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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 pm

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The old days were a lot of weird. Imma leave it at that.


October 24, 2013, 12:37:39 pm #21301 Last Edit: October 24, 2013, 12:51:21 pm by PentiumMMX
So, was relaxing this morning...then mom decided to drag me out of the house -___-;

Did buy myself a frozen orangeade...and mom apparently lost it; as I can't find it anywhere >_<;
(It was only $1, but still; I was looking forward to trying that later)
EDIT: Finally found it. For whatever reason it was on her bed instead of in the freezer where it should be :\


Does that mean it's not frozen anymore?

Awesome! Pokemon 2.B.A Master arrived in the mail today.
(I like to show off...)


October 24, 2013, 02:15:17 pm #21303 Last Edit: October 24, 2013, 04:28:58 pm by PentiumMMX
It didn't sit out long enough for it to melt, thankfully
Also, nice :3

So, I'm looking into maybe upgrading my phone; since I barely get a signal with my current one. Leaning toward something Android based with GPS capabilities

EDIT: I did find a phone I want, which I might try to either save up money for. It's $100 and I have to order it from Wal-Mart's website, but it has all the features I want and is a brand I've heard of (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim). Which, the GPS feature will be very useful to me when I'm moving; so I can figure out how, exactly, one simply walks into Boston from roughly Dallas ^^;

As for the rest, I'll spoiler tag it since this is rather long-winded:
[spoiler=On a less than positive note...]
It appears my sister failed the GED again. She won't let us open the letter until she picks it up, but looking at it, I can tell for certain it's not a diploma, and she's understandably complaining about mom's homeschool bullshit being the reason she's screwed over at the moment; which, of course, mom dismisses as "unneeded fussing", because "she hated public school, but she also hated homeschool". Obviously, it's not mom's fault at all for pulling my sister out of public school rather than being reasonable and filing a complaint against that teacher; it's my sister's fault for complaining.

Funny how mom was so willing to do that for my sister, and yet when I complained about teachers and other adults at church bullying me as a kid, mom's solution was to ignore all complaints; there's no way "reasonable Christians" could possibly do the things I spoke of, and when they spoke to her, they always lied right to her face about what I did...and she believed every word of it. It doesn't matter how out of character it'd be for me to do what they claimed I did; mom would take their word as gospel.

Now mom's talking about how Jamie's a "meanie" (direct quote, for the record) for blaming her, when in all honesty I have to agree; mom is the root of a lot of our problems. I hope things will start to turn around for her[/spoiler]

Heading up to grandma's office again tonight. Just want to stay away from mom for a while :\


sounds like a wise idea. and tbh i've gotten the vibe that your mother is less than what is considered mature by reasonable standards (that quote just kinda proves my point); if i had a record of all the things she's said/done over the years i'd submit them to alex for review to see if she had some kind of mental disorder (it sounds like it, tbh). i feel bad for your sister, but all i can tell her is just to pick herself back up, study moar, and move on. :\

also, is that galaxy prepaid or does it have a plan? either way it may pose problems when you move since you may need to get the number adjusted or have the plan turned off and turned back on when you get here. :\

@nej: someday i want all the oldfags here to tell me what life was like when the world (OSC) was young. :0


Indeed. Granted, mom and her sisters all seem to have their oddities like that (Mom seems to feel she is free of any sort of blame and the world revolves around her, her older sister is so obsessed over weight loss that she looks like a zombie, and her younger sister is a holier-than-thou moral guardian).

Also, the Galaxy I found is a prepaid, from the same provider I'm currently using. I'm caught between upgrading now or waiting for later; as I really need something with better reception around here, but at the same time, I could put that $100 toward the fund for getting a new car post-move :\



-insert non related comment here-



Not even snow


@Stew: I can has? It's still shorts weather here IMO; I'm just wearing pants because my cargo shorts have a giant hole in them now ;_;
(For the record, I consider 55F with no breeze to still be "shorts weater". Everybody else in my area considers it to be parka weather :\)


i'm glad to FINALLY have my fall clothes down from the attic. only took a damn month.

i've been on an uploading spree, check the gallery if it suits your fancy. though i will note (*cough cough BELLA cough*) that if i accidentally caught a duplicate, let me know through SKYPE OR PM. i NEVER check the photos after they're in there, or at least not often enough to make comments on them efficient. :\

also, anyone know how to delete or move files in there? i HATE the new gallery system tbh, but at least the gallery got some attention. that photo strip is so annoying, though.... >>;


No, you can't have my weather.  The snow and I are in love and we're going to be married, not even Bells cans top us!

Woo!  Image party!

In other news I have to move out of this place, probably sending some stuff with my parents if they come to visit Sunday and then bringing everything else on Monday.  I'm simultaneously sad (leaving my coworkers, income, etc.) and overjoyed (don't have to put up with annoying whims of house owners, inter-office conflict, leaving my coworkers, having decent internet again) about this job coming to an end.  Now I've just got to find another job....


A random message appears in topicless, puzzling others as to why it exsists
Simon was here :P<br />


poast moar.

@stew: sucks balls, man. were you just temp employment there? :\