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Started by panda, September 17, 2005, 04:24:10 PM

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I'm not worried in the slightest, I've said the whole time they didn't need to come since I could do it myself.  Reasonably certain that's correct.  Also: My mom had an Omni!  My brother almost did, but he has a 1991 Spirit instead.

Lighter repair time.


I "have" (in that I will get to use it whenever I want when I get my license) a 2002 Saturn L series... I call her Calamity Jane. Since she attracts and survives lots of misfortune. Then when I started taking lessons driving her I started using the nickname Saturn Rocket (because of an inside joke involving cars being inmaneuverable high-speed death-missiles). It's a sweet ride, you wouldn't know it to look at them but Saturns are well-built cars. A shame GM discontinued the line... :/


I had something interesting happen at work just before I got off; as I was holding the elevator for a lady who works in a different department, she almost called me "ma'am" when thanking me, before noticing who it was and correcting herself. So, without even trying, I got to drop a Bridget on somebody today

@stew: I have a '94 Spirit that I'm waiting on my dad to finish fixing up; which I hope is soon. It's actually going to have the motor out of my old Omni; which lead to me joking about how my car was regenerating...although, it seems to be taking a while (I wish my dad would work on it a little more; I'm not sure how much longer I can stand my '74 Dart)

@Bella: My brother-in-law had an '01 Saturn SC1 when I first met him. That car was badass; being called the Batmobile, regardless of it being silver


@general populace: i can't shake the feeling that someone i knew used to own a saturn, when i was YOUNG. think it might have been my uncle peter or one of his relatives. :\
my mum's car is a 00' Subaru Outback (silver, falling apart). it gets the job done, but the way she drives it sucks gas and the poor thing's constantly in need of repair (example a few pages back, with that hellish saturday where i spent 10 hours in/near the car). it's the only car she's got right now though, so we muddle through (though i wish she had searched a bit more when we crashed her car in jan. 10').

my dad's truck is a toyota (idk the model). he uses it for work, it has 2-3 seats, and reeks of cigarettes. he used to have a banging around truck, some white truck that looked alot like the one he has now, only from 1985. he retired that one to an automotive program, where the kiddies got to learn about older cars.
his old banging around truck, a big blue ford truck, got retired to maine when i was about 10.

@nej: i've had mindless ambition before, and found it to be one of the most annoying things ever; i had all this creative energy and nothing to put it into. >__<;;
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The car in the member pictue thread behind us was mine. 2002 oldsmobile bravada.


everytime i hear "oldsmobile", it reminds me of when i was little and we used to make jokes about how they were "old's mobiles" (for old people). xD
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Aside from my cars, here's the ones I have direct access to that are running:

In the garage, a '66 Dodge truck; which was bought new by my grandpa about a month before my dad was born, and has been in the family since. That truck looks amazing for it's age and still drives perfectly even on it's original engine; which has had nothing done to it aside from the routine maintenance (Changing the oil and such). No air conditioner or heater, but that's because this was a low-end model; unlike my Dart, where it's there but nonfunctional.

Outside, an '08 Dodge Avenger; which took the place of my mom's '90 Toyota Corolla which loved to leave us stranded. It's comfortable and drives well, but I honestly don't care much for it. Also next to it (Or was next to it; since it's getting a new paint job at the moment) is an '88 Dodge Ramcharger; which is a damn good truck, with over 200,000 miles and still running perfectly (Aside from a few odd quirks, but they're minor compared to my Dart). I have many good memories with this truck over the years; we took many long-distance trips in it back in the mid '90s (Back in a time when dinosaurs walked the Earth...on Power Rangers, at least).


And now for something completely different.

Ladies and gentlemen - BEHOLD, INNUENDO!


@Nejin: That sounds like the sort of museum one of my sister's friends would have fun at; cracking jokes about how his should be on display there


Oh yes, I walked past that place.
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that pic of the non-human ones was at once interesting and creepy. .__.;
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I've officially created a battle plan for something awesome I've been wanting to do for a long time; travel out-of-state, and get further than Louisiana this time (Going to a car show there with my dad and one of his friends was the only time I've set foot outside of Texas in my entire life, and that was about 10 years ago. Obviously, I want this to change).

My plan first involves something I've put off for way too long; getting my GED. I intended to do it in fall '09 (After taking the summer off following my last year of homeschool), but I landed the job I have currently come fall, so I put it off. Now, since I feel it's holding me back from my next goal, I'm going to begin the process of studying for it and finally take the test.

The second phase is to get a full-time job and start saving my money and building up plenty of time off to take a vacation of a decent length. Then, once everything else is in allignment and "if" turns to "when", I'm going to try and join you guys at a convention, or at the very least, accept Choco's invitation to come to Boston to visit.

My mom kept making a big deal about how I needed to get my GED, and now I have my motivation to do just that. If everything falls into place, I'll probably be joining you at a convention sometime next year.


You can't stand your Dart?  I'll take it.  Don't care about it's condition but I would kill for a Dart.

My grandfather still owns his early 1960s Dodge cattle truck that he bought new at the time.  It's a good sized vehicle, manual transmission, and lacks any semblance of power steering making it a beast to drive.  Actually, it's pretty much a beast in general.

Go for it Pentium.


Those sound sort of like my plans Pentium. ^^

I've been trying to convince my family to let me travel, them seem *mostly* cool with the idea but there's still the issue of money. I want to start off by going to relatively "nearby" places - Washington DC is at the top of my list, then Halifax and Montreal. The travel expenses won't be so bad since they can be reached by bus or train (mostly) but there is the issue of lodging, since that costs a lot.... :/


i'd like to go back to europe, or back to canada. i miss kinder eggs, clean air, and tetrapack milk. :\

other than that, i'd also like to go back to conneticut/rhode island; haven't been there in almost a year and i miss the sights and the people. :\
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