Miggy a Java based Amiga 500 emulator

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, December 07, 2008, 09:13:48 am

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Raffaele the Amigan

It is very interesting the things that java allows at the state of art...

Now it is the turn of a complete Amiga Emulator entirely written in Java...  ;012  ;010

It emulates Amiga 500 (Motorola 68000) equipped with Kickstart ROM 1.3.



It requires  Java version 1.6.0_07

The emulator is still release 0.1 and very very very unstable...  ;018
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So, I'm assuming for this emulator you would need an Amiga install CDR, right...?

At any rate, it's nice to see an emulator being built-- this will guarentee Amiga a bit more longevity as a hobbyist OS. ^^


Quote from: "The Miggy Developer"Bear in mind that at the moment there are no "external" interrupts on the CPU as it's only executing the ROM code. There is no display, sound or DMA functionality at work here either, just the CPU reading and writing to memory and executing code.

Not yet the emulator we were hoping for, but it is very promising. He is implementing DMA at the moment and is moving very quickly. I'm excited to see how this turns out ^v^

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