Mini Midnight Madness

Started by C-Chan, April 15, 2008, 11:14:02 PM

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I liek that mask she has.



Yay! She's so cute in a kick-arse kinda way! Thank you so much for making a min VMS-sama! I might just have to use one of these in my avatar for a change ^_^

And a VMS-sama would be neat to see, too :3


Fufufu, thank y'all.  Glad you like it, especially you Bella-hime.  ^^

I have an idea for another Mini completely unrelated to the FOSA Lite contest -- might not take long to guess which one if you follow recent discussions in the area.  ^.^

In any event, I'm gonna be in and out all day, but do plan to get some serious responses done.  ^__^


^ Oh, oh, is it Symbian-tan!?

Cause I already drew a Symbian-tan, but I didn't really like it that much : \

Aurora Borealis

Mini OpenVMS-sama is pure awesome!

Seeing the revival of this thread has inspired me to make some minis today:

Linspire-tan (pigtailed version and standard versions):


an updated GS/OS-tan (and because she has been neglected by me for so long) :(

And another neglected character, Windows 3.2-tan:


I'll say it once, I'll say it again.  Aurora-hime's on a roll!  :D

These are all beautiful, and really great timing on Lin-chan/Free-chan!  ^^

Added for sure!  ^.^

Quote^ Oh, oh, is it Symbian-tan!?

Cause I already drew a Symbian-tan, but I didn't really like it that much : \

I find it hard to believe that you'd draw anything unlikeable,... I simply cannot fathom the thought.  

But no, it's not Symbian,... but you're darn close.  -v-


Give up?  Well okay, here we go... ^.^

Course, I posted it only on the image gallery, so the element of surprise is already wasted (as judged by the comments).  But all things being equal, saying hello to Mini TRON-tan!  ^v^

Actually, had a bit of a moral dilemma,... after reviewing the TRON gallery again, it seems the other two variants look the same, but seem to have different colors and personalities.  I wasn't sure whether they were simply design variants of TRON-tan, or actual SEPARATE manifestations of CTRON, BTRON, iTRON, etc.

The more stoic one is still my favorite, though, so I'm still sticking by it.  But while the other designs could possibly be CTRON/iTRON, I'm not sure whether to splurge on separate characters, or conceive of a kind of physically-manifested Multiple Personality Switch.  :P

Tis a battle between Occam's Razor and mind-boggingly Creativity -- my brain is frying already thinking about it.  ^.^;

*brain melts*


*Welcomes Mini TRON-tan and escorts her to kidnapdom*

Well done, C-Chan! ^^


AHAHAHAHA!!! I knew it! I knew after you posted that I was close that it would be a TRON-tan!

I can see her as being a CIOST I gotta add her in a group pic sometime...I have no ideas for her many personae, though ;)

And wonderful work, Aurora-san! I especially like GS/OS-tan, but they're all awesome :D

Aurora Borealis

Mini TRON-tan is so cute and cool at the same time! As for the TRON-tan dilemma, I side with the multiple personality switch.

And after seeing the Malware-tan renaissance going on in Gussy's thread, I've been inspired to draw some virus-tan minis!

Here's Whale-tan

The second one shows her reaction to getting called 'fat'! :D


Hurrah for Whale-tan! ^^

Aurora Borealis

3 more virus-tan minis:




And a new OS-tan, MenuetOS-tan!:


AWESOME!  Great job! ^^


WAAAAAAAH!!!!  This is too awesome!!!  ^V^

BTW, I'm sorry I haven't stopped by here lately,... it's been cuh-rrrr-aaaay-zeee for me these past few days (with a capital "K").  ^.^;

It's over for now, so I'll happily resume my normal life here once I get a little rest.  ^___^

I've been meaning to post up a present for you [Aurora], but got sidetracked with work so never put it up.

Please welcome:

Atari TOS-tan

So now the sisterhood is complete.  ^___^

Thank you again for keeping the artwork coming, Aurora-hime.

Whale-tan isa delight to see (although maybe could use a small whale tail sticking from the side).

Butterfly and A-Bomb-tan are jubilantly adorable, and best of all it handles my promise to Gus-san (since I never got around to doing these two).

Love what you did with 4K-tan and the signs -- obviously the format is condusive to prop humor

And my beloved Meiko,... er, I mean Menu-chan is finally here in color!  ^v^
It's a bit hard ot make out the swiss army knfe, but the dress and hair details ook great -- will certainly help a lot when I cameo her in a particular comic.  ^__^

I have to go, but when I return I'll comment on that beautiful GENIAC-tan picture you drew.  I knew she'd look cute, just didn't imagine how much.  ^.^

As for other Minis,... wondering who else will be next.....?  ^-^

*stares at Siya*

Say,... do yo have a color map for Parsix-sama?  ^__'




I'll go put it my thread so as to keep this one for the minis. ^.^

Added after 28 minutes:

*cheers for Atari TOS-tan*