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Straight or as a mix?


Depends on what I have. Sometimes I mix a whiskey and Coke, other times I drink it straight (Honey whiskey is fantastic for just sipping on)


I'm not much of a coffee drinker personally, but if it's offered to me or if it's coffee-flavored, I'm all over it.

Once the allure of drinking wore off after I turned 21, it doesn't interest me. Though one time I was buzzed after drinking a particularly foul wine cooler and had heartburn (likely not related to the alcohol) and intense sleepiness.

I'm more of a fan of spirits in my experience. Before I turned 21 (ono), I had a nice spirit and more proper wine which I felt tasted good.


Bourbon or Whiskey with honey and lemon juice is a great cough medicine. The lemon juice clears your throat, the honey soothes and the whiskey helps you sleep good.

I only started drinking about 6 months before I was 21. I slowed significantly after vomiting up a delicious stew I made and cried about it with my head in the bowl at how I had put such delicious stew to waste. I slowed even more after a party in which I arrived late, after the food. My friends dad who was drinking with us was sharing his collection of fine liquors he wanted to rid of which were much higher than they tasted. He also kept offering me more and I was not drinking nearly enough water even though I had downed at least 4 glasses.
The next morning I felt okay until I tried to eat something and then felt very pukey and spent half an hour with my head in the toilet trying to puke. Eventually I shoved my fingers in my throat and gagged. That didn't work until 5 seconds later and then I had sweet release. I puked again like an hour later and drove home getting a bunch of Gatorade and ordered a bunch of Dominoes Chicken and I watched the super bowl. Then I was disappointed all over again. I haven't gotten drunk since, or had anything greater than a beer.


I've never been that level of drunk, thankfully; I usually have 1-2 drinks, and when I start to feel disoriented (Like I had gotten off of a merry-go-round), I call it quits for the night. I do most of my drinking at home or in a hotel room; so, when I do feel disoriented, I'm somewhere where I have a bed nearby, so I can sleep LOL.


The first time I had an adult tooth removed they gave me Oxycontin for the pain. I woke up from my coma on the couch and wanted some water and disoriented barely covers it. I couldn't tell up, the concept was lost. I could not stand up for all balanve was gone. I then moved my limbs to scoot myself along the floor to the kitchen. My mom found me half way and stopped me.


Closest I've experienced to that was when I was dehydrated during a bout with a really bad stomach bug.

So, with my trip coming up, I successfully negotiated to have dad drop me off at the airport; this saves me money on parking, and he gets a much deserved day off work.



I've had pizza for dinner each of the last three nights. No regerts. (It probably helps that they're from three different chains.)


Nice. I had leftover pizza for dinner last night :3

@Goujer I'm reminded of Linkara making fun of bad anatomy in comic books xD


I own Heelys, and they are the greatest!


I'm in high school and I've got a friend who's a senior who uses their Heelys to get through the school but the school doesn't like it when he does that.
I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.


They are technically banned in my school district because at my middle school an incident happened.

We had this slope that connected the lunch and gym area that also went outside via some doors. Kids with Heelys, myself included, would take the slope down while a friend held open the door so you could get blazing fast and shoot outside. Everyone was pretty catious about it.
Now I can't remember the exact details but I think what happened was some kid who was less experienced tried and instead of doing a bunny hop to get over the door frame he tripped and ate pavement hard. I also seem to remember someone saying his friend closed the door to try and be funny.
Either way Heelys had a hard ban afterward to the point where the some teachers had wheel removers to take out kids wheels if they caught you.


My middle school had ramps but there's only one and like a few feet away from the bottom is a wall so you'd face plant into the wall so having Heelys are banned.
I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.


Quote from: Penti-chan on April 11, 2019, 03:47:09 pmDepends on what I have. Sometimes I mix a whiskey and Coke, other times I drink it straight (Honey whiskey is fantastic for just sipping on)

You have a stronger stomach than I do. Both times I've had whiskey I've hated it.

Of all things, I seem to get along okay with rum. And wine, though I feel like wine gets me emotional.