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Started by Alex S, September 12, 2008, 07:46:34 pm

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*takes TI-83 Plus out of bag and examines keyboard*


How 'bout a boomerang for the ^ sign? Square root sign could also make something good weapon-wise. And always remember the power of Pi.

Not pie.

Alex S

Those are good.

TI-83 Plus-tan and TI-84 Plus-tan could also fight with a transfer cable whip.

For apps, I thought of personality changes+weapons for the following ones:

Cabri Jr., a geometry app: The tan could become artistic and creative, and would wield a giant pencil that could draw in real life in battles.

Mirage OS, an app that acts kind of like Windows Explorer: The tan would become very organized, and would wield a gun that creates holograms (mirages) to distract an opponent.

SciTools, an app that helps with science conversions, vectors and graphs: The tan's intelligence would increase and she would wield a laser pistol.


Also ProbSim, the Probability Simulator could perhaps allow them to wield psychic powers to control probability, and (tehe) StudyCrd, Study Cards if they want to, I dunno, demonstrate battle plans or something. I dunno. ^-^;

Slightly ironic this is the most interest I've had in my calculator since I finished Math D course >_>;


Calculator-tans.... never thought of that
*burts out laughing*
"Life begins with a disk drive"

Alex S

Quest for Auxiliary Scanner.
Current Status: I found one.

So here are the concept drawings I promised:

TI-83 Plus-tan's equipment:

TI-84 Plus-tan's equipment:

TI-89-tan's equipment:

Assorted weapons:

I hope that these haven't become redundant yet.
The caption for the pencil got cut off by the scanner, it reads "Cabri Jr App Pencil."
I know that I can't draw well, but I hope these scribbles can be made into something good.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Aurora Borealis

Good job! Now I know exactly what the more specific details look like, which will help when drawing TI-83 Plus-tan, 84 Plus-tan and TI-89-tan!

Here is TI-83 Plus-tan! (I used some artistic license to try and give her something of a mechanic-chic look but probably failed):


And here are 2 new character concepts and they are vintage calculator-tans!:

Commodore Minuteman-tan: (before Commodore made home computers, they made calculators! The Minuteman 1 was Commodore's first actual calculator, introduced Jan 1972) Has short reddish-brown hair, light blue eyes; dresses in a minuteman uniform in red, white, blue and black. Is energetic, extroverted and disciplined but has a very short temper, can easily go berzerk. Wields a relatively large and vintage-looking missile launcher (is accurate with it but cannot run quickly wielding it) as her main weapon, a minuteman rifle as her secondary weapon (when being able to run is critical for her). She is also tall and slightly chubby for a calculator-tan because the Minuteman 1 and 2 were BIG and THICK!

For her backstory, she was around to teach PET-tan and VIC20-tan (and maybe C64-tan) but left afterwards, because she felt like they didn't need her anymore. She did get along with the relatives she met but suddenly felt useless and unnecessary, seeing how incredibly successful her computer relatives were. She is either a wanderer or lives among the Vintage-tans (hey, why not? Quite a few of the Vintage-tans blur the line between hardware and OS!)

She represents the Minuteman 1, 2 and 3 models and their variants (there is no Minuteman 4 or 5, the Minuteman 6 is very different from the others and there will be a seperate personification). Her usage of a missile launcher is a reference to the Minuteman 1 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (that the Minuteman 1 calculator is named after).

for more info on the Commodore calculators: http://www.xnumber.com/xnumber/larry_commodore.htm

Commodore Minuteman 6-tan: She is very petite (a very small calculator), dresses in part of a minuteman uniform but part of it was replaced with some anachronistic attire. She is simple-minded (there is no exponent or fractional keys, only 6 digits for numbers as opposed to 8 for most), eccentric, 'off-beat' (The Minuteman 6 was the only Commodore calculator to use Reverse Polish notation) and her attitude did not fit in with the family very well but she still had fun playing with and working with her relatives and she is good-natured.

Alex S

I didn't know that Commodore made calculators. That's pretty good to think of that though.  The drawing of TI-83 Plus-tan is really good; she looks ready to fix things.

Should one of the less reliable calculators have ME-tan like personality? It would give TI-83 Plus-tan no end of things to fix.

Aurora Borealis

I didn't know that Commodore made calculators either until recently!

Yeah, I think one of the less reliable calculators should have an ME-tan like personality but I don't know of any unreliable calculators at the moment.

Alex S

I'm thinking that TI-85-tan should have a ME-tan like personality. Programs created on it could take longer to compile than the auto-off time, and turning it on afterwards would result in the screen "snowing", with randomly flashing pixels. A hard reset that would delete all of the memory in the calculator would be the only way to fix it.

Aurora Borealis

Oh! Of course! I forgot that for a moment! Silly, scatterbrained ol' me! ^_^;

I approve!


No dousing the fire here, is there? ^^

Fightan on, peeps. My throat is killing me slightly for the moment, so I'll have a hard time concentrating on contributing... ^-^;

Alex S

As soon as there are enough calcu-tans drawn, there should be a comic drawn. That would be awesome.

Aurora Borealis

Yeah! I do have an idea for a comic page right now, but still need to get more calcu-tans drawn!

Here is TI-84 Plus-tan!:

Tried to make her look kind of trendy and futuristic. The crate she is standing on is just a prop, but notice it is cube-shaped and the picture on it is a cubic function! :D

Gussy Keniji

This idea of Calculator tans has me rubbing my chin with great interest. Really diggin' these designs here Aurora keep'em comin dood-ette.

On my end of things, I had an idea of a Calculator-tan in my databases but it involved the type that comes with your computer. but now I just may try my hand at one these.






Nice concept about Calculator-Tans.

Bella: I found out about OS-tans through learning about Wikipe-tan on Wikipedia.

Aurora: I really like your TI-30 design ^^