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Started by Alex S, September 12, 2008, 07:46:34 pm

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Alex S

Yeah, I was just looking around and suddenly thought, "Hey, if my computer can be a beautiful girl, why can't my calculator?" I want to get a TI-83 Plus-tan skin for my calculator.

Idea: What app/calc function would be a scythe? I'm thinking either Garbage Collect (ANNOYING! IT MAKES SOME OF MY HIDDEN PROGS IN MIRAGE DISAPPEAR!) or an error.


TI-89 Titantium-tan should be a mecha

Alex S

We should have a generic calcu-tan, like one based off of an old solar calculator that the only 'functions' it has are square root and memory.  She could multitask to a small extent (like 3 tasks) but any high amount of processing (i.e. 9-digit numbers, 4 tasks at once, divide by zero) would cause her to suddenly halt, one of her eyes to change to an 'E' and she would fall flat on her face.  She would be a comic relief character.


Sort of like ME-tan for the Windows OS-tans
Quote from: "Alex S"Idea: What app/calc function would be a scythe? I'm thinking either Garbage Collect (ANNOYING! IT MAKES SOME OF MY HIDDEN PROGS IN MIRAGE DISAPPEAR!) or an error.
You could have square root as the scythe it looks kinda like a scythe on it side...

Alex S

Well, Generic calc-tan, would not really be affiliated with any faction of the calcu-tans.  The TI calcu-tans have TI 85-tan, who would crash if program compilation took longer then the auto-off time.  She would act as a foil to TI 83-tan, who is basically a mechanic.  If there is a comic, Generic Calc-tan and TI 85-tan should meet each other, having hilarity ensue.


and the other Calc-tan can keep a running tally of who crashes more... with a running pot

Alex S

New Equipment concept drawings!

Solar Calc-tan (kind of sideways, sorry)

Square Root Scythe

Factorial Mace


The SQRT(Square Root) scythe looks nasty... can't wait to see it in action.
here are a few more weapon ideas

Degree Grenades, Pi Machine gun and Exponent (^ this type) Boomerang

Alex S

I already drew an Exponent Boomerang, basing it off the one in Legend of Zelda, the Ocarina of Time, except gray and spiked. I just haven't scanned it yet.

A π machine gun? I thought it would make a good serving platter, or maybe a pie launcher.

Degree grenades? Good idea. They should spread either fire or ice upon explosion.



A Pi pie launcher sounds good

Alex S

I've also drawn ProbSim App weapons that allow the TI calcu-tans to screw with probability. Is there a physics app for the TI 83 calculator series?  Also, there could be an alchemy gun (Periodic App) that they would be able to use.



This thread got big!

Really interesting designs.

(Uh... I suck at complicated math, therefore dont have much use for calculators. So cant really contribute to this thread.)

Alex S

Ok the much-awaited images I had yet to scan!

NOTE: Any similarities between the Texas Instruments Temporary Physics Destabilizer and the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device are purely coincidental.


Though the Phy6 gun looks more like a 0-Point Energy Field Manipulator.