Your favorite OS-tan

Started by FabianN, April 09, 2005, 10:14:08 PM

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:3 she IS pretty cute. ^^
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I like the Windows 2000 tan ♥♥♥♥ !!I'm new here, I love the site,

I know that is not the place to post here but there is a post where he can greet the other users? Thanks for that I can answer!

Saludos amigos !!! ;D!

Aurora Borealis

Welcome! :D

Sure, we have a Member introduction thread. It's been inactive for a while. ^^;


Welcome aboard~ *salutes*


Welcome aboard

Anyway, one that I like now (That didn't exist at the time of my previous list) is 7-tan. To update my old chart...

2k = 7 > System 7.5 > XP > 95 > ME > OS9


2k, 7, 98, NT (all the ones i can cosplay as currently)
95 (future cosplay :3)
ME (cute :3)
Sonata and Kyourou (double cute ^^)
The Bing Girls (5 times the cute ~^^~)
and others :3
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My favourites are:

-Multics-sama -hime -heika
-PDP 1
-Mac OSX Leopard and Snow Leopard
-Apple ///
-Bell Labs Unix

That's all I can think of atm.


is it sad that the only reason i wanted OS9 is cause i love the characters? :3
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It's sad you want OS9, period. D:

/OSX Supremacist

lolno, I'll support any interest in Mac. You should check out craigslist if you're really interested in finding an older (late 1990s) Mac - I see cheap ones (like, under $20) selling all the time, especially in the Boston metro area...



you guys make me NOT want to get a mac. ;^;
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All this talk about Macs makes me wish my iMac G3 wasn't dead...


I wish my iMac G3's firmware wasn't screwed up and the monitor worked. ;____;


I wish the HD of my Performa worked, so I could fire up System 7