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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 pm

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Quote from: "OS Freak"Who's she with now?

i killed her.

she was too much of a zhentailady
My my, aren't you lovely~


The game is cheating. wait, what game?

also, amanda


Totally lost, going to buy more books today.  Apparently, my now ex-girlfriend is pissed at me because I didn't call her back after she hung up on me :\  

Relationships:  Totally worth it.


IT'S A PITKIN! GET IT! *runs after Pitkin with giant butterfly net*

That sounds like the cause of your problem, Acher. Can't imagine it was just a confidence... @@

Zen-san killed Amanda in the parlour with the panda-hug! :V  

Quote from: "Chocofreak13"every alchoholic i know is "reformed" or dead. that's good in some cases, i guess......

but it makes me miss my aunt again. ;___;

and, you may be asexual bella, but YOU COULD WIN THIS FABULOUS CAR IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

srsly. you have suitors now :3

and we do really think alike, you remind me of my clone a bit. if anything, i'd like to meet you just so see if we can weird people out with our alike-ness. xD

Pfft, my family's first ancestors in America literally spent all their money on booze. ><;

Sorry about your aunt. :[

B-b-bwahaha! XD Reminds me of this blog entry written by an asexual minsanthrope. She used to get a lot of attention from men, so she began to dress more androgynous and became open about her orientation-- instead of driving the would-be suitors away, even MORE people (women included) took interest. xD (Actually, the whole blog is damn funny... and eerily close to my way of thinking too... )

I agree, it's strange. *.* We should get together and hide behind trees and jump out at people! That would be sure to weird them out~! >:3

Heeeey, I have really sensitive senses too. :V

QuoteI don't drink much, actually about three times in total, and I can't say its an enjoyable experience. Though my Russian accent improves. Unless you count communion.

Do car commercials piss anyone else off?

Which things...? And thanks to your mother, my birthday is only a month away!

Blood donation, kind of terrifies me. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to having blood drawn even though I kow how much it helps people. Bad memories.

I've had a few of sips of wine before (in an Italian family get-together, it's inevitable). It tasted like sour grape juice... yuck.

Didn't know Presbyterians had Communion. (I've many vaguely-practising Catholics in my family, a couple of atheists, agnostics and various Protestants, and some New-Age spiritualists too. My step-grandmother is Lutheran, she was once married to an Air Force chaplain, actually...)

I tend to keep my religion between me and my god. I guess I'm an agnostic theist in that I believe there's a god, but I also believe proof or knowledge of god(s) is inherently unknowable...

Car adverts are annoying, especially those Cadillac ones with all the OMGBRIGHTSEIZUREINDUCINGCOLOURSFLASHYLIGHTSTECHNOMUSIC~! Also, the ads where people are excited to be driving craptastic cars, those are annoying too.

The best (read: most irritating) regional jingle here is for Bernie and Phyl's! Quality comfort and price-- that's nice!

Yey, birthday!

I'm deathly afraid of injections... but the thought of having a needle pull something out of me instead of put something in is actually a lot more disturbing. That, combined with the fact that I'm anemic and need to hold onto as much blood as I possibly can means I won't ever be donating. >.>

Quote from: "Red"Next time I'm in the Massachusetts area, I'm gonna glomp you!

Quote from: "Choco"i think we're all preparing to glomp her. :3

Quote from: "Stewart"Everyone is asexual for her.

Quote from: "OS Freak"I could date Bella too we'd be happy since I'm slightly like her.


You guize are killing me ;/////;

OS Freak

Now that you say your anemic Bella I am too. Looks like we have more in common. What would be the next shared one? Only time will tell...

I'm not afraid of needles or injections. But I've gone to check my blood and surprisingly about a minute after having the needle out of my body I get dizzy and need to sit down or I'd fall. It was funny. Last time the nurse was filling the papers and I had told her this then after like 40 something seconds she looks and says. "Ohh my God you are pale! Are you alright?" I said Remember what I told you before Miss, about my dizzy status after getting my blood sucked by a needle? Well I wasn't joking. She put me on a wheelchair and helped me get on a bed at the clinic and gave me the puffy white thing used to clean wounds by touching them slightly, with alcohol. It was funny to see her reaction after she ignored my warning.
Death as come. 2K Chan has but killed in extended Support. She has finally become Unsupported She is finally fully rejected by her Birth company. It\'s so sad...


Quote from: "Bella"   


You guize are killing me ;/////;

Don't worry, Bella. You're safe with me. *vampire smile*



So anyway, still buried in deadlines but this will be the last submission so hopefully things will clear up sometime next week. Hopefully. Currently enjoying WIRELESS back home, tomorrow I'll probably grab a cruise on the new WATERMOBILE PIMPIN' LADY YACHT and write 'til my fingers burn. I estimate 14-15 pages of CHAPTER FINALE and I have Saturday night and Sunday to accomplish this. FUCKQUEEN YARDALE. And I was late to the review session this morning. My fuel is burning out lots.

And WHY does it suddenly become so damn popular to be in NE just after I leave the place? My sense of timing is clearly impeccable. ;w;

The amount of RONERY in this thread's last few pages would cover the majority of a football court (and not the strange variety you transatlantics have where a 'hands' doesn't give you a free kick, mind you) and gather some good audience too. I estimate at least 35k. And speaking of thousands, WRITING ABOUT OLD-STYLE WARFARE IS HELL.

Slowly, slowly, Topicless is descending into WALLOFTEXT hell. -w-


Sooo many New England books, yay! Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, plus the Great Lakes, and the Pendleton Disastor.


long texts D:

it blinds me >_<

my brainsssss

oh and bella, people keep forgeting panda hugs are bear hugs D:

they are dangerous *_*
My my, aren't you lovely~


-flits around Massachusetts not being Bella-
-not Bella-
-No love for the HypnoCockle-
What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's an oyster with two figures of your favorite Touhou characters. Look again, the figures are now vials of the Hourai Elixir. Anything is possible when your waifu smells like Old World and not a man. I'm a frog.


All hail the HypnoCockle


i am suddenly having very dirty thoughts involving me, bella, and nejin. ./////.;;

aw. cockle. the ony reason you weren't involed is cause 1. you're like, NEVER HERE, and 2. you told me once you didn't want to be found. and post a pic of yourself so we can see YO' BAD SELF.
*hug* we lurvs you too cockle :3

nej, i kept telling you that you should come back for summer. :3 so c'mon. join teh sock-less nh orgy. :3


everyone is getting new avatars, i'm gonna get one too ^^ i loves teh new ones people :3

and now the "massachusetts" song from family guy is stuck in my head....

"♪ the spirit of massachusetts is the spirit of america...♫"


only family guy thing that stuck to me is

i dun really like the show XD
My my, aren't you lovely~


@cockle: Awww

@choco: new avi...

@zen: i got a handshake with panda before


acher: lolz, was it nice?
zen: it gets annoying once in awhile, doesn't it? i like the show but they keep paying the same episodes over and over....


Today im off to a rave :'3 UHNZ UHNZ UHNZ 'till my ears start bleeding :'D