What about mobile OS-tans?

Started by Xi Wang chan, May 25, 2008, 10:03:09 pm

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Xi Wang chan

Hello one more time ^¬^)°!!!

 I search for mobile OS-tan and... don't find any post ¬,¬', because it I open this topic (In addition to put my work and question you about it ^^), this is a wallpaper of an OS-tan based on my cel:

 Preview from my desktop:

 1024x768x24 (PNG format) at http://www.4shared.com/file/48929353/20a0946c/Nisanku1024_00001.html
 1600x1200x24 (PNG format) at http://www.4shared.com/file/48929371/fc9897c2/Nisanku1600_00001.html

 I hope you like it °(^-^)°


Oh wow, haven't see you in ages.  ^^'

Just so we're clear, you did draw this no?  Not really clear from your description if it is, but if so, yeah it's fantastic!  ^.^

Xi Wang chan

Sumimasen TT, I was hide under a rock ^^'...


I've seen a number of Mobile-tans over at Wakachan's OS board. You might want to scourge there first.

Xi Wang chan

Oh well T¬T...  I talk about this forum TT'...

Xi Wang chan

Areeee ^^'... sorry C-chan, I jump to read your post as a ________ person (Fill underline with your favorite de-qualifier adjective ¬¬)... gomennasai (After a looot of months T_T'). Yep, the work is mine ^¬^...

Btw, the files was down and links don't work by a moment °°'... but I update it and now are online one more time, sorry for inonveniences ^^'...

Ah!... I have a phone wallpaper too (128x160), only check http://mx.geocities.com/xiwang_zitzit5/200805.html#25 ^¬^...

3kyuu ^¬^)°...