So what's this about the Winter 09 Anime Season...?

Started by NejinOniwa, December 14, 2008, 04:39:33 PM

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Druaga back with a GARevenge, can girls, Nazi bishies, MOAR Slayers, and Tsutomu back in Birdy's body again...this will never end well, and you know it.

Moreover, we've got Viper's Creed, which from the looks of it is ANOTHER weird death-by-biker series a la BLASSREITER (and who knows what happened with that series, I know I don't), and Ride Back, that seems to be on the same track albeit sans some of the DEEP and DARK and with (maybe) a bit more comical elements. Also we've got another Minami-ke series, that might prove interesting (as long as we don't get another of those damn side-character faggots who do nothing at all - that fag in Okawari who transferred in and then out again really, really pissed me off.) KyoAni is doing something I've never heard of (sigh) instead of something useful, let's see how that (Sora o Miageru Shoujo blah blah blah derp derp something) turns out. AIC's Asu no Yoichi! provides us the season's generic harem animu, dunno how that'll turn out.

Anyway, I'll be honestly surprised if anyone replies here, but I figured I'd at least keep some tradition here. Rant over, at ease.