Any Writers here?

Started by Alex_Reetz, April 18, 2010, 11:35:35 PM

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I am a fictional writer...


I like write my own stories were people in conflict overcome conflict and things happen....


anyone else?


i've written some stuff D:

they ain't interesting tho D:
My my, aren't you lovely~


I wouldn't say I write often enough to call myself a writer, but I do write.  The problem is, school (namely college) kinda ruined me on it.  Writing was work... you write about things that bore you... you write what I say.  Anyway, I still write every now and again, but I really have to feel it before I can.  Lately my writing has been directed towards blogging... it's like I mostly write about stuff that pisses me off now.

Anyway, Nej and Choco had a writing thread going some time ago.  A few other people (myself included) posted in it as well, but it died.  Not a lot of writers here... at least not many that enjoy contributing.

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I write, but am mostly embarrassed to share my writing with the world, since I'm not very good. But I'd like to think I'm improving...

StewartSage seems to be a fairly avid writer, and Aurora-san has a few comic series going... I count comics as a form of writing, for the record.


oh wow a writing thread D: awesome XD
My my, aren't you lovely~


I'm working on a story...
And am going to be working on that story for years to come, probably.
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I've been known to write upon occasion.


nejin is our master pensman around here. i myself write comics, but 1. not too many are finished yet, and 2. i usually don't write much in terms of lot beforehand, it kinda gets made up as i go along. xD

i'd be happy to post toast some of my work (i sometimes pen a story or so), but you might be better off tracking down and reviving said writing thread.


I will be finishing up some translatory work along with new english material soon, and that'll be uploaded to my on the lookout. Link innah' mah sig.


srsly, did i kill the writing thread way back when? shame. :[