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Started by Alex S, September 12, 2008, 07:46:34 pm

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Aurora Borealis

The calcu-tan weapons are looking good! ;010

Sorry I haven't posted in this thread for quite a while, I've been too busy with other things but I return with some sketches!

First up is TI-85-tan trying to use the spinner staff but ends up hypnotizing herself, includes commentary from TI-30-tan and TI-84 Plus-tan!

Notice that the hairclips, combined with the shape of her bangs looks like a 5. Her round glasses also almost look like a sideways 8. I gave her sort of a hacker+engineer look. Her outfit is mainly in green, black and grey. She stores a lot of notes and gadgets in the pockets of her jacket.

Then there is TI-83 Plus-tan using the Dice Bomb attack!

Another new character is TI-73(Explorer)-tan, who is a sailor and explorer since moving away on her own. Part of her bangs form a 7-shape, with three ribbons on the right side of her hair. She has teal hair, red eyes, and blue ribbons. Her sailor suit is light blue with dark blue sleeves and cuffs, red stripes and scarf. She is accompanied by her pet mallard.


QuoteShe is accompanied by her pet mallard.
is she having a quacking good time?

and from where did the spinner staff come from what's it based on?

Alex S

The spinner staff came form a sketch I drew of weapons based off of the ProbSim app for the TI-83 Plus series of graphing calculators.

Yep, I draw the weapons and equipment, and other people actually draw the -tans. At least for this thread anyway.

Alex S

Man, it is really hard to find articles about other brands of calculator on Wikipedia, but I've managed.

The rival calcu-tan team, the HP calcu-tans!

HP-01-tan: A -tan based on the only calculator wristwatch ever made by HP. She would be able to alter time in her vicinity, making her short stature less of a problem.  Also HP's first algebraic calculator, she would be stuck-up and bitter, referring to the fact that she was expensive and discontinued, and might also have a Napoleon complex.  She would fight with a stylus shaped like a clock hand, and would have gold trim on her clothes.


HP 50g-tan: The main rival to TI84-tan, and other than that, I've got nothing.


I can't think of more calcu-tans at the moment, but those should be good enough.

Aurora Borealis

I didn't know that HP still made calculators to this day- I thought they met their demise to TI long ago! I especially like the description for HP-01-tan, a formidable time manipulator!

For HP 50g-tan (who could represent the whole HP-49 series), she is highly versatile and was a rebel in the family as the HP-49G was the first HP calculator to break away from the traditional HP colors.

She likes to experiment with her looks with bold and exotic dresses mainly in blue and silver though in recent years her appearance has became more traditional (the HP-50g is in the more common HP colors)

While skilled in a lot of advanced math (with skills comparable to TI-89-tan), she is physically very clunky, particuarly jittery (referencing the "earthquake effect" that plagued the HP-49g+)

Alex S

Lots of people probably think that HP's calculators fell; in fact, my school has the TI-83+ or better as a  requirement for Algebra II.

There are also Casio calculators, but those are even harder to find than HP calculator articles. No images either.

Also, HP 50g-tan would be able to work for any of the Vista-tans, unlike the TI calcu-tans. (TI Connect software doesn't work on Vista, I wonder why?)

And added to the 'why is this feature here?' category of calculators, it's the HP-65! The world's first programmable calculator with a grand total screen size of one line, the HP-65 featured internal storage, magnetic cards for programming on the go, and a bug that would corrupt some of its memory after executing trig functions. It was also the first programmable calculator in space, brought as a backup for the Apollo Guidance Computer in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

HP-65-tan would be an astronaut and space junkie.  She would be able to do complex tasks, but cannot remember things accurately, and must write them down before her memory corrupts.  She withes down a lot of things, and has a several volume long diary, referring to the extremely complete and long documentation that came with the calculator.


HP-25-tan is 65's younger sister. She is horribly forgetful, forgetting to even write things down, and almost completely forgetting what happened to her before she goes to sleep.


HP-34C-tan has a remarkably better memory than her older siblings, and has more of a sense of fun, due to her being able to play the first built-in calculator games.


By the way in an off-topic question, is there a Magnet-tan?


here's the next best thing to a wikipedia entry of casio calculators
a link to the manuals in pdf For the picture just google the models

Hey we can use these guys (Calculator watches) for the iPod-tan-ish characters. Sweet there is a link to an online museum in it

*blinks and reads twice then aloud*
Sexum XXX Adult Melody Chrono The Only LCD Chrono with Porn; c. 1983
I am both excited and scared to see what -tan comes out of this,,, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your stand, this is not a calc watch...

Alex S

A watch that has porn? That's disturbing, to say the least.  What would people say to their wives/girlfriends/parents if they got that?

If it can do math, and is a watch, then it's a calculator watch.

EDIT: And, off topic, it's sad that I joined over a month before you, just to start this thread, and yet you have almost twice the posts I do.


Quote from: "Alex S"A watch that has porn? That's disturbing, to say the least.  What would people say to their wives/girlfriends/parents if they got that?

If it can do math, and is a watch, then it's a calculator watch.
that watch can't do math so it's probably safe... in ths topic atleast.
wife/girlfriend = It was a gag gift from my dad
parents = it was a gag goft from my wife/girlfriend
parents (no significant other) = it was a gag gift from my roommate/best friend

QuoteEDIT: And, off topic, it's sad that I joined over a month before you, just to start this thread, and yet you have almost twice the posts I do.
well I kida have this goal to reach 900 posts soon
EDIT: With minimal  spamming and no mindless bumping

Alex S

I was sketching some ideas for HP-01-tan today.  Her design is currently based more on an analog clock then a digital watch, but it's probably a better way to reference her abilities of creating temporal anomalies.

Is there a calculator that can manipulate 4-dimensional functions?

How tall is CE-tan? If she and the calcu-tans meet, that might be pretty funny.

New -tan!

Windows Calculator-tan: An app-tan that is absolutely loyal to the Windows-tans. Depending on who hired them, Windows Calc-tan could be the calcu-tans best friend or worst nightmare. She would look like Solar Calc-tan, but would be much more capable.


QuoteWindows Calculator-tan
She should have 2 forms a regular form and a tricked out scientific form

I don't know about and official 4D watches but there are some sites that teach you how to program your own so there must be one :P

Alex S

Promised sketches of HP-01-tan's equipment!

I tried to draw a 'beta' sketch of what she would look like with her equipment. I also thought that she should have three stylus-swords, an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand.

She's holding the hour hand, and I sketched the minute hand separately. Her helmet's visor is trying to represent the LCD screen.

Aurora Borealis

Neat! I'll try to draw a quick sketch of HP-01-tan with her equipment!

Alex S

Beta Sketch of Windows Calc-tan!

I kind of based her off of what little I had done with Solar Calc-tan, and added the Windows logo. I also tried to incorporate some design elements from the Windows-tans as well, such as her wooden katana and her hairclips.

Alex S

*Gives CPR to thread*

Thought I should at least post here before 2009, but I'm not just bumping, I actually have some ideas.

What if FreeBSD-tan met and subsequently tried to eat the calcu-tans? That would make another good non-chronological comic.

And kind of late, but what if Mac System 2-tan and TI-73-tan met? Mac System 2-tan would probably try to converse with TI-73-tan's pet mallard, but would either fail or miscommunicate.