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Started by CaptBrenden, November 08, 2005, 03:12:29 PM

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A Contest!!


Everyone comes up with a possible title for the comic, and then posts their idea here. Come mid month (while Im still gone) Darklord, or who ever makes the polls posts the Ideas as a poll and we all vote on them. The polls will close dec 7th when I return, and I will make a banner and a logo for the comic.

Now how is this a contest you ask? Thats easy, PRIZES! Or prize as the case may be (sorry no runner up for this one...) Winner gets a free sketch of their favorite OS Tan, in any way they want. You want 2k cosplaying a cat? You got it. You want XP swimming in a vat of macaroni and cheese? You got it.

And this is open to ANYONE! None project team members or non OS Tan Collections Members may still participate (tho... why would non members read the forums anyways?) The Title picked is the winning condition.


Oh.. for non members.. be sure to leave an Email adress where you can be notified if your the winner.  Members will be notified by PM, and the winner will be posted here in thread at the end.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


 I will start (since I wont be around to participate durring the month..)

Blue Screen Complex
Ctrl Alt Delete!

I cant think of much better... Thats why Im holding the contest  -_-

Oh, and I forgot to mention it... You can post as many Ideas as you want! (more ideas, better chance at prizes, and better chance of getting a good title)
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


Rubicon of Insanity


 i want to win, must think , must think
OS-tan world
OS-tan r us lol no no err
OS-tan dot net
OS-tan dot world
stop with the os-tan Already
Print Screen
Access Denied

more will come


 os-tan today
god help me, want am i doing ....
os-tan seed
open world
look around look around .... connect, sub tan, shopping centre tan and help tan.
i give up
errpick the ones that are good .... and i'm going to stop post the crap one now.
looking through the window


 Err... ahem, well... just to make sure I don't leave this empty... ^^;

Works Like a Dream
Format This/That
Home OS
Not in Your Monitor!
Billy's Angels

*cough* I had fun. ^^;


 ok this is what sound okish i think
ostan diary
System diary
System crash
Press the any key
Digital world
Unknow error
Error 404 or 411
User friendly

can't think of anything good but  i do like Format This/That from Pitkin and Blue Screen Complex from CaptBrenden... this is really hard, i really hope that a lot more ppl give idea


 Fast Times at OS-Tan High


 Glad to see this is sort of alive.

how bout

Digital Complex (Digi-Con)
Hello World
Reboot (good for the sequal too, eg Digi-Con Reboot)
Bad Command or File Name
O.S. Tangent
Shojo M.S., Bishojo O.S. or any combination...


missing operating system
system down
system crash

hey ppl we're all the ideas for title, there should be ideas from every1 tht posts or is active on this site or we're never get a great great great title for the comics ... drak lord or some will have to pick a title soon ... l like about 17 days ... so post some idea and then drak lord or a Moderators or even a normal user start pick ur fav title ....... NOW![/u][/size]or give ideas plz


DarkLord plz  ;hi

I'll make the poll on 23rd of this week, so please hurry to submit any titles you may think of !

We'll make a first poll from 24th to 30th of November to see what titles are best liked, then a 2nd poll from 31th to 6th of December with only the 3rd best titles.

So, this will be ok for the 7th when Capt. comes back.

(i'll post my own titles this week end)

That is a good occasion to bring ppl on this site, tell your friends !


^ _ ^ os tan 2000, xp, me
O/I (on off) tan
Cmd(command) tan


OS-Tan Genesis
Xtreme OS-Tans
Shopotans (i had to put this one  ;010 , some will understand  ;hi )
OS-Tan Strikes Back
OS-Tans Vs. Evil Dr. Norton
OS-Tan Forever
OS-Girls and the Secret Bugs
Last Action Tans
World of Tans
The Secret of the Tans
Wnds of Tans
Windows Girls
The Evil Plot of Linux-Tan  ;013
OS-Tans : Of Software and Hardware Obscura

That's all i can think of atm ;)


wow alot of good ones in there.. getting more Ideas then I tought we would.  *just checking in, not back for an extended period of time*
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


ok since i'm a bit tired tonight i'll make the poll TOMORROW when i get back from work, that is 5pm gmt+1.

It's your last chance to put new titles befire we close the titles registrations so be sure you posted all ideas you had !  ;hi