things get weirder as all of the past incarnations of the Doctor all came to the same spot for unknown reasons.

In their quest to return order, they are joined by Luxury Yacht (Pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove"), the "It's" man, the Gumbies, and Dennis Moore, who aid the 11 Doctors in learning the legendary Silly Walk, which will restore the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff being restored, separating the worlds by going "ding" when there's stuff.

The morel of the story is: where there's smoke, they pinch back!


"Miss Cupertino's nightmare continues...": ShowHide

Unknown location, unknown time, UTC :: Closed Space

This place is

Leopard was scarcely aware of what was going on anymore. She was fairly certain, from what she had managed to pick up the times Bee appeared and talked to her tormentor, that they had taken the Device from her and were trying to figure out how to use it - but how they were going to find anything out from her without even letting her think, not to mention speak, was a mystery to her. She didn't even notice what Witch was doing - at first, it had been simple...
Her thoughts trailed off as she brought the memory to mind. It hadn't been simple, of course. But the term was. Rape.
As a primarily non-biological entity, the concept was more than just a bit foreign to her - true, there had been rumors, debates and assumptions about the capabilities of the human traits in their bodies, but personally she had never really reflected upon it all too much. Certainly not with her sheltered upbringing, until she acquired the Device that late October night in '07; and after that, she had certainly been harried around enough, by Unix and others, to be most lacking in the department of time to think. Oh, the irony.

The strange magic Witch had used to force her conscious throughout had elapsed after some time - how long, Leopard couldn't tell, nor how long it had been since then. But even then, she hadn't been able to fully withdraw herself into her shell - her senses were just muddied and blurred, possibly simply from overloading for an extended period of time. Since then, Witch had been doing something else. She could tell this, at least, simply due to the fact that the muffled nerve ends transmitting to her weren't around her nether regions, tail, chest, or anywhere else where Witch had been particularly passionate in her assault; rather, she thought it was somewhere along her back. Spine, possibly.


She thought about this for a moment - longer than normally for the same conclusion, given her present state of mind - and started to shape together a conclusion in her head. A very unnerving conclusion.
Is she trying to hack into my source code?

The statement, the idea, was just ridiculous in its impossibility.
Then again, so was any number of things the woman had done. To her. And she had all reason to be worried about whatever it was Witch was doing - she was certain to be up to something, now that Leopard was comfortably out of the game.
This isn't good. At all. Oh, mother of all code...
She tried to bring up some sort of security measures inside her body - of course, it didn't work. She was much too tired, too out of it - there was nothing she could do. Nothing she could do anyway, bound and strapped in place as she was. She had even stopped feeling the straps, she realized - it was almost as if they weren't even there. She could barely feel - no, not even barely, it was all gone now - the light, muffled sensation of Witch' hands doing whatever she was doing to her. She felt nothing. At all. Nothing but the cold, slightly worn, sheets of the bed she was lying on. Slightly worn, with a small hole right where her left shoulder was.

Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense. If I'm not feeling anything, how can I be-


He was panting slightly even now, finishing up the disconnection process - moving in here was hard, and breathing more so - but he had to keep up. Going into Closed Space was, to a human, like simultaneously being in a giant fish tank and climbing a 6000 meter peak. Hard to move, hard to breathe. Good thing I kept off smoking or I would've choked, ha. And the oxygen mask is actually coming in handy, for once.

Looking to the bed beside him, the girl was starting to wake up. Good. Winston - or at least that was what she had called herself, but he was much less sure about it now - was still out cold, but he was beginning to feel the stress coming on. She would be waking up soon.
However, he was one step ahead - and so, as well, was the girl. She was moaning loudly as she raised herself from the bed, sitting up and cradling her head. Someone's feeling hungover, I guess. Or, well. Close enough.

He turned around for a second, trying not to care about the fact that she was stark naked. It was hard. Regardless, he spoke. "Вставай, иди быстро! Мы должны выбраться отсюда."

Slowly, she lifted her head and looked at him. If she had been out of it before, she was more than that now - totally, absolutely dumbstruck. He realized his errors, and removed the mask from his face - hoping he wouldn't fare too bad without the oxygen.
"Get up. We must get away from here, before that one wakes. Hurry!"











"Nejin P. Onywa writes, madness ensues": ShowHide


It had started as nightmares.
Ironic, that We shall experience such phenomena, Princess Luna mused. It was not so much that the dreams themselves scared her - she was hardly that age of filly, or a filly at all for that matter - but they did cause heavy disturbances to her sleep cycle when they came - which, truthfully, always had been an odd one to most others, nocturnal as she was. And as time went by the equation had toppled over into the area of the spectrum that was "when they didn't come"; which this last week had gone all the way down to never. As so, she had slowly descended into an extreme state of sleep-deprivation and constant tiredness, and her duties in the Court had suffered.
She had tried various methods to combat the dreams, but to no avail. Eventually, she had taken it up with the one pony who might possibly have some answers she didn't; her sister. Her sister, who, in a surprising show of exasperation, had dived into parts of the Royal Library that even Luna herself hadn't yet gone through, and come up with something that should be able to solve her problems. Apparently. Oh, stars and galaxies, my head feels like one of those strange, mushy "pancake" things the cooks serve up. Floppy, flabby, flattened and covered in jam. It was quite true, for once, since the amount of sugar and caffeine she used to support her collapsing mind - amounts almost on par with what the Element of Laughter consumed, apparently - made this metaphor not so far-off as it normally would've been.

It was well past dinner, and she had - with considerable difficulty - woken up, done a (somewhat sloppy) arrangement of the night sky, and gone down to gorge herself on unhealthy foodstuffs for an hour straight. Once she had worked up some energy - or at least, replenished what she could of it - she went to see her sister, in hopes that her "The Truth According To Celestia" package for once contained what it advertised. In a manner of speaking. Heavens, why is it that our mind always wanders off so much more when we're this tired? It does not make the slightest shred of sense...
Gloomily, she opened the door to her sister's private chambers - and was met with a set of very strange equipment indeed. At least, strange for this time period - she wouldn't have been half as surprised to see it, had this been a few centuries before her banishment. But that was then, this was now. It made no sense to her sleep-deprived mind, and she sincerely doubted she could possibly have come very far even had her mental conditions been normal. And some of the equipment was positively ancient; which was probably the only part that made sense, at all. After all, nopony had, to the best of her extensive knowledge - and the archives of research done at the University of Canterlot, lists of which she had committed to memory quite thoroughly - dabbled in one such useless field as astral projection for well over fifteen centuries.


It had started as nightmares. At least, that was what her chambermaids called them.
Ha. Nightmares. I'm not scared of no dreams, or dream-horses, or horse-dreams, or any type of horse for that matter. I love horses! And anyone who tells me that's improper - or that I'm too small for anything bigger than a pony - needs a good whipping. Even better, whoever it was that made up the whole "night mare" thing, needs a good whipping. It's a stupid word. I should tell papa that. Then again, they might not be alive. It's a pretty old word, I think. Maybe Oxenstierna knows, he's usually good with nerdy stuff like that. If nothing else, he can probably make up a better word.

Note: Mostly, however, I have quite little idea on what I'm doing here as well. This is my, well, FIRST ATTEMPT at any kind of fanfiction, ever. Or fanfic proper, at least. /OSC/-verse doesn't count, really.

So anyway, plz share some thoughts on this now, and some more when it gets updated.