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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 pm

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I don't think this forum is lonely... I think it's cozy. It's like a tiny corner diner, where everybody knows one another~ :3

I've been on uber-forums with hundreds of active members... I don't really like 'em all that much, everything's so impersonal. :\

Quote from: "Choco"i meant as in the girl in the pic in the random pic thread; sort of a lazy look but kinda pretty anyway.

srsly, at home i wear tanktop, pants, sweater slippers+socks. FOREVER.

and technically i just replace the pants with different pants, replace the slippers with boots, and put on a bra, and then i'm good for the day. xD

Ah, I see what you mean. A lot of people I know are like that... maybe it's a regional thing? xD

Quote from: "OS Freak"Nevermind anymore... Ubuntu is non operational after a shutdown during her packages updates. It cannot boot anymore. I ;012 'll stick to Windows. Thanks Choco.

Have you considered using something besides MS VPC2007? I host Ubuntu in Sun VirtualBox (along with several other OSes-- including XP and  several vintage Windowses) and it's always worked perfectly.

That doesn't sound good, Acher. Get thee to a doctor. D:

OS Freak

Will it work on my case Bella? I'll try with VB. That means Ubuntu is fully supported including sharing folders connections and sound and 1024 x 768 res right? I tried it again at VPC and it crashed my XP again while she was updating. I mean. We are talking about a closed bubble. Then it does mean a VM can cause damage to it's host. This time the message was: A faulty driver was catched trying to corrupt the system and windows has been shut down to prevent damage. The faulty driver is located at the kernel stack and must be replaced with a working one.
It seems it crashes only when she updated. As long as the UM is not running Ubuntu works like a charm beauty.

Perhaps this a bug or a worm that Linux communities reported as someone who impersonated the update pakages and attacked thousands of Linux/unix servers but it did not spread wide and many packages were redone from scratch. If that could have gone further someone or the authors of the crime would have "updated" Linux Oses with worm and viruses in which it could have been the biggest Linux breakdown in History.
Death as come. 2K Chan has but killed in extended Support. She has finally become Unsupported She is finally fully rejected by her Birth company. It\'s so sad...


and today my whole left side of the body is feeling somewhat weird... I cant explain the feeling. better see the doctor.



and OSf, if you're having that much trouble, is it really worth it?

maybe a different distro would be better?


Juz got out from hospital, I got some internal bleeding and I totally have no idea when/where/how it happen. no pain/sign at all >.>

after they drain it I can still see the color on my arm eek >.<, hope this thing will be gone soon.


You sir have some weird misfortunes going on.

I might have to keep my aggressions in check for a while then .w. ;

OS Freak

Choco: I tried Ubi on VB twice. First time it crashed VB and the second seems to be working ok. OMG WTH is going on with Ubuntu? I also installed Mandriva and does not seem to have any problems. I just want to try as many OSes as possible. I want to richly learn from all If I strive to be a good repairman specialist and PC technician.

Acher: OH: God that sounds like a serious business. You say you don't know how it happened. Do you recall any hit or something? My my... Internal Bleeding... It's scary. That kills people. It's the same as an hemorrhage like when bullets pierce internal organs. Don't stop taking care of the business. Prevention is the key to success.
Death as come. 2K Chan has but killed in extended Support. She has finally become Unsupported She is finally fully rejected by her Birth company. It\'s so sad...


acher: HO SHI----

os: nej recommended mint linux to me once, apparently it's good for older systems.
my brother also recommended xubuntu. wine also seems good. maybe those will give you ideas?


bella: i'm the only person i know who dresses this lazy. maybe it's regional where you are?

i just broke up with my boyfriend. yet i'm weirdly happy.
turns out he was dating his ex the whole time. :\ (don't say "sorry". i'm not.)


@nejin: >_<"

@OS: I seriously cant remember a thing that might cause it, it was ok on the night. then i start my morning by goin in front of my screen first right after waking up (uh, its a habit). browsing some image board and thats when my roommate told me that my left arm was black and blue. it might be during my sleep. oh and good luck with your aim.

@Choco: what a guy =O ...


With all things happening...sorry about this, guys. Things are chaotic over here and thus it spreads around. Sometimes I wish this damn complex could learn how to keep itself in check...

...but then again it wouldn't be much of a complex then, would it.

In other news: I once more has uplink @ home, so delta is posting this one. Turns out some asshat had UNPLUGGED ME FROM THE SWITCH, so no wonder it wasn't working. I get the sudden urge to pull every other cable down there just to improve my own speed and our teacher is being an ass in general and shit is going downhill. FUCKWADDLING PEANUTS. What with all this rage going on you might just find yourself trapped in some sort of semi-apocalyptic event, so keep your heads up, folks.


It's summer Nejin, focus on the positive things in life! :D


Totally understand Choco, my girlfriend broke up with me earlier today and to tell the truth I'm more relieved then anything else.

Probably the best move Archer O_o

Still on dial up, kinda pissed about that and everyone I know is busy so there is nothing to do beyond make elaborate plans to buy the first two volumes of GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class.


@Acher: Oh my God, that sounds serious! I'm glad you went to the doctor and had things taken care of, though. D:

@OS Freak: try installing Guest Additions in Ubuntu and see if that helps. Ubuntu always worked alright in VB on XP, but it gave me a heck of a time in VB on OSX until I installed Guest Additions. Everything's been fine since...

@Choco: that guy sounds like such a loser. Good riddance, I say...

Yes, people around here are very casual dressers... actually, casual doesn't quite begin to describe them. I once saw two boys (12 and 14 maybe) walking through Wal-Mart in matching Family Guy bathrobes and slippers. xD Just yesterday, I saw a woman riding down a street in our town on a bike, wearing shorts and a sports bra. xD

@Stewart: Sorry to hear about the breakup. And the dial-up situation. ;;

I've never broken up with anyone... although I haven't dated much to begin with. The last time... hmm... well, last winter, my brother tried to set me up with his BFF, but I objected on the account of him being like three years older and like a foot taller than I am. In retrospect, I'm almost regretful, since he's a nice person. Yes, asexual/aromantics CAN date. If we choose to.

I've been getting wicked migraines or something like it lately. Seems to be connected to long periods of reading, so now I'm trying to figure out if it's related to eye strain, or migraines caused by the brightness of a page/computer screen, or if it's something else like sinus headaches. I have been suffering a lot of allergies lately. D:


Hey guys, i have a quick question and i thought it were too much to create a new thread so i post it here. I run Audiosurf, i record the surf with fraps. On my previous computer i could run at second highest graphical detail and get decent framerate of 30fps. But with my new computer i can't even run on medium without getting collosal framedrops throughout the song if im recording. I ruled out the grapics card as the source since my current is twice as good as my previous. Now: Can my CPU be causing this? My current is a AMD Athlon II dual core @ 2.9ghz My previous were a AMD Phenom quad core @ 2.2 ghz.


There ya go.  Athlon is inferior.
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