So... How should I put the OS-Tans here....

Started by kaineru, February 20, 2009, 12:19:16 am

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I'm making a second of my Aile Ark story (the first whih is stuck in my computer) though I wonder how should I enter them....



Current INFO (including the past Aile Ark):

What is Aile Ark?
Aile Ark is a sub of Beyond the Edge of Light stories, a crossover series of stories, but instead of a formed dimension using a cluster of worlds, the worlds are connected by dangerous dimensional interferances.

Aile Ark 1
Real World
Shin Getter Robo Armageddon
Gundam Seed
Gundam Wing
Ar Tonelico
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman Dyna
Ultraman Gaia
Shakugan No Shana
Kamen Rider Blade
Bubble Gum Crisis
Thousand Arms
Star Ocean : The Second Story
Elemental Gerad
Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Panic

Kaineru (Human/Lone Wolf)
Lyra Malice
Shin Kuromi
Mina Hanafuda
Tanaka Hitotsu (Kamen Rider Data(1st))
Kurama Taneda (Kamen Rider Data(2nd))
Stephen Zepheil (Kamen Rider OS)
-everyone from the OVA-
Gundam SEED(2ndHalf):
-everyone who appeared after the destrucion of ORB-
Gundam Wing
-everyone except Trieze who is only noted- <not part of the main story>
Don Leon
-appears after first half-
Daigo (Ultraman Tiga)
Asuka (Ultraman Dyna)
Gamu (Ultraman Gaia)
Hiroya (Ultraman Agul)
-only they appear, their allies are noted-
Shakugan No Shana:
-Only the above appears, Kasumi starts as a brainwashed antagonist calling herseld "Nightmare Haze"-
KR Blade:
Kenzaki (Kamen Rider Blade/2nd Joker)
-taken from the end of the series; Kamen Rider Blade's story has ended by then-
-everyone who appears in the anime-
Thousand Arms:
Nelsha <She is not part of the main story>
Star Ocean2:
Claude Kenni
Rena Landford
-appears after second part, based on Cluade Rena Epilouge; story of SO2 has ended by then-
Elemental Gerad:
-appears after second part, based on ending; story of EG has ended by then-
Cowboy Bebop:
Jet (Cameo)
-Taken from the end of the anime, Ed is now 20 years, taken a few years after the end of the anime; She now takes care of the Bebop (&Ein) and is a successull bounty hunter, Jet apperas as a minor apperance-
Full Metal PANIC:
-Added as a joke, he is not part of the main story-

Introduces the first Aile Ark phenomena, Kaineru (Still in human form), is called upon by several parties of powerful beings to stop the dangerous phenomena, he suceeds and stops the creation of an apocalyptic era.

Update2!!!!! <Because Aile Ark 1 is finished>
Aile Ark 2

Real World
Rozen Maiden
Tokyo Majin
Ga - Rei ~Zero~
Code Geass
Code Geass R2
Ultraman Max
OS-Tans (Troubled Windows)
Kamen Rider Decade
Neon Genesis Evengelion: The End of Evangelion
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Digimon (Series) *
Shakugan no Shana * //Returning//
Ar Tonelico * //Returning//

Kaineru (Vampire) -=Eyes=-
Shin-Rei/Sin Reign (Divine Contract Beast to Kaineru) -=Accompany Kai=-
Palsa -=Gaia=-
Midori -=Gaia=- //MC//
Edgewalker -=Gaia=-
Black Rose -=Gaia=-
Streavon -=Gaia=-
Gem -=Doujinstyle=- //MC//
Sen-Chan -=Doujinstyle=- //MC//
Asch -=Doujinstyle=-
Boo-chan (Alvi) -=MD=- //Returning// *
Shiro Murakami -=Takes Tsukasa's place as KR Decade=-
Avira-tan (Avira AV)
MD-tan (MD)
Kamen Rider Gears (Lelouch) -=Alternate Rider ver.=-
Rozen Maiden:
Barasuishou -=Similar to ECC, ressurected=-
Kirakishou -=Similar to ECC, trapped by Shinku=-
Shinku / (Alice) -=Similar to ECC, warped=-
Shinku -=From the Original=-
Suiseiseki -=From the Original=-
Kanaria (Pending) -=Mostly comic relief...=-
Hina Ichigo -=Alternate, brave non-childish version=- //She's supposed to be dead anyways//
Souseiseki -=Alternate, very feminine version=- //She's also supposed to be dead too//
Suigintou -=Alternate, takes Shinku's place=-
Kamen Rider Decade:
Shiro Murakami / Kamen Rider Decade -=Alternate, the decade here is Shiro Murakami=- //the series is not over as of yet// -Though the story of Kamen Rider Decade is not complete yet, this character will figure in the main storyline.-
Shinji Ikari -=Alternate, taken from the End of Evangelion, warped due to the events that have transpired=-
Rei Ayaname -=Alternate, taken from the End of Evangelion, became an angel and is alive, currently pilots Shinjki's Eve 01 (the last remaining unit)=-
Asuka Langley -=Alternate, taken from the End f Evangelion, became a Xenophobe and fears Shinji, though is often seen with him.=-
ME-Tan -=Normal, more comical=-
XP-Tan -=Normal, more dense=-
XP-Homeko -=Alternate, maniac version=-
95 -=Alternate, she is now (as if) an incarnation of the fictional "Altimit OS"=-
Code Geass/R2:
Lelouch -=From the Original=-
Lelouch / Kamen Rider Gears -=Alternate original version by me=-
Ultraman MAX:
Ultraman MAX -=DASH Member Kaito does not appear=- //Not part of the main story//
Ultraman Zenon //Not part of the main story//
Yukari Yakumo -=From the original=-
Ran -=From the Original=-
Chen -=more smarter, can read=-
Cirno -=more smarter, different from the 9-ball most people know=-
Tewi Inaba -=Co-Pilots the EXA-Bunny with Reisen=-
Reisen Inaba -=Main pilot of the EXA-Bunny, co-piloted by Tewi=-
Eirin -=from the original=-
Hong Meirin -=starts as a warped (Raging Meirin [Reference to Iori]), reverts to normal=-
Sakuya -=From the original, stays unconcious (after getting beaten by a rampaging Meirin) until Meirin returns to normal=-
Remilia -=From the original, stressed out due to prior events=-
Flandre -=more friendly, non-dangerous and more smart version=-
Patchouli -=non-sickly (Is given supplements by Kai and Eirin), also stressed due to prior events.=-
Shakugan No Shana:
Kasumi Yoshida/Nightmare Haze -=Returning char; redemption version from Aile Ark 1=-
Dark-Kaineru(Adrian) //Returning// //Beyond the Edge of Light 3 Final Boss//
Volfen Menos //Returning// //Beyond the Edge of Light 8 Final Boss//
Reimiel //Returning// //Beyond the Edge of Light 10 Final Boss//
Raifle Nrerenscends //Returning// //Beyond the Edge of Light 11 Final Boss//
Apokarimon -=Normal=-
Alien Baltan * (Pending)

END of EVA after - Earth //Apocalyptic//
Rozen Maiden (Original) - Earth

<Basic> Story:
Takes place after <Bloody Eclipse>, Kaineu while in Gensokyo experiences another Aile Ark phenomena and is thrown away into a another familiar world, the Aile Ark phenomena is much more dangerous now that it severly warps the minds of the denizens of each world (as per Kasumi Yoshida in Aile Ark1).

After a certain persiod of time. Kaineru, who is currently taking a short break in Gensokyo is alarmed by a call from  familiar origin. It has been a while for an SOS to be called, yet he is certain of it. After taking in consideration and preparing to depart he is alarmed by a call from the Scarlet Mansion when a rampaging Hong Meirin had inexplicably took down and badly wounded her superior and master, Sakuya and Remilia Scarlet and subdued Flandre in the process as well. Patchouli who was able to call for help was able to summond the tricky Marisa and Alice, and have dragged Reimu as well. Reimu retreating called for help and favors to both Kai and Yukari (wherein Kai is resting), but upon their arrival Kaineu is sucked into a dimensional gateway and lands into familiar territory wherein he has no knowledged of his whereabuts nor of the fate of his friends in Gensokyo. He is then confronted by Knigthmons in the middle off a dark city. On look, Kai knew another Aile Ark phenomena had begun and the fates of many hung in the balance.


This sounds like the mother of all crossover stories! I can't wait to see how this develops.
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It is, though I need some ideas, if you got some please share....


D Post... Another update, I hope I finish this faster than the first one...