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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 05:24:10 pm

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 ah, nothing like early morning zombie movies, day old chili cheese fries and the sence that the world is no longer ending. or at least the site
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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L33t 4g3nt

 The site remains! The world is safe once again. Thank you DarkLord - Linux-tan.


 Hi :)

I guess you received my somewhat-mass-spam ^_^

L33t 4g3nt

 yup, or i would have been stuck trying to get onto the old site and then find out that it doesnt exist anymore.



 i thought fabian would have made a redirect...

to answer your question abandonware is games that are not supported or sold anymore, that we provide for free (anyway we don't have right to make money on that)...

L33t 4g3nt

 mmhmm...all are XP compatible, yes?


 of course no, but they're more or less all workable on windows using tricks.
Most will run normally, but you should check for dosbox for exemple... but maybe oldgames forum are more fitting such convos :) else i'll be tell to bring members from here to another site ^_^;


 Old games. ^_^

The following games I can recommend without reservations:
-Princess Maker 2 (life simulation)
-Transport Tycoon (company management sim)
-Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade / Fate of Atlantis (adventures) (NOT abandonware)
-The Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2 (adventures) (NOT abandonware)
-Season of Sakura (dating simulation)
-Pinball Fantasies (pinball simulation)
-The Settlers (everything-affects-everything strategy)
-The Manager (football manager)
-4d Sports Boxing
-Cannon Fodder (humorous... hmmm... game? Simulation or strategy would be exaggerating)
-Moonstone (medieval knight action adventure)
-Doom (first-person shooter) (NOT abandonware)
-Another World (adventure)
-Flashback (adventure, spirit is the same as in Another World)
-Syndicate (world conquering with a corporation)
-Prince of Persia (adventure)
-Bust-a-Moves (puzzle, popping bubbles) (NOT abandonware)

A few from other platforms
-The Great Giana Sisters (basically the same game as Super Mario Bros 1) (C64)
-Summer Games I & II (summer olympics) (C64)
-Winter Games (winter olympics) (C64)
-World Games (non-olympic sports) (C64)
-California Games (events fitting the sunny environment) (C64)
-Anticipation (console draws, players guess) (NES)
-Last Ninja 2 (action adventure, my all-time favourite) (C64)
-Bubble Bobble (arcade action adventure) (many platforms, C64)

If you remember any of these games, or if you just have too much free time, try them out. I loved them. ^_^


 don't forget
any GTA
Wolfenstein 3D


 Of course I won't forget those, panda-san. ;)

GTAs I've played a lot (GTA1 the most, though), and Wolfenstein 3D I also liked pretty much. Half-Life I've never got to properly play, as after Doom I sort of lost interest in such games... ^^;


 Lets see, I currently have. . .

WarCarft III + expansion
StarCraft + expansion
Diablo II + expansion
Lock On
Sim City 3000
Unreal Tournament 2003
Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 2
Half-Life + Opposing Force + Counter Strike
Half-Life Blue Shift
Doom + expansions
Doom II
Final Doom
Doom 3 + expansion
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

and that's just whats installed on my computer, and that is also just for computer, not to mention consales/handhelds.


 If you're still actively playing Diablo II, I'm sure you'll become one of DarkLord-san's best friends around these quarters, panda-san. He's nuts about that game. :D


 my internet's not fast enough. but next year I'm getting high speed!


 I played Diablo II mostly by myself back in time... I didn't really like playing online as while the Open Realm was full of hackers, the Closed realm was too painful to start characters in as my connection speed was insufficient. Now that the connection might be good enough, I've grown completely fed up with the game. ^^;

All in all, I don't like playing online too much. *looks out of the window*


 topic less thread? O.o, so , i can talk about everything I want here?
mmm...looks like I have a small game library:
-Starcraft & Expansion
-Age of Empires II & Expansion
-Empire Earth
-SimCity 3000
-SimCity 4 & Rush Hour expansion
-Dungeon Siege
-Comanche Gold <---1 of my first vg's...not play it  anymore
-F-16 <---another of my first games...(yeah, i started at 1999 in this of gaming...also dont play it anymore)

And thats all, but i want to get some more, here is the "wish" list:
-Half Life 2
-Doom 3
-Halo 2 (if it comes out for PC someday...)