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OS-tan PC Meter

Started by AnimeTheme, November 24, 2008, 11:14:10 am

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True, but if you use that as an argument to use Spitfires in the airforce, you'd lose 'cause you can't COMPETE.

I don't, at least, know of ANY company here who uses anything older than like, Win2k...


Of course spitfires don´t work today, but old OSes still do, as long as you don´t need the stuff (read, eyecandy) supported by new stuff...
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Or as long as your 20-year old printer work fine. Because if it crashes, there's no way to repair it, and there are no other printers supported by your OS, and you can't mail documents to any other system because yours simply doesn't know what the hell a mail IS.


going back to the theme.

Like playing i unpackaged the .gadget file with Universal extractor(i supposed that is a package :p is not a bad idea)
and i obtained this(see photo):

a js folder with scripts(i understand what do them), two folders with the same images but with different sizes and a .css file in it's own folder. Looks like html(or better said, IS HTML/XML!)
Can i convert it in a web page(and use it with the "obsolete" Active Desktop)?

To realize it i need to dispel some doubts.Excuse me if the questions are stupid, i forgot some html concepts for years.
1.-How it works the .xml file and the .htm files in win vista(gadget.xml looks useless, only shows info about it and credits)?
2.-Only one month(icon.png)?
3.-How to insert both scripts(or which i should to insert first) in a html file?

If this works, some gadgets can be ported using this method  ;025  Equally, i sent a message to Xstyle(the Rsidebar creator) about this. I'm waiting his answer.
PD: Take a look to the reffered program(not only works in win98, i tested in XP too). It's too simple, but it continue being a good idea. Only one caution, it's "miniplayer" requires windows media player installed.
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Yeah, Windows Gadget Platform is indeed a browser-based (IE) one, and using HTML is the most common and simplest way to make a gadget. However, the gadget platform does have its own unique functions and stuff (namely the "System.Gadget" object), and therefore gadgets can't be used directly on other platforms. Some code changes are necessary. In short, I think a gadget is still best used as just a gadget... LOL
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I love the sound of this program. By the way, AnimeTheme... do you like Lucky Star or something?
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