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TLOHC-have you played it yet?

Started by lloyu, September 27, 2008, 04:42:16 am

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hello,guys.besides seeing comics what fun games are you playing now? Recently I just discovered this addictive game-TLOHC.http://holy2.pkve.com/index.jsp?ref=1440
I think it's really worth  players'recomendatiion.I wanna share it with you and numerous game  lovers.The unique combat and defense format make it my favorite free  online game.Here,in this game you can be what you wanna be.You know  what?Just as I told you it's uniqueness make every player be and do  what they really wanna to be and do.You will have the same feeling like  me only after you played the game by yourself.Experiences can be the  best  way to understand something.Hope you will enjoy the game like I  do.I'm sure you will.