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Started by C-One, September 16, 2006, 08:48:25 am

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Could all posters re-post as soon as possible as there is a lot of broken links (404 Errors), and could some of you who posts through Photo Bucket get them out of there and put them in the forums where they are supposed to be posted?

I'm sorry to sound like I am winging, but I (and I strongly believe many others agree) know that many have had problems accessing Photo Bucket either during registration or when logging in after registration.

Also there are (as I said), a lot of broken links not only on this page but other links in other parts of this forum, especially where access to pictures are required.
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Well, most imagery is private user-uploaded pics in the first place - afaik, the gallery isn't easy to use for such purposes, but I dunno.

Anyway - many posts by many different (and possibly dead) users mean lots of work for the admins. They have PLENTY of such already. I wouldn't load this on them for nothing - you'll have to ask nicely and see.


half these people don't even access anymore. it feels a little lost, sadly. :[

and what a random necropost. and who's complaining? this is the first i heard about that.... :\

Alex S

Speaking of necropost, when did this get unlocked again?

I get the impression that it was locked previously by the discussion on this page (Fedora even posted so...).

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This one is very outdated and should be closed.

The current version is here, with discussion in this thread.