Your favorite OS-tan

Started by FabianN, April 09, 2005, 10:14:08 PM

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 Linux tan of course... or to be more accurate Gnu/linux-tan.

I'll personally beat to death the first who call me "longhorn", since there is nothing in common -_-


 that explains why you wanted linux in the comic as a major character! the lies!! XD
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 I never said the contrary :)

And i honnestly think it's a bit changing to not have only windows-tans :) (but that doesn't bother me, either ;) )


 XP Tan all the way baby


 MAC-TAN!!!  Look!! She has an apple on her head!!! KAWAAAIIIIIII!!!! >w<)´´\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />


 I couldn't possibly decide... I love them all.
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 that apple has to go bad sometime o.O
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QUOTE (CaptBrenden @ Nov 7 2005, 10:43 PM)
that apple has to go bad sometime o.O [/quote]
Quoted for Truth, unless you are refering to OS X.3 (Panther) because Panthers rock


I insist, its weird that a mostly Win-tans site was saved by a Linux-tan!!!


I like all the Windows OS-tans, but specifically XP and 2k. In addition to that, Firefox-ko. Foxgirls and catgirls are uber sexy. ^_^
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You know, ive been a fan of the OS Tans for a while, and originaly I would  have said 2k hands down.. but now.. I think its probobly 3.1 oddly enough.  However, 98 and 95 are close seconds.  what can I say I like older systems?
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Hi... I'm a newb.  I'm typically a Linux user, but I'm quite a fan of both XPtan and 2ktan...  ;hi  Right now I'm stuck with XP, until I can get my Debian Unstable box back from my mom's house in VA.


as you can probably tell by my avatar....GO LONGHORN-TAN!
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what avatar? O.o
Oh, its been almost a year since I became in knowledge about the OS-tans...and 95-tan still rocks!! :D


i still haven't pick a fav yet, right i only like the art, i don't have i character like out for all of them ..... i could say i like them all